The Way You Look Tonight (from “Swing Time”)

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lyricist:Dorothy Fields (US Tin Pan Alley librettist and lyricist) (in 1936)
composer:Jerome Kern (in 1936)
publisher:Aldi Music Company
Chappell & Co., Inc.
Chappell Music Ltd.
PolyGram Music Publishing Ltd.
Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Ltd.
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998)
ユニバーサル・ミュージック・パブリッシング Synch事業部
part of:Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 9) (order: 3)
Wikidata:Q1471428 [info]
referred to in medleys:Swing Time Medley (order: 5)
later translated versions:De quoi a-t-elle l’air ce soir ?
part of:Swing Time (film)


1936-07-26The Way You Look TonightFred Astaire?:??
1936-07-26The Way You Look TonightFred Astaire3:07
1936-10-21The Way You Look TonightTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:02
1936-10-21The Way You Look TonightTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:05
1936-10-21The Way You Look TonightTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:02
1936-10-21The Way You Look TonightTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:10
1936-10-21The Way You Look TonightTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra feat. Billie Holiday3:04
1936-10-21The Way You Look TonightTeddy Wilson3:02
1936The Way You Look TonightFred Astaire1:57
1936The Way You Look TonightmedleyComedy Harmonists2:58
1942-03-10The Way You Look Tonight (1942-03-10 recording)The Benny Goodman Sextet3:19
1942-03-10The Way You Look TonightBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:17
1942-03-10The Way You Look TonightPeggy Lee & Benny Goodman3:21
1943-11-14The Way You Look TonightFrank Sinatra2:40
1943The Way You Look TonightFrank Sinatra2:40
1944-06-15The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalTeddy Wilson Sextet4:21
1945The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalJoe Sullivan3:42
1946-02-16The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalThe Keynoters3:10
1946-04The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie with Johnny Richards and His Orchestra2:42
1946-07-17The Way You Look TonightEddie Condon and His Orchestra2:39
1947-12-26The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalThe Eddie Heywood Trio3:13
1950-04-18The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalPaul Smith?:??
1950-05-12The Way You Look Tonightcover and instrumentalErroll Garner3:15
1950-07The Way You Look TonightThe Dave Brubeck Octet3:02
1951-01-11The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalErroll Garner3:48
1952-04-01The Way You Look TonightAnnie Ross3:02
1952-04-01The Way You Look TonightAnnie Ross, Dorothy Dunn & Shelby Davis2:59
1952-12-12The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalStan Getz3:04
1952-12-12The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet3:02
1952-12-12The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet3:09
1952-12The Way You Look TonightFred Astaire3:00
1952-12The Way You Look Tonight (The Astaire Story, 1953, with Oscar Peterson)Fred Astaire3:00
1953-02-22The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie and His Operatic String Orchestra4:15
1953-03-02The Way You Look Tonight (mono; live at Finney Chapel, Oberlin College on 1953-03-02)cover, instrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet7:52
1953-03-09The Way You Look TonightcoverHans Koller New Jazz Stars3:51
1953-06-12The Way You Look Tonightinstrumental and liveStan Getz & Chet Baker6:20
1953-06-16The Way You Look Tonightinstrumental and liveStan Getz & Chet Baker6:42
1953-12-07The Way You Look TonightThe Oscar Peterson Trio2:28
1953-12-14The Way You Look Tonightinstrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:02
1954-02-19The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson2:55
1954-02-21The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalArt Blakey & Clifford Brown9:56
1954-02-21The Way You Look Tonight (live, 1954-02-21: Birdland, New York City, New York)liveArt Blakey9:55
1954-08-23The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalThe Lennie Niehaus Octet3:35
1954-08-25The Way You Look TonightArt Pepper3:48
1954-10-25The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalThelonious Monk/Sonny Rollins5:15
1954-10-28The Way You Look TonightMartial Solal Trio2:54
1954The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalArt Pepper3:46
1955-05-13The Way You Look TonightBetty Carter & Ray Bryant2:46
1955-05The Way You Look TonightBetty Carter2:42
1956-02-13The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalBobby Hackett2:33
1956-02-18The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalJimmy Smith5:00
1956-02-29The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalArt Pepper6:39
1956-04-17The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalJohnny Griffin6:22
1956-04The Way You Look TonightDick Haymes3:40
1956-05-03The Way You Look to NightinstrumentalLes Kentonians et Martial Solal?:??
1956-06-16The Way You Look Tonightinstrumental and liveStan Getz & Chet Baker6:22
1957-01-07The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalBarney Wilen6:54
1957-01-19The Way You Look Tonight (mono)instrumentalSonny Clark?:??
1957-02-08The Way You Look Tonight (original mix - 14648)instrumentalCannonball Adderley4:26
1957-04-06The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalJohnny Griffin9:41
1957-04-19The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalMal Waldron8:26
1957-06-26The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalColeman Hawkins, Paul Gonsalves, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie13:44
1958-03-16The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalTina Brooks10:43
1959-02-09The Way You Look TonightSonny Stitt?:??
1959-03-12The Way You Look Tonight (mono)coverBob Brookmeyer & Bill Evans?:??
1959-03-12The Way You Look TonightcoverBob Brookmeyer & Bill Evans7:38
1959-03-12The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalBob Brookmeyer & Bill Evans7:40
1959-04-22The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalThe Ramsey Lewis Trio8:07
1959-04The Way You Look TonightcoverAnita O’Day2:09
1959-07-14 – 1959-08-09The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:41
1959-08-26The Way You Look Tonightcover and instrumentalWilton “Bogey” Gaynair7:25
1959-09-30The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalBlue Mitchell3:22
1960-01-29 –The Way You Look TonightMargaret Whiting3:34
1960-02-29The Way You Look TonightArt Pepper6:38
1960-02-29The Way You Look Tonightcover and instrumentalArt Pepper6:39
1960-11-30The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalArnett Cobb6:55
1961-09-13The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalStanley Turrentine5:44
1962-05The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalBarry Harris Trio4:57
1962-06-26The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalGerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond7:21
1962-08-13The Way You Look Tonight (alternate take)instrumentalGerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond7:53
1962The Way You Look TonightAndy Williams3:39
1963-09-19The Way You Look TonightliveSonny Rollins Quintet1:49
1963-10-10The Way You Look Tonight (take 1)instrumentalWes Montgomery Trio9:12
1963-11-27The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalWes Montgomery with Melvin Rhyne5:50
1963-11-27The Way You Look Tonight (take 2)instrumentalWes Montgomery Trio5:53
1963The Way You Look TonightcoverElla Fitzgerald4:30
1964-01-27The Way You Look Tonight (1964 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:22
1964-05-11The Way You Look TonightCal Tjader3:11
1964Just the Way You Look TonightliveAnita O’Day5:45
1966-01The Way You Look Tonight (live, 1966-01)liveAndy Williams4:02
1969-03-03The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalStanley Turrentine9:16
1971-05-06The Way You Look TonightcoverGunnar Nilson, Lars Erstrand, Maffy Falay, Bernth Gustavsson, Egil Johansen, Bertil Lövgren, Sture Nordin, Weine Renliden, Nicke Wöhrmann, Ove Linds orkester3:10
1977-09The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalCal Tjader7:14
1977-10-27 – 1977-10-28The Way You Look Tonightinstrumental and liveCharly Antolini Jazz Power9:59
1978-12-06The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalTommy Flanagan, Kenny Barron7:10
1979-10-15The Way You Look TonightcoverShoji Suzuki and His Rhythm Aces4:50
1980-03-27The Way You Look tonightcover and instrumentalDerek Smith Trio4:14
1982-04-13 – 1982-04-14The Way You Look TonightinstrumentalArt Pepper and George Cables6:49
1985-07-02The Way You Look Tonight (live, 1985-07-02: Palais des Congrès Studios de la Grande Armée, Paris, France)instrumental and liveKeith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette9:32
1987-08The Way You Look TonightliveMel Tormé & George Shearing3:38
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