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writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Maclen Music Ltd.
Northern Songs Ltd.
ソニー・ミュージックパブリッシング A事業部
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Wikidata:Q210395 [info]
referred to in medleys:Because I'm Only Sleeping (order: 1)


1969-08-01 – 1969-08-04Because (Anthology remix)The Beatles2:24
1969-10-22 – 1969-11-05Because / Come TogethercoverGeorge Benson7:24
2001-01-29Becausecover and liveГруппа Стаса Намина «Цветы»3:06
2002-06-20Becausecover and liveSemisonic4:12
2009-10-05 – 2009-10-06Becausecover and instrumentalJohn Di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio4:31
2011-10Because (live, 2011-10: Gazarte)cover and liveΔήμητρα Γαλάνη & Vassilikos2:48
2012Because (VS2012)coverVineyard Sound3:30
2014-10-20 –BecausecoverSara Niemietz2:05
2014-12-07Becausecover and instrumentalOrquestra Ouro Preto3:08
Becausecover and instrumentalWadim Brodski3:23
BecausecoverKid Francescoli2:19
Becausecover and instrumentalKresten Korsbæk2:51
BecausecoverGrażyna Auguścik and Paulinho Garcia2:22
BecausecoverLet hit be3:08
Becausecover and instrumentalLes Boréades de Montréal2:43
Becausecover and instrumentalLes Boréades de Montréal2:44
Becausecover and instrumentalAndré Mehmari3:15
BecausecoverAd Libitum3:45
BecausecoverRosemary Standley, Sylvain Griotto3:03
BecausecoverElliott Smith2:20
BecauseAndré Mehmari & Ná Ozzetti3:17
BecauseThe Beatles?:??
Becausecover3 &4:51
BecauseinstrumentalKazuhito Yamashita2:44
BecausecoverThe Buffoons2:42
Because (2019 mix)The Beatles2:46
Becausecover and instrumentalLondon String Orchestra3:27
BecausecoverBruce Lang2:49
BecausecoverFrank Simms2:58
Becausecover and instrumentalわたなべゆう?:??
BecausecoverNeil Hogan3:13
Because (original studio mix)The Beatles2:46
BecausecoverPercy Faith4:40
BecausecoverShirley Scott3:45
BecausecoverStanley Jordan4:16
BecausecoverMike Marshall2:55
BecausecoverThe King’s Singers3:19
BecausecoverMike Westbrook10:00
BecausecoverTrio Rococo3:31
BecausecoverNashville Mandolin Ensemble2:42
BecausecoverGöran Söllscher3:10
BecausecoverSolveig Slettahjell2:44
BecausecoverMartin John Henry3:19
BecausecoverGerry Rafferty2:47
BecausecoverJohn Williams3:18
BecausecoverLynsey de Paul3:24
BecausecoverAlice Cooper feat. Bee Gees2:45
BecausecoverThe Nylons2:45
BecausecoverJohn Bayless4:10
BecausecoverSteve Dobrogosz4:11
BecausecoverUrban Voices Collective0:38
Because (Love version)The Beatles2:45
BecausecoverChris Bierdan2:59
BecausecoverEmilie‐Claire Barlow4:49
BecauseJohn Lennon0:37
BecauseJohn Lennon0:38
BecauseJohn Lennon2:14
Becausecover and instrumentalThe Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo2:28
BecausecoverB For Bang3:08
Because (Love version, 5.1 mix)The Beatles2:44
BecauseThe Beatles?:??
BecauseThe Beatles?:??
BecauseThe Beatles2:21
BecauseThe Beatles?:??
BecauseThe Beatles?:??
BecauseThe Beatles?:??
BecauseThe Beatles2:19
BecauseThe Beatles2:48
BecauseThe Beatles?:??
BecauseThe Beatles2:17
BecauseThe Beatles2:18
BecauseThe Beatles2:15
BecauseThe Beatles2:23
BecauseThe Beatles2:16
BecauseThe Beatles2:14
BecauseThe Beatles2:15
BecausecoverSatélite Kingston4:31
BecausecoverEvan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, T.V. Carpio & Martin Luther McCoy2:32
Becausecover and instrumentalVanessa‐Mae3:18
BecausecoverGary McFarland2:54
BecausecoverThe Depreciation Guild3:43
BecausecoverAled Jones2:50
BecausecoverWilly Chirino2:33
Becausecover and instrumentalAl Di Meola4:07
BecausecoverHelen Merrill3:17
BecausecoverThe London Pops Orchestra3:12
Becausecover and instrumentalHenrique Cazes & Marcello Gonçalves3:28
BecausecoverErich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra feat. King's Singers3:06
BecausecoverKatie Noonan2:43
Because (5.1 mix)The Beatles2:46
Because (1969-05-26)partialThe Beatles0:39
Because (1969-08-01/04)The Beatles2:19
Because (1982 stereo mix)The Beatles2:15
Because (Aled's four part harmony)coverAled Jones2:22
Because (alternate mix)The Beatles2:13
Because (Beatles cover)coverElliott Smith2:20
Because (Canadian bed-in recordings of May 25)John Lennon?:??
Because (Heavenly Voices Only)The Beatles2:18
Because (Mono)The Beatles2:45
Because (pure harmonies, no instruments)John Lennon?:??
Because (take 1 instrumental)The Beatles3:08
Because (Take 16 - Vocal Track)The Beatles?:??
Because (Take 16 vocal)The Beatles2:19
Because (take 16, RS'95)The Beatles2:21
Because (take 16)The Beatles2:16
Because (take 16)The Beatles?:??
Because (take 16)The Beatles2:15
Because (take 16)The Beatles2:15
Because (take 16)The Beatles2:21
Because (Take 16)The Beatles2:13
Because (vocal)cover[unknown]3:56
Because / Eleanor RigbycoverQuartetto7:02
Just Becausecover and instrumentalIiro Rantala4:41