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writer:Dave Alexander (bassist for The Stooges)
Ron Asheton
Scott Asheton
Iggy Pop
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1993Loose (live, 1993: Paris, France)liveIggy Pop2:02
1993Loose (live, 1993: Barcelona, Spain)liveIggy Pop3:20
2015-08-15Loose (live, 2015-08-15: Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA, USA)cover and liveRaw Power?:??
LooseliveIggy Pop3:18
LooseIggy Pop3:01
LooseliveIggy Pop3:19
Loose (part of “As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 10” DJ-mix)The Stooges1:36
LooseThe Stooges?:??
LooseThe Stooges?:??
LooseThe Stooges3:36
LooseThe Stooges3:25
LooseliveThe Stooges3:15
LooseThe Stooges3:33
LooseThe Stooges3:33
LooseThe Stooges3:35
LooseliveIggy Pop2:52
LooseThe Birthday Party5:27
Loose (live, 1981-09-10: The Venue, London, UK)The Birthday Party?:??
Loose (live, 1982-01-06: University Refectory, Sydney, Australia)The Birthday Party4:35
Loose (live, 1981-04-21: BBC Langham 1 Studio, London, UK)liveThe Birthday Party3:35
LoosecoverBuick MacKane6:03
LooseliveIggy Pop3:30
LooseliveIggy Pop3:28
LooseliveIggy Pop3:16
LooseliveIggy Pop3:14
LooseIggy Pop2:52
LooseliveIggy Pop3:13
LooseliveIggy Pop2:53
LooseThe Stooges3:34
LoosecoverPansy Division3:34
LoosecoverBollock Brothers3:36
LooseThe Stooges3:35
Loose (1981-04-28: John Peel radio session)The Birthday Party3:44
Loose (demo)The Stooges1:17
Loose (live 1993)liveIggy Pop3:21
Loose (live)cover and liveThe Birthday Party5:33
Loose (live)cover and liveThe Bollock Brothers3:44
Loose (take 1 - labeled as "I'm Loose" - false start)partialThe Stooges1:36
Loose (take 1)The Stooges3:38
Loose (take 2)The Stooges3:41
Loose (take 2)The Stooges3:43
Loose (take 3)The Stooges3:45
Loose (take 3)The Stooges0:26
Loose (take 4)The Stooges3:39
Loose (take 5)The Stooges3:39
Loose (take 6)The Stooges3:43
Loose (take 7 - false start)partialThe Stooges1:11
Loose (take 9)The Stooges3:40
Loose (take 11)The Stooges3:41
Loose (take 12)The Stooges3:42
Loose (take 13)The Stooges3:47
Loose (take 14)The Stooges3:42
Loose (take 15)The Stooges3:42
Loose (take 16)The Stooges3:40
Loose (take 17 - false start)partialThe Stooges0:27
Loose (take 18 - false start)partialThe Stooges1:00
Loose (take 19)The Stooges3:37
Loose (take 20)The Stooges3:42
Loose (take 21 - false start)partialThe Stooges3:14
Loose (take 22)The Stooges3:42
Loose (take 23)The Stooges3:42
Loose (take 24)The Stooges3:44
Loose (take 25 - false start)partialThe Stooges3:14
Loose (take 26 - false start)partialThe Stooges2:00
Loose (take 27)The Stooges3:38
Loose (take 28)The Stooges3:37
Loose (The Stooges)cover and liveBollock Brothers4:45