writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
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referred to in medleys:All Together Now (medley) (order: 3)
later parody versions:Jelle sal wel sien
The Meshuggles: Yellow Breed Maschine
Yellow Busmarine
later translated parody versions:Seau d'eau sous-marine
later translated versions:El submarino amarillo
Gul ubåt
Jello Saabmarin
Keltainen jäänsärkijä
Le Sous-marin vert (Yellow Submarine)
Yellow Submarine (german translation)
Yellow Submarine (Español)
later versions:Yellow Submarine in Pepperland
is the basis for:Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 3 (In the Style of J. S. Bach): Yellow Submarine - Badinerie


1971-10-09Yellow Submarine (recorded at John's 31st birthday party-Oct 9, 1971)liveJohn Lennon?:??
1982-03Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalDie 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker3:06
1991-09Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalVanessa‐Mae1:40
1992-07-13Yellow SubmarineliveRingo Starr4:10
1993-06-12Yellow Submarine (live, 1993-06-12: Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland)cover and liveLeningrad Cowboys & The Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble3:28
1995-06-27Yellow SubmarineliveRingo Starr & His All Starr Band3:31
2001-08-22Yellow SubmarineliveRingo Starr3:08
2001-08-22Yellow SubmarineliveRingo Starr2:57
2003-06-01Yellow Submarine (live, 2003-06-01: King's Dock, Liverpool, UK)livePaul McCartney0:39
2003-07-24Yellow Submarine (live, 2003-07-24: Casino Rama, Orillia, ON, Canada)liveRingo Starr & His All Starr Band3:11
2005-08-25Yellow SubmarineliveRingo Starr3:57
2006-07-16Yellow SubmarineliveRingo Starr & His All Starr Band3:40
2008-08-02Yellow Submarine (live, 2008-08-02: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveRingo Starr & His All Starr Band3:20
2010-04-20Yellow Submarine (live, 2010-04-20: Like a Version, Triple J Studios, Sydney, Australia)cover and liveSilverchair3:08
A Beatles Overture (medley)cover, instrumental and medleyDavid Arnold9:48
Citations ininterrompuesmedleyMario Cavallero, son orchestre et ses chanteurs3:08
Introduction / Yellow SubmarinecoverAlf Bicknell / Maurice Chevalier3:42
Jello Saabmarincover, instrumental and partialKollegium Kalksburg1:19
Kuschelmetalcover and partialJ.B.O.6:12
The Beatles Suck in Their Yellow Piece of Shit!coverZidovudine Headache?:??
When I'm Sixty-Four / Yellow Submarinecover, instrumental and medleyThe Vienna Philharmonic Rock Orchestra6:18
When I’m Sixty‐Four / Yellow SubmarineinstrumentalVienna Symphonic Rock Orchestra6:18
Yellow Submarinecover and liveDie Stimmbande3:36
Yellow SubmarinecoverKidzone3:09
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra2:20
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra2:23
Yellow SubmarinecoverDJ Deep1:24
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalImaginary Sound Project3:44
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalPop Strings Orchestra2:23
Yellow SubmarinecoverJosé Miguel Tobar3:18
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalChantal2:37
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalJulio Kladniew2:37
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalThe Piano Tribute Players2:15
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalAndré Mehmari1:11
Yellow SubmarinecoverGreg Hawkes2:45
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalSweet Baby4:43
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalEnoch Light2:19
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalThe Allen Toussaint Orchestra2:38
Yellow SubmarinecoverStudio 992:43
Yellow Submarinecover[unknown]2:44
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe BB Band2:37
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Unforgettable Music Machine2:41
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalNewton Wayland / Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra3:23
Yellow SubmarinecoverMr. Billy3:23
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles?:??
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Little Monsters?:??
Yellow SubmarinecoverFort Greene Children's Choir (Age 7 and under section)2:28
Yellow SubmarinecoverPeanuts Gang3:10
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalMariano Yanani2:45
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalHappy Baby2:57
Yellow SubmarinecoverSnoopy3:10
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalVinicio Quezada9:08
Yellow SubmarinecoverCaspar Babypants2:30
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalLasha2:30
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalGeorge Martin?:??
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalThe Starsound Orchestra3:05
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalThe Dreamsound Orchestra3:05
Yellow SubmarinecoverBlues Beatles3:36
Yellow SubmarinecoverMax Band3:12
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalThe Torero Band?:??
Yellow SubmarinecoverRude2:30
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalPickin’ On Project2:46
Yellow SubmarinecoverProducciones Horizonte?:??
Yellow SubmarinecoverJukka Mänty-Sorvari2:30
Yellow SubmarinecoverRoots Manuva3:50
Yellow SubmarinecoverGöran Söllscher2:46
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumental[unknown]2:58
Yellow SubmarinecoverYello Allstars2:30
Yellow Submarine (1999 remix)The Beatles2:40
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Punkles2:58
Yellow SubmarinecoverWilly Chirino4:58
Yellow SubmarinecoverCaptain Jack3:14
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalBrian Crain3:26
Yellow SubmarinecoverCarrie Brandon2:55
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalThe Pickin' On Pickers2:47
Yellow SubmarinecoverSweet Little Band2:45
Yellow SubmarinecoverSweet Little Band?:??
Yellow SubmarinecoverStudio 992:43
Yellow Submarine (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:41
Yellow Submarine (live)cover and liveRubber Band3:23
Yellow Submarine (1995 remix)The Beatles2:48
Yellow Submarine (1968 mono mix down)The Beatles2:43
Yellow SubmarinecoverRochester Pops Orchestra3:25
Yellow Submarine (2015 remix)The Beatles2:39
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalCedar Lane Studio Orchestra2:21
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:40
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:40
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:39
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles0:39
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles?:??
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles?:??
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles?:??
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:38
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:39
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:40
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:40
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:39
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:37
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:39
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:38
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:38
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:41
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:42
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:40
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:37
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:37
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:35
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:39
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:43
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles0:21
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:37
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:48
Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles2:40
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalKongelige norske marines musikkorps2:44
Yellow SubmarineinstrumentalKazuhito Yamashita2:32
Yellow Submarinecover and livePubliken0:32
Yellow SubmarineliveJohn Lennon2:50
Yellow SubmarineliveJohn Lennon?:??
Yellow SubmarineJohn Lennon?:??
Yellow SubmarineliveJohn Lennon?:??
Yellow SubmarineJohn Lennon2:53
Yellow SubmarineJohn Lennon2:50
Yellow SubmarineJohn Lennon0:37
Yellow SubmarineJohn Lennon & Paul McCartney2:32
Yellow SubmarinecoverRubber Band3:21
Yellow SubmarinecoverMadisen Ward and the Mama Bear3:19
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Tin Lids3:21
Yellow SubmarinecoverRockabye Baby!2:55
Yellow SubmarinecoverRockabye Baby!3:11
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalJosé Marcello Orchestra1:50
Yellow SubmarinecoverGordon Langford2:53
Yellow Submarinecover and liveLollies1:01
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Beat Bugs2:41
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet2:32
Yellow Submarine (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:40
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Charles River Valley Boys2:46
Yellow SubmarinecoverDon Randi Trio2:16
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Hollyridge Strings2:48
Yellow SubmarinecoverThe Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band3:14
Yellow SubmarinecoverArthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra4:31
Yellow SubmarinecoverLeningrad Cowboys feat. Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble3:18
Yellow SubmarinecoverJoemy Wilson3:18
Yellow SubmarinecoverManchester United Football Team2:35
Yellow SubmarinecoverGöran Söllscher2:49
Yellow SubmarinecoverChris Eckman4:44
Yellow SubmarinecoverMrs. Miller2:17
Yellow SubmarinecoverBlack Dyke Mills Band2:59
Yellow SubmarinecoverRaffi2:58
Yellow SubmarinecoverRochester Pops, Newton Wayland3:24
Yellow Submarinecover and instrumentalModern Gustin Trio2:46
Yellow SubmarinecoverBill Wells & Aidan Moffat2:15
Yellow SubmarinecoverDerek Enright M.P.1:33
Yellow SubmarinecoverNICOTINE2:28
Yellow SubmarinecoverCathy Berberian2:01
Yellow SubmarinecoverLos Rolin3:31
Yellow Submarine (Intro)The Beatles0:17
Yellow Submarine (karaoke)instrumentalJohn Lennon & Paul McCartney3:46
Yellow Submarine (mono)The Beatles2:44
Yellow Submarine (Nilow & Shem remix)The Beatles3:14
Yellow Submarine (radio mix)coverCaptain Jack3:14
Yellow Submarine (radio mix)coverCaptain Jack3:12
Yellow Submarine (remix)The Beatles2:47
Yellow Submarine (RM??)The Beatles?:??
Yellow Submarine (RM5 Take 5)The Beatles?:??
Yellow Submarine (RS2 Take 5)The Beatles?:??
Yellow Submarine (RS2)The Beatles2:40
Yellow Submarine (SI Take 4 - Lead And Backing Vocals)The Beatles2:44
Yellow Submarine (SI Take 4 - Second Vocal)The Beatles2:40
Yellow Submarine (SI Take 5 - Sound Effects)The Beatles2:34
Yellow Submarine (Take 4 - Rhythm)The Beatles2:40
Yellow Submarine (Take 5 - Complete)The Beatles2:48
Yellow Submarine (take 5)The Beatles2:49
Yellow Submarine (vocals)coverPeanuts Gang3:10
Yellow Submarine Ondocover金沢明子3:23
Вожык-патрыётcoverАндрэй Хадановіч3:22
Субмаринаcover and instrumentalФёдор Чистяков1:13
イエローサブマリン音頭 -Yellow Submarine Go Go-coverWhat's Love?2:27