writer:Lewis Carroll (English writer)
Wikidata:Q220331 [info]
is the basis for:Alice’s Adventures Under Ground
later translated versions:Alice im Spiegelland (Remané translation)
The Walrus and the Carpenter


'I Shall See the Garden Far Better,' Said Alice to HerselfpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett5:02
'The Eighth Square at Last!' Alice CriedpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:19
'Tickets Please,' Said the GuardpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:25
'What a Curious Helmet You've Got On,' She Said CheerfullypartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:33
'Which Reminds Me,' The White Queen SaidpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:58
A Sudden Gust of WindpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:23
Alice Had Seated HerselfpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw4:55
Alice Looked On With Great InterestpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:32
Alice Never Could Quite Make Out How it Was That...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:56
Alice Sprang Across the Little Brook, Just in Time to See...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:31
Alice Waited a Minute to See if He Would Speak AgainpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:54
All This Was Lost on AlicepartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:51
And in Another Moment, Alice Was Through the GlasspartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:14
And Now for the Last BrookpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw4:38
First Came the ShawlpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:53
Humpty Dumpty Sat on a WallpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:46
I Can’t Stand This Any LongerpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:52
I Should Like to Buy an Egg PleasepartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:09
I Was ThinkingpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:08
In Another Moment, She Felt the Carriage Rise...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:22
Meanwhile, We'll Drink Your HealthpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:22
One Thing Was Certain...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:09
She Had Got All the PegspartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw4:16
She Thought She Had Never SeenpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:12
She Thought She Had Never Seen Such a Strange-Looking SoldierpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:23
The Little Voice Sighed DeeplypartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:24
The Walrus and the Carpenter Were Walking Close at HandpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:04
The White QueenpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:08
Then I Hope Your Finger...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:12
This Sounded NonsensepartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:11
Through the Looking GlasspartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:38
Tweedledum and Tweedledee Were Standing Under a TreepartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett2:45
Tweedledum Spread a Large Umbrella Over Himself...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:51
What a Beautiful Belt You Have Got OnpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw6:00
What’s the Time NowpartialLewis Carroll read by Fiona Shaw5:09
You Seem Very Clever at Explaining Words, SirpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett2:45