publisher:Billy Gashade (in 1882)
lyricist:[unknown] (Special Purpose Artist – Do not add releases here, if possible.)
writer:[traditional] (special purpose artist)
later translated versions:ג'סי ג'יימס
later versions:Jesse James (arrangement by Bruce Springsteen)


1928-03-10Jesse JamesHarry “Haywire Mac” McClintock3:29
1940-12-12WNYC Radio Program: Folk Songs of America (December 12, 1940)medleyWoody Guthrie16:29
1956Jesse JamesinstrumentalEric Weissberg2:31
1959-10Jesse JamesAlmeda Riddle1:00
1960-03Jesse JamesThe Country Gentlemen2:39
1961-07Jesse JamesliveJerry Garcia4:13
1975-12-05Jesse James (live, 1975-12: Montreal Stables, Montreal, QC, Canada)liveBob Dylan1:52
1998-11-20 – 1998-11-21The Ballad of Jesse JamesliveVan Morrison, Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber3:08
2014-11-23Jesse Jamescover and liveIan Siegal & Jimbo Mathus3:06
Jesse JamescoverJackson C. Frank3:03
Jesse JamesJunior Sisk & Ramblers Choice2:09
Jesse JamesWoody Guthrie3:00
Jesse JamesWoody Guthrie3:00
Jesse JamesWoody Guthrie?:??
Jesse JamescoverBob Seger3:26
Jesse JamesRy Cooder5:04
Jesse JamesBascom Lamar Lunsford?:??
Jesse JamescoverBob Dylan?:??
Jesse James (1961-02-xx: [the home of Bob and Sid Gleason], East Orange, NJ, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Jesse JamesPete Seeger4:38
Jesse JamesRy Cooder5:05
Jesse JamesJackson C. Frank3:03
Jesse JamesPete Seeger4:31
Jesse James (Leadbelly's version)Woody Guthrie3:00
The Ballad of Jesse JamesMichael Martin Murphey4:18
The Ballad of Jesse James (live)liveVan Morrison, Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber3:10