lyricist and composer:Jerry Herman
publisher:Edwin H. Morris & Co., Inc. (a division of MPL Communications Inc.)
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Wikidata:Q1267483 [info]
referred to in medleys:Louis Armstrong-Session (C’est si bon, Mundharmonika-Shuffle, Hello Dolly)
Satchmo! A Tribute to Louis Armstrong
later translated versions:Ciao, Dolly (italian)
ENDING~Hello Dolly~ (japanese)
Hello Dolly (Dutch version)
Hello, Dolly (french version)
part of:Hello, Dolly!


1963-12-03Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:27
1964-01-19Hello, Dolly! (Hello, Dolly! 1964 original Broadway cast)Carol Channing & Company5:43
1964-01-19Hello, Dolly!Hello, Dolly! Ensemble & Carol Channing5:43
1964-04-27Hello, Dolly!instrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:06
1964-06-10Hello, Dolly!coverFrank Sinatra & Count Basie2:47
1964-06-10Hello, Dolly! (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra2:46
1964-11-08Hello, Dolly!cover and liveJudy Garland with Liza Minelli2:22
1964-11Hello Dolly! (live, 1964-11: London Palladium, London, England)liveJudy Garland and Liza Minnelli2:36
1964Hello ! DollycoverPetula Clark2:15
1964Hello, Dolly!coverElla Fitzgerald2:56
1965-03Hello Dolly (live, 1965-03: Lucerna Hall, Prague, Czechia)liveLouis Armstrong6:05
1965-03When It's Sleepy Time Down South / Hello Dolly (live, 1965-03: Lucerna Hall, Prague, Czechia)live and medleyLouis Armstrong3:14
1965-04-06Hello DollyinstrumentalEugen Cicero6:00
1965-06-04Hello Dolly (live, 1965-06-04: Palais des Sports, Paris, France)cover and liveLouis Armstrong5:45
1965-06-04When the Saints Go Marchin' In / Hello Dollylive and medleyLouis Armstrong4:35
1966-08-30Hello DollyinstrumentalLou Donaldson4:53
1967-07Hello DollyliveLouis Armstrong3:38
1967-07Hello Dollycover and liveLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars2:33
1967-11-17Hello, Dolly! (1967 Broadway cast)Pearl Bailey?:??
1967Hello, Dolly! (1967 Broadway cast)Jerry Herman5:49
1968-07-02Hello Dolly!liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars?:??
1969-01-14Hello, Dolly 14.28coverThe Beatles1:50
1971-10-30Hello DollyliveDuke Ellington3:31
1971-11-09Medley: Things Ain't What They Used to Be / Hello Dollyinstrumental, live and medleyDuke Ellington4:46
1972-05-09 – 1972-05-10Hello DollycoverBuddy Tate et Wild Bill Davis4:52
1974-09Hello DollycoverLester Bowie4:59
1991-10-19 – 1991-10-24Hello DollyinstrumentalEmpire Brass3:39
1999-09-10 – 1999-09-11Hello DollyinstrumentalCharlie Byrd4:07
2000-09-09 – 2000-10-02Hello, DollyNicholas Payton8:31
2007-03Bye Bye, Dolly! (Hello Dolly!)coverThe Postcard Brass Band2:38
100% Non-Stop Fun Medleycover and medley[unknown]42:46
Hallo Dollycover and liveStjepan "Jimmy" Stanić6:22
Hell, DollyLouis Armstrong?:??
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong?:??
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong5:51
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:29
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:29
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:23
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong5:55
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:33
Hello DollyJudy Garland and Liza Minnelli2:28
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong5:59
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:32
Hello DollycoverElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong2:21
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong?:??
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollycoverZane Dombrovska2:14
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:32
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:48
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong?:??
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:27
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:33
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong?:??
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:32
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:25
Hello DollyLionel Hampton5:49
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:28
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:30
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong5:56
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong5:59
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:30
Hello DollycoverBig Band Waidhofen/Thaya2:13
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:28
Hello DollycoverElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong2:29
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollyinstrumentalWarren Covington Orchestra?:??
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:29
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:34
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:32
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:40
Hello DollyinstrumentalAndré Kostelanetz & His Orchestra1:48
Hello Dolly (1968)Cab Calloway with The “Bugs” Bower Orchestra2:36
Hello DollyinstrumentalLionel Hampton5:50
Hello DollyRay Conniff2:54
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong5:54
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:29
Hello DollycoverLisa Ono3:44
Hello DollyStanley Black conducting The London Festival Orchestra and Chorus2:55
Hello DollycoverJean‐Jacques Perrey2:02
Hello DollyinstrumentalCyril Stapleton & His Orchestra2:05
Hello Dollycover and instrumentalOrchestra Max Greger1:22
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars6:03
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:26
Hello DollycoverLouis Armstrong2:31
Hello DollycoverWayne Newton2:12
Hello DollycoverFausto Papetti?:??
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:23
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars2:26
Hello DollyliveLouis Armstrong2:30
Hello DollycoverNicole Croisille2:12
Hello DollyLouis Armstrong2:34
Hello DollycoverNancy Wilson2:25
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