writer:Mick Jagger
Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist)
publisher:ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use “ABKCO”)
Westminster Music Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q991121 [info]
referred to in medleys:The Hot Rocks Polka (order: 2)
later parody versions:Ground Shook Here
Snow Flake
is the basis for:(Don't Call Me) Sugar


1969-12Brown Sugar (original single stereo version)The Rolling Stones3:50
1970-09-16Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:18
1970-09-23Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:30
1970-12-18Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:05
1971-03-13Brown Sugar (live, 1971-03-13: University of Leeds, Leeds, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones3:51
1971-03-13Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:17
1971Brown Sugar (live, 1971-03-13: The Rolling Stones UK Tour 1971, University of Leeds Refectory, Leeds, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones4:44
1971Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:15
1972-06-25Brown Sugar (live, 1972‐06‐25: Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones3:50
1972Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones3:33
1973-02-11Brown Sugar (live, 1973-02-11: Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand)liveThe Rolling Stones5:25
1973-02-27Brown Sugar (live, 1973-02-27: Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, Australia)liveThe Rolling Stones3:24
1973-08-18 – 1973-08-23Brown Sugar (live, 1973-08-??: European tour 1973 rehearsals, Mobile recording unit, Rotterdam, Netherlands)liveThe Rolling Stones3:38
1973-09-13Brown Sugar (live, 1973-09-13: Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones4:10
1973-10-14Brown Sugar (live, 1973-10-14: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)liveThe Rolling Stones3:14
1973-10-17Brown Sugar (live, 1973-10-17: Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium)liveThe Rolling Stones3:39
1973-10-17Brown Sugar (live, 1973-10-17: Forest National Arena, Brussels, Belgium)liveThe Rolling Stones3:56
1975-06-11Brown Sugar (live, 1975‐06‐11: Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones3:53
1975-06-27Brown Sugar (live, 1975-06-27: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones4:59
1975Brown Sugar (1975: LA Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones4:15
1976-06-06Brown Sugar (live, 1976-06-06: Paris, France)liveThe Rolling Stones3:14
1976-08-21Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones3:43
1977-03-05Brown Sugar (live, 1977-03-05: El Mocambo, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveThe Rolling Stones3:25
1978-07-19Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones3:44
1978-07-19Brown Sugar (1978‐07‐19 Houston)The Rolling Stones4:02
1981-12-18Brown Sugar (live, 1981-12-18: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones3:39
1982-06-04Brown Sugar (live, 1982-06-04: Stadion Feijenoord, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)liveThe Rolling Stones3:30
1982Brown Sugar (live, 1982: Roundhay Park, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones3:45
1989-06-22Brown Sugar (live, 1989-06-22: Messepalast, Wien, Austria)cover and liveDrahdiwaberl3:24
1989-09-04Brown Sugar (live, 1989-09-04: Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Canada)liveThe Rolling Stones4:22
1989-10-19Brown Sugar (live, 1989-10-19: The Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones4:49
1989-12-19Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:36
1990-02-26Brown Sugar (live, 1990-02-26: Tokyo Dome, Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Rolling Stones4:33
1990-02-27Brown Sugar (live, 1990-02-27: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Rolling Stones4:01
1990-05-27Brown Sugar (live, 1990-05-27: Waldstadion, Frankfurt, Germany)liveThe Rolling Stones4:23
1990-06-25Brown Sugar (live, 1990-06-25: Parc des Princes, Paris, France)liveThe Rolling Stones4:34
1990-08-13Brown Sugar (live, 1990-08-13: Weissensee, Berlin, West Germany)liveThe Rolling Stones4:44
1994-08-14Brown Sugar (Live at Giants Stadium, New Jersey, USA, 1994-08-14)liveThe Rolling Stones5:21
1994-11-25Brown Sugar (live, 1994-11-25: Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, FL, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones?:??
1994-11-25Brown Sugar (live, 1994-11-25: Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, FL, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones6:18
1994-11-25Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones?:??
1994-11-25Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones6:18
1995-07-19Brown Sugar (live, 1995-07-19: Brixton Academy, London, England, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones7:44
1995-08-25Brown Sugar (live, 1995-08-25: VW Parkplatz, Wolfsburg, Germany)liveThe Rolling Stones7:21
1996-05-19I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead / Brown Sugar / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (reprise) (live, 1996-05-19: Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan)cover, live and medleyBon Jovi10:48
1998-02-03Brown Sugar (live, 1998-02-03: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones5:29
1998-04-05Brown Sugar (live, 1998-04-05: River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina)liveThe Rolling Stones6:59
1998-07-25Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones8:02
1999-02-11Brown Sugar (live, 1999-02-11: Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, CA)liveThe Rolling Stones7:22
1999-06-20Brown Sugar (live, 1999-06-20: Mungersdorfer Stadium, Cologne, Germany)liveThe Rolling Stones8:48
2002-02-09Brown Sugar (live, 2002-02-09: The Annexet, Stockholm, Sweden)cover and liveRyan Adams6:03
2002-10-05Brown Sugarcover and liveBob Dylan?:??
2002-10-07Brown Sugarcover and liveBob Dylan4:16
2002-10-07Brown Sugarcover and liveBob Dylan3:46
2002-10-12Brown Sugar (2002-10-12: Greek Theatre, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan4:21
2002-11-16Brown Sugarcover and liveBob Dylan?:??
2003-06-22Brown Sugar (live, 2003-06-22: Hockenheim, Germany)liveThe Rolling Stones4:24
2003-08-24Brown Sugar (2003-08-24: Twickenham Rugby Ground, London, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones4:09
2003-08-24Brown Sugar (live, 2003‐08‐24: Twickenham Stadium, London, England, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones4:10
2003-09-20Brown Sugar (2003-09-20: Twickenham Rugby Ground, London, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones4:21
2005-08-10Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:48
2006-10-29 – 2006-11-01Shine a Light, Scene 19. Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones5:23
2011-09-15Brown Sugar (live, 2011-09-15: Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USA)cover and liveAlice Cooper?:??
2012-12-15Brown Sugar (live, 2012‐12‐15: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones5:24
2012-12-15Brown Sugar (live, 2012‐12‐15: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones?:??
2012-12-15Brown Sugar (live, 2012‐12‐15: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones?:??
2013-07-13Brown Sugar (live, 2013-07-13: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones4:55
2014-06-04Brown Sugar (Miss Seconds of intro)liveThe Rolling Stones5:30
2014-06-13Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones6:56
2015-09-24Brown Sugar (live, 2015-09-24: Rock in Rio Festival, Palco Mundo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)cover and liveHollywood Vampires?:??
2015-09-24Brown Sugar (live, 2015-09-24: Rock in Rio Festival, Palco Mundo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)cover and liveHollywood Vampires4:39
Brown SugarcoverRyan Adams2:12
Brown SugarcoverRyan Adams W/ Beth Orton5:43
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones3:36
Brown SugarcoverDi Vi Kappa 34:41
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones7:57
Brown Sugar (2009 mix)The Rolling Stones3:50
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Brown Sugarcover and liveGov’t Mule4:56
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones8:00
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones7:21
Brown Sugar (live, 2016-03-25: Havana, Cuba)liveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones6:32
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:16
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:33
Brown Sugarcover and liveGov't Mule5:03
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones3:37
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:50
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones3:48
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:44
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:11
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:42
Brown Sugarcover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits3:22
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones4:20
Brown SugarThe Rolling Stones feat. Eric Clapton4:05
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Brown SugarliveThe Rolling Stones6:01
Brown SugarThe Rolling Stones with Eric Clapton4:07
Brown SugarcoverStudio 99?:??
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