for Orchestra and Puppet Theatre

271 pages of notated music for Orchestra and three specially designed operating puppet figures (construction specifics are included with the score). This is a fantasy context that seeks to reawaken the wonder of imagery and ceremony. Instrumentation: 2 conductors, 3 flt. 3 ob. 3 EH, Sop clar., 2 clar, b clar, Bsn. 3 tpt. 1 bari horn, B trom, TB, solo piano, 3 per (includes GG-large and small, tymp, cymbals) and strings: 8v1, 8v2, 8v3, 8vo. 6c, 4SB. A given performance of this work will also call for a crew to build and operate the puppets (plus specially designed staging directives, which are also included in the score). A performance of this work should be enjoyable for both children and adults. Duration: 90 min.

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composed in:Woodstock, New York, United States (1982)
composer:Anthony Braxton (1982)
dedicated to:Jim Henson (US artist, cartoonist, puppeteer, inventor & filmmaker)
publisher:Synthesis Music Publishing
work list entry: [info]
parts:1. First Ceremony (movement)
2. Opening Procession (movement)
3. Transition (movement)
4. Third Ceremony (movement)
5. Closing Fanfare (movement)