composer: 濱野美奈子
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part of: Super Metroid (Video Game Soundtrack)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Attack of the Spore Creature cover Hyde209 3:36
Boss Confrontation (Spore Spawn - Botwoon) cover tenchux 2:16
Eldrich Spore Spawn cover Gario 3:27
Mini Boss Confrontation cover Ghastly Ghost 2:11
Miniboss cover The Amazing BrandO 2:23
Spore Spawn / Botwoon Encounter cover The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, 山本健誌 & 濱野美奈子 2:32
Spore Spawn/Botwoon Boss Theme cover Bit Brigade 1:07
Super Metroid - Assault on Tourian cover and medley Random Battles 5:24
Super Metroid - Miniboss Theme cover zMetallica 2:40
Super Metroid - Spore Spawn cover SwigglesRP 3:15
Unsettling Nature [Small Boss Confrontation BGM (Spore-Spawn, Botsoon)] cover Jason Covenant 3:23
小ボス対決BGM (スポアスポーン,ボツーン) (Super Metroid, Sound in Action) 濱野美奈子 1:55