Raw Power

~ Song


writer:Iggy Pop
James Williamson (Iggy and The Stooges guitarist)
publisher:Bug Music
SecondHandSongs:http://www.secondhandsongs.com/work/8018 [info]


1975-02-18Raw PowercoverRocket From the Tombs1:54
1992 – 1993Raw PowercoverGuns N’ Roses3:12
No Fun / Raw Powercover and liveThe Vibrators1:53
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop3:07
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:22
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop3:52
Raw PowerIggy and The Stooges4:16
Raw PowerliveDavid Bowie & Iggy Pop3:47
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop3:48
Raw PowerIggy and The Stooges4:22
Raw PowercoverYo La Tengo3:22
Raw PowerIggy & The Stooges4:16
Raw PowerIggy & The Stooges4:17
Raw PowerIggy & The Stooges4:18
Raw PowerIggy & The Stooges4:18
Raw PowerIggy & The Stooges4:15
Raw PowerIggy & The Stooges3:40
Raw PowerThe Stooges4:43
Raw PowerThe Stooges4:29
Raw PowerThe Stooges5:12
Raw PowerThe Stooges4:24
Raw PowerThe Stooges4:16
Raw PowerThe Stooges4:18
Raw PowerIggy Pop and The Stooges4:31
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop3:11
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop3:40
Raw PowerIggy Pop3:52
Raw PowerIggy Pop?:??
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:12
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop & The Stooges?:??
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:40
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:12
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:11
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:06
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:45
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:49
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:33
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop5:54
Raw PowerliveIggy Pop4:10
Raw PowerIggy and The Stooges4:21
Raw PowerliveIggy and The Stooges5:46
Raw PowerIggy and The Stooges4:17
Raw Power (alternate mix)Iggy & The Stooges4:40
Raw Power (live)cover and liveRatsia3:13
Raw Power (live)liveIggy Pop4:10
Raw Power (original mix)Iggy & The Stooges4:14
Raw Power (Take 1)The Stooges0:28
Raw Power (Take 2)The Stooges6:16
Raw Power (The Stooges cover)coverSIRCH3:26
Raw Power (WABX FM 1973)Iggy & The Stooges4:42