composer:Martin L. Gore
lyricist:Martin L. Gore
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1983-10-08Told You So (live, 1983-10-08: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK)liveDepeche Mode4:42
1983-12-06Told You So (live, 1983-12-06: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1984-03-06Told You So (live, 1984-03-06: Orfeo Music Hall, Milan, Italy)liveDepeche Mode4:31
1984-03-06Told You So (live, 1984-03-06: Orfeo Music Hall, Milan, Italy, different recording from "On the Crest of a Wave")liveDepeche Mode4:36
1984-09-29Told You So (live, 1984-09-29: The Empire Theatre. Liverpool, UK)liveDepeche Mode4:56
1984-11-30Told You So (live, 1984-11-30: Basel, Switzerland)liveDepeche Mode4:48
1984-12-01Told You So (live, 1984-12-01: Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany)liveDepeche Mode?:??
Session #1: Sweetest Pleasure TonightDepeche Mode35:27
Told You So (demo)Martin L. Gore3:56
Told You SoDepeche Mode4:27
Told You SocoverSYZYGY5:02
Told You So (5.1 mix)Depeche Mode4:26
Told You So (Noog That Beat mix)Depeche Mode7:24
Told You So (Renty Tom Tom mix)Depeche Mode6:20
Told You So (Rhythm Beat mix)Depeche Mode7:26
Told You So (Told remix 05)Depeche Mode4:47