composer:James Brown (“The Godfather of Soul”)
lyricist:James Brown (“The Godfather of Soul”)
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Wikidata:Q7784466 [info]


Think (part of “DJ Spinbad Live in Japan” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins0:14
Think (part of “Culture Club, 2” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins3:51
ThinkLyn Collins3:21
Think (part of “70’s Soul Mix” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins2:37
ThinkLyn Collins3:21
Think (part of “WEFunk” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins3:21
Think (part of “The Carwash Experience” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins1:49
ThinkLynn Collins3:20
Think (About It)Lyn Collins2:39
Think (About It)Lyn Collins2:41
Think (About It) (part of “The History of Breaks” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins2:09
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:21
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:02
Think (About It) (part of “Hang All DJ's, 4” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins1:38
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:22
Think (About It)coverThe Lions feat. Noelle4:33
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:21
Think (About It) (part of “Summertime 6” mixtape)Lyn Collins?:??
Think (About It) (part of “Funky Maestro” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins3:06
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:32
Think (About It) (part of “The Essential Pre-Club Mix” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins3:16
Think (About It) (part of “Revival Boogie Down” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins2:34
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:26
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:19
Think (About It)Lyn Collins & The J.B.’s4:10
Think (About It)Lyn Collins2:58
Think (About It)Lyn Collins3:20
Think (About It)Lyn Collins2:43
Think (About It)coverThe Lions?:??
Think (About It)Lynn Collins2:40
Think (About It) (part of “Grandmix 88” DJ-mix)Lyn Collins0:32
Think (About It) (bonus beats)Lyn Collins?:??
Think (About It) (edit)Lyn Collins3:21
Think (About It) (single version)Lyn Collins & The J.B.’s3:21
Think (Hip Funk by Dee Nasty)Lyn Collins8:21
Think About ItcoverEsquires Now2:35
Think About ItPatra feat. Lyn Collins4:32
Think About It [Ain't No Fun]Lyn Collins3:18