lyricist and composer:Afrika Bambaataa (US DJ singer, songwriter & producer)
Neil Barnes
Paul Daley
Nick Rapaccioli


Africa ShoxLeftfield5:38
Afrika ShoxLeftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa3:46
Afrika Shox (Nero DJ Mix)Leftfield?:??
Afrika ShoxLeftfield with Afrika Bambaataa3:45
Afrika ShoxLeftfield5:37
Afrika Shox (from Rhythm and Stealth)Leftfield4:43
Afrika ShoxLeftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa2:44
Afrika ShoxliveLeftfield?:??
Afrika ShoxLeftfield2:44
Afrika ShoxLeftfield/Afrika Bambaataa3:41
Afrika ShoxLeftfield5:34
Afrika ShoxLeftfield3:44
Afrika ShoxLeftfield. Bambaataa5:34
Afrika ShoxLeftfield5:41
Afrika ShoxLeftfield & Afrika Bambaataa5:38
Afrika ShoxLeftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa5:38
Afrika ShoxliveLeftfield8:02
Afrika Shox (part of “Big Beat Anthems” DJ‐mix)Leftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa5:35
Afrika Shox (Jedi’s Elastic Bass remix)Leftfield. Bambaataa6:15
Afrika Shox (Jedis Elastic Bass mix)Leftfield. Bambaataa6:14
Afrika Shox (Jedis Elastic Bass Mix)Leftfield. Bambaataa6:15
Afrika Shox (radio edit) (part of “Tinsel Town” DJ-mix)Leftfield / Bambaataa5:23
Afrika Shox (radio edit)Leftfield. Bambaataa3:47
Afrika Shox (VW remix)Leftfield. Bambaataa6:19
Afrika Shox (VW remix) (part of a “Cream Resident” DJ‐mix)Leftfield / Bambaataa4:24
Afrika Shox (VW remix) (part of “Headliners:01: Live at the Gallery” DJ‐mix)Leftfield. Bambaataa3:32
Afrika Shox (VW remix)Leftfield. Bambaataa6:22
Afrika‐Shox (part of “Kiss Clublife 2000” DJ-mix)Leftfield3:33
Arika ShoxLeftfield. Bambaataa5:38
Arika Shox (VW mix)Leftfield. Bambaataa6:20