composer: 濱野美奈子
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is the basis for: Kindred
part of: Super Metroid (Video Game Soundtrack)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Avien cover Theophany 5:08
Kindred (Chozo Legacy) cover bLiNd feat. Jillian Aversa 4:29
Maridia cover The Amazing BrandO 2:48
Maridia (Rocky Underwater Area) cover tenchux 3:07
Maridia's Rocky Underground Water cover The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, 山本健誌 & 濱野美奈子 2:26
Noumenon (Maridia - Rocky Underground Water Area) cover Avien 2:49
Singularity [Super Metroid - Maridia Rocky Underground Water Area] cover Mustin 4:52
Super Metroid - Assault on Tourian cover and medley Random Battles 5:24
Super Metroid 'Avien' OC ReMix cover Theophany 5:17
Super Metroid 'Beyond the Glass' OC ReMix cover and medley Sam Dillard 5:49
Super Metroid 'Depths of Maridia' OC ReMix cover and medley CrimzonWolf777 7:22
Super Metroid 'Four Little Metroids' OC ReMix cover and medley AmIEviL 5:15
Super Metroid 'Maridia (Drowned In Exile)' OC ReMix cover Children of the Monkey Machine 5:36
Super Metroid 'Shinesparks' OC ReMix cover and medley Nicholas Tam 5:19
マリーティア 岩の地下水エリア (Super Metroid) 濱野美奈子 1:11