composer:Leskelä Teijo
publisher:Zomba Music Publ. (music publisher – add no releases here!)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q4020510 [info]
later translated parody versions:Wünschte du wärst hier
later versions:Wieder auf See


1994-04-01Wish You Were Here (live at Brunkeflo Town Hall)liveRednex4:08
2000-08-04Wish You Were Here (live, 2000-08-04, Burg Abenberg, Abenberg, Bayern, Germany)cover and liveBlackmore’s Night3:34
2021Wish You Were Here (2021)coverBlackmore’s Night5:04
Wish You Were HereRednex3:57
Wish You Were HerecoverThe Starlite Singers3:59
Wish You Were HerecoverBlackmore’s Night4:36
Wish You Were HerecoverAnna‐Maria Zimmermann3:54
Wish You Were HerecoverBlackmore’s Night5:02
Wish You Were Here (part of “MTV Presents Summer Dance Mix ’95” DJ‐mix)Rednex1:09
Wish You Were HereRednex?:??
Wish You Were HereRednex3:06
Wish You Were Here (25th Anniversary Edition)Blackmore’s Night5:06
Wish You Were Here (Stampede remix)Rednex5:58