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lyricist and composer:Roger Waters
publisher:Artemis Muziekuitgeverij B V
BMG Platinum Songs US
Chappell Music Ltd.
Pink Floyd Music Publishers Inc.
Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.
Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd (Artemis BV)
Roger Waters Overseas Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q2702850 [info]
revision of:Raving and Drooling


1974-06-22Raving and Drooling (live, 1974-06-22: Théâtre de Plein Air, Parc des Expositions, Colmar, France)livePink Floyd11:27
1974-11-14Raving and Drooling (live, 1974-11-14: The Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK)livePink Floyd12:35
1974-12-14Raving and Drooling (live, 1974-12-14: Colston Hall, Bristol, UK)livePink Floyd16:12
1975-04-08Raving and Drooling (live, 1975-04-08: PNE Exhibition Park, Vancouver, Canada)livePink Floyd13:31
1975-04-26Raving & Drooling (live, 1975-04-26: Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA)livePink Floyd14:46
1975-06-18Raving and Drooling (live, 1975-06-18 : Boston, MA, USA)livePink Floyd9:24
1975-06-28Raving and Drooling (Sheep)livePink Floyd12:44
1975-07-05Raving and Drooling (live, 1975-07-05: Knebworth Festival, Knebworth House, Knebworth, UK)livePink Floyd10:29
1976-04 – 1976-05SheepPink Floyd10:20
1977-01-23SheeplivePink Floyd?:??
1977-01-23Sheep (Dortmund Germany 23-01-1977)livePink Floyd12:19
1977-01-30SheeplivePink Floyd11:44
1977-02-01SheeplivePink Floyd12:30
1977-02-25SheeplivePink Floyd11:34
1977-05-09Sheep (live, 1977-05-09: Alameda Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA)livePink Floyd?:??
1977-05-09SheeplivePink Floyd11:15
1977-05-09Sheep (live, 1977-05-09: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA)Pink Floyd10:47
1977-06-27Sheep (live, 1977-06-27: Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA)livePink Floyd11:04
1977-07-06Sheep (live, 1977-07-06: Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada)livePink Floyd12:16
1977-07-06Sheep (live, 1977-07-06: Olympic Stadium, Montréal, QC, Canada)livePink Floyd11:16
1977Sheep (live, 1977: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA)livePink Floyd10:49
2004-08-26Sheepcover and liveMostly Autumn9:03
2006-03-09Sheep (live, 2006-03-09: (Soundcheck), The Grove, Anaheim, USA)cover and liveDream Theater9:42
Floydian Memoriescover and medleyShadow Gallery24:39
Raving and Drooling (Sheep)livePink Floyd13:59
SheeplivePink Floyd12:34
SheepPink Floyd10:20
SheeplivePink Floyd11:32
SheeplivePink Floyd11:26
SheeplivePink Floyd11:41
SheeplivePink Floyd12:28
SheeplivePink Floyd12:29
SheepPink Floyd16:06
SheeplivePink Floyd11:11
SheepPink Floyd10:21
SheeplivePink Floyd10:57
Sheepcover and liveRoger Waters11:01
Sheepcover and liveRoger Waters10:53
Sheepcover and liveRoger Waters10:58
Sheepcover and liveRoger Waters10:33
SheepcoverThe Moist Biscuits5:20
SheeplivePink Floyd13:39
SheepcoverOut of Phase9:47
SheepcoverRebecca Philipp Burr9:30
SheepPink Floyd?:??
SheepPink Floyd10:27
Sheepcover and liveEchoes10:28
SheepPink Floyd10:23
SheepPink Floyd10:15
SheepPink Floyd9:22
SheepPink Floyd10:23
SheepPink Floyd11:10
SheepPink Floyd10:37
SheepPink Floyd10:44
SheepPink Floyd9:58
SheeplivePink Floyd11:11
Sheepcover and liveThe Les Claypool Frog Brigade11:25
Sheepcover and liveThe Les Claypool Frog Brigade11:13
Sheepcover and liveThe Les Claypool Frog Brigade12:39
Sheepcover and liveThe Les Claypool Frog Brigade?:??
Sheep (live, 2010-05-01: The Loft, Lansing, MI, USA)cover and liveEchoes of Pink Floyd6:48
Sheepcover and liveBlue Floyd10:37
Sheep (“Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd” remix)Pink Floyd9:47
SheeplivePink Floyd11:12
SheepPink Floyd10:29
Sheep (Grazing mix)Pink Floyd13:15
Sheep (Liberate mix)Pink Floyd16:05