lyricist and composer:John Fogerty
publisher:Burlington Music Co., Ltd.
Jondora Music
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Wikidata:Q11862511 [info]
referred to in medleys:Medley: From “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” to “Up Around the Bend” (order: 3)


1970-03Hey Tonight (live, 1970‐03: Fillmore East, New York, NY, USA)liveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:17
1970 – 1971Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
1971-07-04Hey, Tonight (live, 1971-07-04: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveCreedence Clearwater Revival3:05
1971-09-04 – 1971-09-28Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:31
1971-09-04 – 1971-09-28Hey Tonight (live, 1971‐09: Germany)liveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:27
1971-09-17Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:28
1971-09-17Hey Tonight (live) (live, 1971-09-17: Hamburg, Germany)liveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:30
1971-11Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2:43
1993Rockpotpourri (live, 1993: Olympiaworld, Innsbruck, Austria)cover, live and medleyZillertaler Schürzenjäger7:53
1994-10-21Hey Tonight (live, 1994‐10‐21: The Playpen, Sayreville, NJ, USA)cover and liveBruce Springsteen?:??
1994-10-21Hey Tonight (live, 1994‐10‐21: The Playpen, Sayreville, NJ, USA)cover and liveBruce Springsteen5:45
1997-11Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revisited2:33
2005-07-15Hey Tonight (live)liveJohn Fogerty2:33
2019-06-20Hey TonightliveJohn Fogerty2:12
CCR MixpartialCreedence Clearwater Revival7:06
Hey TonightcoverThe New Duncan Imperials3:23
Hey TonightcoverUncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver3:02
Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:41
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2:45
Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival3:42
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2:31
Hey TonightcoverThe John Hamilton Band?:??
Hey Tonight (live)liveCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:29
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2:37
Hey TonightcoverCreedence Clearwater Revived2:47
Hey TonightcoverFogarty Locomotive?:??
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revisited2:35
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2:44
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Hey Tonight (live, 2000-04-24)liveCreedence Clearwater Revisited?:??
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revisited2:37
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2:42
Hey TonightcoverPeter Volland?:??
Hey Tonight (live, 1986/1987: Germany)cover and liveHeinz Rudolf Kunze2:12
Hey TonightcoverSteelover3:34
Hey Tonight (live, 1971: USA)liveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:17
Hey TonightcoverPå Slaget 122:40
Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:27
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2:48
Hey TonightliveCreedence Clearwater Revival3:16
Hey TonightcoverThe Travelin’ Band2:33
Hey TonightliveJohn Fogerty2:14
Hey TonightcoverSweet Little Band?:??
Hey TonightcoverStudio 992:26
Hey Tonight (live in Hamburg, Germany; 9-17-71)liveCreedence Clearwater Revival2:29
The CCR MixpartialCreedence Clearwater Revival7:05