Do not remove Richard Ashcrofts writing credits: Legal Issue
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Although the Legal Issue has apparently been resolved (in favour of Ashcroft) today the ISWC record (T-010.072.179-6) still shows Jagger/Richard.

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lyricist and composer:Richard Ashcroft
publisher:ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use “ABKCO”)
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Wikidata:Q1338452 [info]
later translated versions:Sinfonía agridulce
is the basis for:Treat Infamy


1997-11-01Bitter Sweet Symphony (live, 1997-11-01: Later… with Jools Holland)liveThe Verve5:50
1997-11-01Bitter Sweet Symphony (Later With Jools Holland, 01.11.97)liveThe Verve5:53
1998-01-10Bittersweet SymphonyliveThe Verve?:??
1998-05-24Bitter Sweet Symphony (live, 1998-05-24: Haigh Hall, Greater Manchester, UK)liveThe Verve10:10
1998-05-24Bitter Sweet Symphony (live, 1998-05-24: Haigh Hall, Wigan, UK)liveThe Verve10:34
1998-05-24Bittersweet SymphonyliveThe Verve9:59
2000-10-03Bitter Sweet Symphony (live, 2000-10-03: Colosseum, Munich, Germany)liveRichard Ashcroft11:52
2005-07-02Bitter Sweet Symphony (live, 2005-07-02: Live8, London, UK)cover and liveColdplay feat. Richard Ashcroft6:40
2005-07-02Bittersweet Symphony (live at live 8, Hyde Park, London, 2nd July 2005)cover and liveColdplay & Richard Ashcroft6:29
2008-04-23Bitter Sweet Symphony (live, 2008-04-23: The Warfield, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThe Verve?:??
2017-02-14Bitter Sweet Symphony (live, 2017-02-14: Maida Vale Studios, London, UK)cover and liveLondon Grammar3:53
2017-08-27Bittersweet SymphonyinstrumentalThe Cory Band3:30
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverJames Fairchild, Leland Orr, Steve Pettinger, Danny Morgan & Miles Davenport6:21
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverDylan Rodrigue feat. Sie Sie Benhoff4:54
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve5:58
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverAnnett Louisan4:02
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverLuca Stricagnoli4:04
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverLeo Moracchioli5:04
Bitter Sweet Symphony (radio edit)The Verve4:35
Bitter Sweet Symphony (live)liveThe Verve?:??
Bitter Sweet SymphonyliveThe Verve6:37
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve4:35
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve4:34
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve?:??
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve6:21
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve4:36
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve3:35
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve4:21
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve4:19
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve4:38
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverFinal Virus?:??
Bitter Sweet Symphonycover and instrumentalDavid Garrett3:41
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverD-Me3:56
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverThe Andrew Oldham Orchestra and Friends3:45
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverOrnette4:03
Bitter Sweet Symphonycover and liveRichard Ashcroft4:25
Bitter Sweet SymphonycoverJochen Distelmeyer5:44
Bitter Sweet Symphony (live: Triple J Studios, Sydney, Australia)cover and liveE^ST4:29
Bitter Sweet Symphony (extended version)The Verve7:51
Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle instrumental remix)The Verve6:10
Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle remix)The Verve5:50
Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle remix)The Verve5:51
Bitter Sweet Symphony (live at Haigh Hall)liveThe Verve9:32
Bitter Sweet Symphony (live)cover and liveRichard Ashcroft4:14
Bitter Sweet Symphony (live)cover and liveRichard Ashcroft4:24
Bitter Sweet Symphony (radio edit)The Verve4:36
Bittersweet SymphonycoverJennifer Berning3:49
Bittersweet Symphonycover and liveAl.Hy4:25
Bittersweet Symphonycover and instrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra3:40
Bittersweet SymphonycoverBobby Yang3:30
Bittersweet SymphonycoverScala & Kolacny Brothers3:26
Bittersweet Symphonycover and instrumentalScott Williams4:47
Bittersweet SymphonycoverThe Brown Derbies4:35
Bittersweet Symphonycover and partialOriginal off-Broadway cast of Cruel Intentions4:47
Bittersweet SymphonycoverEd Tullett?:??
Bittersweet Symphonycover and instrumentalUlf Pettersson4:11
Bittersweet SymphonycoverDresage & AG3:10
Bittersweet SymphonycoverAl.Hy2:52
Bittersweet Symphonycover and instrumentalEd Alleyne‐Johnson6:51
Bittersweet SymphonycoverBooost5:58
Bittersweet Symphony (extract)partialThe Verve0:29
Bittersweet Symphony (U.N.K.L.E. remix)The Verve5:50
Bittersweet Symphony / Waterloo SunsetmedleyBrad Mehldau15:51
Eel House at Chantilly - May, 31 201cover, live, medley and partialEel House6:12
Mad for It: 3. Legacy of a Classic: 1.2 The Verve (clip)partialThe Verve0:30
Medley: Bittersweet Symphony / Baba O'Riley / Last Friday Night / Hollaback Girlcover and medleyThe Sing-Off Contestants2:59