composer:田中宏和 (video game composer & keyboardist)
part of:OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 16911)
other databases: [info]
is the basis for:アイテム取得ファンファーレ (Super Metroid)
part of:Metroid (Video Game Soundtrack)
referred to in medleys:Power-Ups (Sammus)


Item Acquired (Metroid, Auris Apothecary bootleg)Hirokazu Tanaka?:??
Item Acquisition FanfarecoverStephan Wells0:17
Item CollectcoverStemage0:57
Item Collect (Metroid Metal)coverStemage0:46
Item Collect (Metroid)coverMetroid Metal0:51
Item DiscoverycoverDusty Zahrt0:07
Item Obtainment Jingle (Metroid, NES, NEZplug v0.9.8+3+21.00 game-rip bootleg)Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka0:06
Item Room / Item Acquisition Fanfarecover and medleyZack Parrish1:31
Metroid 'Suite for Violin and Piano' OC ReMixcoverShnabubula & Gabe Terracciano10:34
Power UpcoverSideview?:??
Power UpcoverAlek Fleischer1:22
Power UpcoverDerek Marin4:21
Power Up (Derek Marin remix)coverSideview?:??
Samus Voyagecover and medleyHiScore12:57
メトロイド:アイテム取得ジングル (Metroid, Famicom 20th Anniversary Original Sound Tracks)田中宏和0:05