lyricist:Gerry Goffin
composer:Carole King
publisher:EMI Music Publishing Japan, Fujipacific Division
Screen Gems–EMI Music Ltd.
Screen Gems–EMI Music, Inc. (USA, affiliated with BMI) (from 1962 to present)
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referred to in medleys:Sawmix 2
Mix 3: Ain’t Nothing but a House Party / The Loco‐Motion / Hand on Your Heart / Happenin’ All Over Again (order: 2)
later translated versions:Kohta juna lähtee
La locomotion
Le Loco-motion (French version)
The Locomotion


1962The Loco‐MotionLittle Eva2:25
1962The Loco‐Motion (mono)Little Eva2:20
1974The Loco‐MotioncoverGrand Funk Railroad2:47
1975-06-01Locomotion (live, 1975-06-01: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)cover and liveGrand Funk Railroad2:59
1980-01LocomotioncoverCarole King2:31
1988-08-06 – 1988-08-07The Loco‐Motion (live, 1988-08-06/7: Yomiuri Land Open Theater EAST, Inagi, Tokyo, Japan)cover and live杉山清貴?:??
1995-06-27Locomotioncover and liveMark Farner3:24
2004Locomotion (live, 2004/2005: The Living Room Tour)liveCarole King3:38
2006-11-12The Loco‐motion (live, 2006-11-12: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia)cover and liveKylie4:43
2009-10The Locomotion (live, 2009-10: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveKylie Minogue4:56
2014-11-12Locomotion (live, 2014-11-12: The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)cover and liveKylie Minogue?:??
2014-11-12Locomotion (live, 2014-11-12: The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)cover and liveKylie Minogue4:17
2016-07-03Locomotion (live, 2016-07-03: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveCarole King?:??
2016-07-03Locomotion (live, 2016-07-03: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveCarole King4:15
60-tals potpurripartialCarola feat. Jahn Teigen6:25
Acte III. Radio collectioncover and medleyLaurent Voulzy1:30
Do the LocomotioncoverPlommons?:??
Happy Together (medley)cover, instrumental and medleyStephanie Jackson5:27
Loco MotioncoverDwight Yoakam3:44
Loco MotioncoverMr. Billy2:33
Loco-motioncoverKylie Minogue3:07
Loco-Motioncover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:17
Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue3:07
Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue3:13
Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner2:16
Locomotion (live)liveCarole King feat. Slash4:42
Locomotion (DJ-mixed: Dancemania BASS #6)coverAlexia2:15
LocomotioncoverGitoGito Hustler3:09
LocomotioncoverSugar Beats2:54
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:17
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:13
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:07
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue?:??
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:17
LocomotioncoverThe Hit Crew3:16
Locomotioncover and liveGrand Funk Railroad2:57
Locomotioncover and liveKylie Minogue3:51
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue5:59
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:00
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:10
LocomotioncoverElektrični orgazam3:20
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:07
LocomotioncoverAtomic Kitten3:32
LocomotioncoverThe Raymen2:40
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:09
Locomotion (Non Stop Edit)Little Eva2:23
LocomotioncoverThe Raymen2:42
LocomotioncoverCharly García2:11
LocomotioncoverKylie Minogue3:09
Locomotion (12″ master)coverKylie Minogue9:14
Locomotion (Australian Single version)coverKylie Minogue3:13
Locomotion (Australian version)coverKylie Minogue3:04
Locomotion (Chugga Motion mix)coverKylie Minogue7:41
Locomotion (Chugga-Motion mix)coverKylie Minogue7:36
Locomotion (Chugga-Motion mix)coverKylie Minogue7:38
Locomotion (Chugga‐Motion mix)coverKylie Minogue7:37
Locomotion (Girl Meets Boy mix)coverKylie Minogue3:15
Locomotion (Girl Meets Boy mix)coverKylie Minogue3:12
Locomotion (Girl Meets Boy mix)coverKylie Minogue3:15
The Loco - motionLittle Eva?:??
The Loco - MotioncoverH.U.N.X.?:??
The Loco MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner2:00
The Loco MotionLittle Eva0:44
The Loco-motion (part of "Kylie’s Non‐Stop History 50+1" DJ mix by MST)coverKylie Minogue1:29
The Loco-MotioncoverSanto & Johnny2:06
The Loco-MotioncoverLynda Carter3:34
The Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner2:22
The Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner1:57
The Loco-MotioncoverTina Turner2:19
The Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue3:04
The Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue3:13
The Loco-MotionGrand Funk Railroad2:48
The Loco-MotioncoverClare Teal4:20
The Loco-MotioncoverPå Slaget 122:51
The Loco-Motioncover[no artist]?:??
The Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner2:07
The Loco-MotioncoverEarly Learning Centre3:19
The Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner2:01
The Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner2:01
The Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner1:56
The Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue3:03
The Loco-MotioncoverIke & Tina Turner2:21
The Loco-MotionLittle Eva2:27
The Loco-MotioncoverThe Chiffons2:09
The Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue?:??
The Loco-MotioncoverNoël Akchoté1:38
The Loco-MotioncoverEmerson, Lake & Powell4:39
The Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue3:20
The Loco-MotioncoverKylie Minogue3:14
The Loco-MotioncoverThe Bunch3:00
The Loco-Motion (7″ mix)coverKylie Minogue3:15
The Loco-Motion (extended version)Little Eva?:??
The Loco-Motion (Oz Tour mix)coverKylie5:43
The Loco-Motion [The Sankie Remix]coverKylie Minogue6:37
The Loco‐MotionLittle Eva2:25
The Loco‐MotionLittle Eva2:27
The Loco‐MotioncoverGrand Funk Railroad2:58
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