lyricist:Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (from 1963 until 1964)
composer:Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (from 1963 until 1963-11)
publisher:J. Michel KG (publisher)
MDW (publisher)
Mother Culture Publishing
Pattern Music Ltd (publisher)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!)
WB Music Corp. (1929-2019)
Paul Simon Music (in 1964, in 1992)
Magic Arts Publishing (in 2000)
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Wikidata:Q922139 [info]
referred to in medleys:More Stars (12″ mix) (12″ mix, duration: ~11:56 on vinyl, ~11:38 on cd)
Sound of Silence × 冷戰 (order: 1)
later parody versions:The Sound of Chickens
The Sound of Sirens
The Sounds of Silas
later translated versions:Chanson d'innocence (The Sound of Silence)
En ton av tystnad
Het geluid van stilte
La tua immagine
La Voix du silence (The Sound of Silence)
Los sonidos del silencio
Raum des Schweigens
is the basis for:All Delighted People


1964-03-10The Sound of Silence (original acoustic version, stereo mix)Simon & Garfunkel3:07
1964-03-10The Sounds of Silence (original acoustic version, mono mix)Simon & Garfunkel3:08
1964-03-10 – 1965-06-15The Sound of Silence (overdubbed remix 1965)Simon & Garfunkel3:06
1966-10-21The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel4:00
1966The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel5:13
1967-06-16Sound of Silence (live, 1967-06-16: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:17
1967-06-16Sound of Silence (live, 1967-06-1x: Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey County Fairground, Monterey, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel4:14
1967-06-16The Sound of Silence (live, 1967-06-16: Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey County Fairground, Monterey, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:18
1967The Sound of Silence (live, 1967-01-22: Philharmonic Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:25
1968-06-27The Sound of SilencecoverCarmen McRae3:03
1968-08-23The Sound of Silence (live, 1968-08-23: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:26
1968The Sound of Silence (live, 1968: Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:27
1969-02-13The Sound of Silencecover and instrumentalBarney Kessel7:39
1969-11-08The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel3:52
1969-11-11The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel?:??
1969-11-11The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel4:44
1970The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel5:36
1970The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel3:40
1972Sound of SilencecoverStelvio Cipriani e la sua orchestra?:??
1981-09-19The Sound of Silence (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:59
1981-09-19The Sound of Silence (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel5:40
1991-08-15The Sound of Silence (live, 1991-08-15: Central Park, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA)livePaul Simon5:45
1996-03The Sounds of SilenceinstrumentalJoe Locke8:24
1999-06-07The Sound of Silence (live, 1999-06-07: McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado, United States)liveBob Dylan & Paul Simon6:10
1999-06-13The Sound of Silence (live, 1999-06-13: Gorge Amphitheater, Columbia River Gorge, WA, USA)livePaul Simon & Bob Dylan?:??
1999-06-18The Sound of Silence (live, 1999-06-18: Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan & Paul Simon?:??
1999-06Sonidos del silenciocover and instrumentalKarumanta3:26
1999-07-14The Sound of Silence (1999-07-14: All-Tel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC, USA)liveBob Dylan feat. Paul Simon7:49
2000-07The Sound of SilencecoverNevermore5:14
2003-12-20The Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel5:10
2003-12The Sound of Silence (live, 2003-12: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel5:03
2008-10-31The Sound of Silence (live, 2008-10-31: Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, USA)cover and liveThe Smashing Pumpkins9:31
2008-11-04The Sound of Silence (live, 2008-11-04: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada)cover and liveSmashing Pumpkins9:27
2008-11-08The Sound of Silence (live, 2008-11-08: Event Center, Borgata Resort Spa and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, USA)liveThe Smashing Pumpkins5:13
2008-11-19The Sound of Silence (live, 2008-11-19: Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA)cover and liveThe Smashing Pumpkins5:18
2010-07-15Sounds of Silence (live, 2010-07-15: The Blue Loon, Fairbanks, AK, USA)cover and liveBrandi Carlile3:48
2011-06-06The Sound of Silence (live, 2011-06-06: Webster Hall, New York City, NY, USA)livePaul Simon4:34
2011-06-06The Sound Of SilencelivePaul Simon?:??
2012-07-15The Sound of Silence (live)livePaul Simon4:24
2014-03-23Sound of Silence × 冷戰 (live; 2014-03-23: Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong)cover, live and medleyC AllStar5:30
2014-05-10The Sound of SilenceChildren's Chorus of Washington4:56
2014-11The Sound of Silencecover and liveSeven Years3:10
2016-03-28The Sound of Silence (live, 2016-03-28: CONAN, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA, USA)cover and liveDisturbed4:13
2016-08-15The Sound of Silence (live, 2016-08-15: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA)cover and liveDisturbed4:20
70’s Medley: The Sound of Silence / Wind Flowers / California Dreamin’ / Devoted to You / Cryin’ in the Rain / Teach Your Children / He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brothercover and medley溫拿樂隊10:22
El sonido del silenciocover and instrumentalFlautas Mágicas Band3:40
El Sonido Del Silenciocover and instrumentalChopkjas?:??
Sound of Clownscoveraberrantkenosis2:56
Sound of Silence (live, Spacebomb Studios)liveNatalie Prass2:50
Sound of SilencecoverRua4:34
Sound of SilencecoverDi Scherling3:30
Sound of SilencecoverNick & Simon3:28
Sound of SilenceinstrumentalAdrian Kerr3:02
Sound of SilencecoverMiss B. Haven3:35
Sound of Silencecover and liveNick & Simon?:??
Sound of SilencecoverRudy Grant4:08
Sound of Silencecover and instrumentalPaul Mauriat3:04
Sound of SilenceliveSimon & Garfunkel3:18
Sound of SilencecoverTracy Huang3:37
Sound of SilencecoverThe Escape2:59
Sound of SilencecoverAtrocity3:53
Sound of SilencecoverTrinity FM4:57
Sound of SilencecoverSusan Wong3:00
Sound of SilencecoverPoint Valid with Catherine Asaro3:35
Sound of SilencecoverThe Bates2:48
Sound of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel?:??
Sound of SilencecoverThe Del-Lords3:23
Sound of SilencecoverAlan Caddy Orchestra & Singers?:??
Sound of SilencecoverBobaflex3:09
Sound of SilencecoverAudioFeels3:44
Sound of SilencecoverLuke Sital‐Singh3:29
Sound of SilencecoverThe Hobbit?:??
Sound of SilencecoverAnia4:48
Sound of SilencecoverEnrico Ciacci?:??
Sound Of SilencecoverPop Classic Workshop2:22
Sound of Silence (Rhumba 27)instrumentalThe Columbia Ballroom Orchestra3:21
Sounds of SilencecoverThe Bachelors2:51
Sounds of Silencecover[unknown]?:??
Sounds of Silencecover and liveThe Move3:28
Sounds of SilencecoverThe Cockspur Steel Orchestra4:50
Sounds of SilencecoverSmokey3:16
Sounds of Silencecover and instrumental[unknown]2:35
Sounds of Silencecover and instrumentalDiógenes L. Oliveira2:04
Sounds of Silencecover and instrumentalGeorges Schmitt3:50
Sounds of SilencecoverThe Dickies1:41
Sounds of SilencecoverKina Grannis2:32
Sounds of SilencecoverDark Orange5:27
Sounds of SilencecoverRay Conniff3:04
Sounds of SilencecoverGershon Kingsley4:36
Sounds of SilencecoverAscension of the Watchers4:20
Sounds of SilencecoverPat Surface?:??
Sounds of SilencecoverBud Shank2:36
Sounds of SilencecoverRyan & Rachel O’Donnell3:17
Sounds of SilencecoverJulius Wechter & The Baja Marimba Band2:48
Sounds of Silencecover and instrumentalThe Grassmasters2:39
Sounds of SilencecoverImaginary Sound Project3:31
Sounds of SilencecoverEmilíana Torrini3:32
Sounds of silence (Dance in the mist)coverDark Orange5:19
Sounds of silence (Dream in the mist)coverDark Orange5:25
The Sound of Pizzacover and partialThe Pizza Collection0:47
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