composer:Gorillaz (Virtual Band)
Romye Robinson
publisher:Big Bang Theory
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Underground Animals


Dirty Harry (instrumental)instrumentalGorillaz3:41
Dirty Harry (Live at The Manchester Opera House)Gorillaz4:08
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:44
Dirty HarryGorillaz?:??
Dirty HarryGorillaz?:??
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:44
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:53
Dirty HarryGorillaz2:46
Dirty HarryliveGorillaz feat. Bootie Brown3:57
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:50
Dirty HarryliveGorillaz3:47
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:48
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:50
Dirty HarryGorillaz feat. Bootie Brown & The Pharcyde3:50
Dirty HarryGorillaz4:42
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:53
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:44
Dirty HarryGorillaz3:50
Dirty Harry (a cappella)Gorillaz6:09
Dirty Harry (animatic / instrumental)instrumentalGorillaz?:??
Dirty Harry (Animatic video edit)Gorillaz?:??
Dirty Harry (BRITs Performance)Gorillaz?:??
Dirty Harry (Chopper remix)Gorillaz3:39
Dirty Harry (Chopper remix)Gorillaz feat. Bootie Brown & The Pharcyde3:40
Dirty Harry (instrumental)instrumentalGorillaz?:??
Dirty Harry (instrumental)instrumentalGorillaz3:43
Dirty Harry (Jon Carter remix)Gorillaz5:58
Dirty Harry (Jon Carter remix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Clubber's Guide to 2006” DJ‐mix)Gorillaz3:44
Dirty Harry (Paul Mac radio edit)Gorillaz3:26
Dirty Harry (Paul Mac remix) (12" version)Gorillaz5:10
Dirty Harry (Paul Mac remix) (radio edit)Gorillaz3:28
Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese New Year remix)Gorillaz3:53
Dirty Harry (single edit)Gorillaz3:50
Dirty Harry (video edit)Gorillaz?:??
Dirty Harry (video)Gorillaz?:??