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additional writer:Bob Dylan (in 1963)
writer:Woody Guthrie (American singer-songwriter)
version of:Ramblin' Round
Sally Don't You Grieve


1963-04-12Ramblin' Down Through the World (NYC Town Hall, 4-12-63)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
1963-04-12Ramblin' Then the World (live, 1963-04-12: Town Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan1:58
Ramblin Down Through the WorldcoverBob Dylan2:02
Ramblin' Down Through the WorldcoverBob Dylan2:11
Ramblin' Down Through the WorldcoverBob Dylan2:05
Ramblin' Down Thru the World (1963-04-12: Town Hall, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan2:10
Ramblin' Down Thru the WorldcoverBob Dylan2:07
Ramblin' Through the Worldcover and liveBob Dylan2:33