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lyricist and composer:Michael Jackson (“King of Pop”)
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Wikidata:Q275422 [info]
later parody versions:Fat
is the basis for:Bad (Cookin’ Soul remix)


1987-09-12Bad (live, 1987-09-12: Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan)liveMichael Jackson6:08
1987-09-26I Just Can’t Stop Loving You / Bad (live, 1988-09-26: Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan)live and medleyMichael Jackson?:??
1987-09Bad (live, 1987-09: Yokohama Stadium, Japan)liveMichael Jackson4:41
1987-09Bad (live, 1987-09: Japan)liveMichael Jackson6:02
1988-03-05Bad (live, 1988-03-05: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveMichael Jackson10:52
1988-07-16Bad (live, 1988-07-16: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)liveMichael Jackson4:28
1988-07-16Bad (live, 1988-07-16: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)liveMichael Jackson?:??
1988Bad (live, 1988: Rotterdam)liveMichael Jackson9:53
2003-08-23Bad (live, 2003-08-23: Global Balalaika Show, Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland)cover and liveLeningrad Cowboys4:00
BadcoverSugarpie and The Candymen3:08
BadcoverLeo Moracchioli3:42
Badcover and instrumentalRüdiger Baldauf4:48
Badcover and instrumentalStar Inc.3:38
BadMichael Jackson6:28
BadMichael Jackson4:08
BadMichael Jackson4:18
BadMichael Jackson4:08
BadliveMichael Jackson5:53
BadMichael Jackson & Pitbull4:26
Badcover and instrumentalRacine3:48
BadcoverOut of the Blue3:31
BadMichael Jackson?:??
BadMichael Jackson4:09
BadMichael Jackson4:20
BadcoverBrighter Death Now5:19
BadcoverRay Stevens3:44
BadcoverLeningrad Cowboys4:02
BadMichael Jackson4:07
BadcoverGlee Cast3:25
BadcoverSchnaftl Ufftschik7:54
Bad (part of “Ten Years of Pop” DJ-mix)Michael Jackson1:23
BadMichael Jackson4:07
BadMichael Jackson2:23
BadMichael Jackson4:06
BadMichael Jackson4:09
Badcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet2:53
Badcover and instrumentalMunich Symphonic Sound Orchestra3:43
BadcoverFilipowicz Quintet5:50
BadcoverThe Countdown Singers4:06
BadcoverSweet Little Band?:??
Badcover and instrumentalLondon Synphonic Orchestra2:45
BadcoverPaul Di’Anno & Craig Goldy3:52
BadcoverGroovy Waters3:51
Badcover and instrumentalBob Baldwin5:16
Bad (with horns)Michael Jackson4:07
Bad (bootleg)Michael Jackson3:32
BadMichael Jackson4:06
BadMichael Jackson4:08
BadMichael Jackson16:12
BadliveMichael Jackson6:13
Bad (“Sky’s the Limit” extended mix)Michael Jackson9:53
Bad (7″ single mix)Michael Jackson4:06
Bad (7″ version)Michael Jackson4:05
Bad (a cappella)Michael Jackson3:49
Bad (Afrojack club mix)Michael Jackson feat. Pitbull7:29
Bad (Ben Liebrand’s extended dance remix)Michael Jackson7:51
Bad (dance extended mix includes “False Fade”)Michael Jackson8:24
Bad (dance extended mix)Michael Jackson6:00
Bad (dance extended mix)Michael Jackson8:23
Bad (dance extended mix)Michael Jackson8:23
Bad (dance remix radio edit)Michael Jackson4:55
Bad (dance remix radio edit)Michael Jackson4:56
Bad (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix) (part of a “He’s the King, I’m the DJ” DJ‐mix)Michael Jackson1:56
Bad (dub version)Michael Jackson4:06
Bad (extended dance mix)Michael Jackson8:24
Bad (long version)Michael Jackson18:14
Bad (remix by Afrojack - club mix)Michael Jackson7:32
Bad (remix by Afrojack DJ Buddha edit)Michael Jackson feat. Pitbull4:27
Bad (Streetwear mix)Michael Jackson6:12
Bad (tag team remix)Michael Jackson4:11
Bad (Tag Team remix)Michael Jackson4:14
Bad vs Ghostbusters ThememedleyMichael Jackson vs. Ray Parker Jr.3:24
Michael Jackson DMC Megamixmedley and partialMichael Jackson11:17
MJ MegamixmedleyMichael Jackson4:58