writer:Voni Morrison
Johnny Russell (US country singer, songwriter and comedian)
publisher:Blue Book Music
Bluebook Music Publishing
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Lark Music Ltd.
Sony/ATV Tree Publishing
Tree Publishing Co., Inc.
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1963-02-12Act Naturally (1963)Buck Owens2:23
1963-09-12Act Naturallycover and liveBuck Owens2:30
1963-10-22Act Naturally (live version)liveBuck Owens and His Buckaroos2:28
1965-06-17Act Naturally (original stereo studio mix)coverThe Beatles2:33
1965-06-17Act Naturally (1987 remix)coverThe Beatles2:33
1965-06-17Act Naturally (original mono studio mix)coverThe Beatles2:33
1965-08-14Act Naturally (The Ed Sullivan Show, 14th August 1965)cover and liveThe Beatles?:??
1965-08-15Act Naturally (live, 1965-08-15: Shea Stadium, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveThe Beatles2:42
1965-09-16Act Naturally (live, 1965-09-16)cover and liveThe Beatles?:??
1966-03-25Act Naturallycover and liveBuck Owens and His Buckaroos3:40
1968-09-09Act Naturallycover and liveBuck Owens?:??
1969-01-25Act Naturally 25.11cover and partialThe Beatles0:38
1970-04Medley: Act Naturally/Together Againcover, live and medleyBuck Owens4:05
1970-04Together Again / Act Naturallycover, live and medleyBuck Owens?:??
1985-10Act NaturallycoverOfra Harnoy & Armin Electric Strings2:26
1988-04-27They’re Gonna Put Me in the Movies (live, 1988‐04‐27: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA, USA)liveThe Smithereens1:20
1988-10-23Act Naturally (live, 1988-10-23: Austin City Limits Studio, Austin, TX, USA)cover and liveBuck Owens2:43
2001-08-22Act Naturallycover and liveRingo Starr2:30
2001-08-22Act Naturallycover and liveRingo Starr2:33
2005-08-25Act Naturallycover and liveRingo Starr2:48
2006-07-16Act Naturallycover and liveRingo Starr & His All Starr Band3:00
2008-08-02Act Naturally (live, 2008-08-02: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveRingo Starr & His All Starr Band3:25
Act Naturallycover and liveRingo Starr2:58
Act NaturallyBuch Owens2:23
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens feat. Ringo Starr3:00
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles?:??
Act NaturallyliveThe Beatles2:39
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens and His Buckaroos2:23
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens and His Buckaroos2:19
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens2:26
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens and His Buckaroos2:21
Act Naturally (1963)cover and liveBuck Owens2:27
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens2:22
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens2:11
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens3:02
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens2:17
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens2:23:52
Act NaturallycoverBuck Owens2:22
Act NaturallyBuck Owens2:23
Act NaturallyBuck Owens2:20
Act Naturally (live)cover and liveThe Beatles2:36
Act Naturally (live)cover and liveTexas Lightning and the Rodeo Rockets?:??
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles?:??
Act NaturallyJohnny Russell2:25
Act NaturallycoverBrett Kissel2:31
Act NaturallycoverRingo Starr2:33
Act NaturallycoverRingo Starr2:55
Act Naturallycover and liveThe Beatles2:42
Act Naturallycover and instrumentalSound Choice Karaoke2:46
Act NaturallycoverDino, Desi and Billy2:39
Act NaturallycoverCharley Pride2:37
Act Naturallycover and liveThe Cowsills2:33
Act NaturallycoverDaniel O’Donnell2:20
Act NaturallycoverTamra Rosanes2:44
Act NaturallycoverDwight Yoakam2:33
Act NaturallycoverThe Hollyridge Strings2:12
Act NaturallycoverGeorge Harrison2:45
Act Naturallycover and liveRingo Starr & His All Starr Band2:41
Act NaturallycoverLoretta Lynn2:27
Act NaturallycoverHenry McCullough & Denny Seiwell?:??
Act NaturallycoverDwight Yoakam2:34
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:31
Act NaturallycoverMadrock2:30
Act Naturallycover and liveLittle & Large?:??
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles?:??
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles3:00
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:32
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:31
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:34
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:32
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:32
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:31
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:32
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles?:??
Act Naturallycover and liveThe Beatles2:26
Act NaturallycoverThe Beatles2:34
Act Naturally (live)cover and liveThe Beatles2:47
Act Naturally (BBC TV)coverThe Beatles2:15
Act Naturally (ins)cover and instrumentalBuck Owens2:27
Act Naturally (instrumental version)cover and instrumentalBuck Owens and His Buckaroos2:26
Act Naturally (live)coverThe Beatles2:43
Act Naturally (RM1 Take 13)coverThe Beatles?:??
Act Naturally (RS1 Take 13)coverThe Beatles?:??
Act Naturally (with Commentary)coverBuck Owens2:51
Medley: Act Naturally / Together Againcover, live and medleyBuck Owens and His Buckaroos4:05
Medley: i. Act Naturally; ii. Together Againcover, live and medleyBuck Owens3:22
Medley: Skip to My Lou / Act Naturally / The Last Thing on My Mindinstrumental and medleyDelta Accordion Band3:04