Amazing Grace (popular hymn first published 1779, catch-all)

~ Song


The tune currently commonly associated with Amazing Grace is an anonymous folk tune.
This tune has been identified variously as, Harmony Grove (which for years had James Carrell and David Clayton misattributed as its composers) and also, New Britain to which William Walker set Newton's words.
"New Britain", (itself an amalgamation of two melodies "Gallaher" and "St. Mary") was published with the John Newton's lyrics by Charles H. Spilman and Benjamin Shaw in 1829.

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publisher:Alfred Music (publisher of sheet music for music education)
lyricist:John Newton (English poet)
additional composer:Edwin Othello Excell
composer:[anonymous] (Special Purpose Artist)
publisher:Carlin Music Corporation
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Patterdale Music Ltd.
Rokstone Music Ltd.
Universal Classics & Jazz (Japanese company - read the annotation before using!)
Universal Music Publishing Group Japan (work publisher - do NOT use as a release label)
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Wikidata:Q210211 [info]
referred to in medleys:But for Your Grace (with Amazing Grace)
Waarheen, waarvoor (Mieke Telkamp song)
later translated versions:Amazing Grace (in Navajo)
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So a Segen
later versions:Amazing Grace (Heinz Gietz's arrangement of the hymn, ~1979)
Amazing Grace (incl. 4th verse by Beecher-Stowe)
is the basis for:Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Amazing Grace (Jonathan Richman’s version)
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
C'est Noël, joie sur la Terre!
Grace Flows Down
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Prière (Amazing Grace)
Your Amazing Grace
arrangements:Amazing Grace (Keith McCutchen's ~2005 arrangement of the hymn)
Amazing Grace (John Rutter's arrangement of the popular hymn)
Amazing Grace (Mark O’Connor arrangement)
Amazing Grace (Yes arrangement)
Amazing Grace (arrangement by Himes of the hymn, for brass band)
Amazing Grace (for wind ensemble, Maldonado)
Amazing Grace (arr. Daniel Lanois)
Amazing Grace (Mullaney and Abbott's arrangement of the hym, ~1972)
Amazing Grace (Ernie Rettino/Debby Kerner Rettino arrangement)
Amazing Grace (Justin Bolger, O.P. arrangement)
Amazing Grace (for piano, Walden)
Amazing Grace (Destiny's Child version)
アメイジング・グレイス (Flute Ensemble Triptyque arrangement)
アメイジング・グレイス (Michiaki Kato Arrangement)


1947Amazing GraceMahalia Jackson3:35
1951-02-21Amazing Grace (1951-02-21)Sister Rosetta Tharpe with The Rosette Gospel Singers3:26
1963-04-08Amazing GraceReno and Smiley2:58
1971-03-15Amazing GracecoverElvis Presley3:35
1971-03-15Amazing Grace (alternate take 2)Elvis Presley3:26
1971-05-13Amazing GraceliveThe Byrds2:31
1972-01-13Amazing Grace (live, 1972-01-13: New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveAretha Franklin16:11
1972-01-13Amazing Grace (live at New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, January 13, 1972) (single edit)cover and liveAretha Franklin12:41
1972-01-13Amazing Grace (live at New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, January 13, 1972) (single edit)cover and liveAretha Franklin12:41
1972-01-13 – 1972-01-14Amazing Grace (live, 1972-01: New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveAretha Franklin10:49
1972-11-16Amazing GraceHubert Laws7:20
1973-03-17Amazing Grace Tuneup / Introductionlive and partialNew Riders of the Purple Sage1:25
1973-09-26You Don’t Love Me / Amazing Grace (live, 1973: Winterland)cover, live and medleyThe Allman Brothers Band10:49
1973-10Borstal Boy / Amazing Gracelive and medleyRod Stewart / Faces9:57
1974-06-17Amazing GraceJohnny Cash2:28
1975-07 – 1975-08Amazing Grace (live, 1975)liveJoan Baez4:26
1977-04-25Amazing GraceinstrumentalArchie Shepp & Horace Parlan4:23
1978-05Amazing GraceinstrumentalLeroy Mack2:35
1979-10-06Medley: Some Have Fathers Over Yonder / In the Sweet By and By / Down at the Cross / Nearer My God to Thee / Amazing Grace / Mother's Not DeadmedleyRev. Howard Finster4:44
1980-09-20 – 1980-09-21Amazing GraceRose Maddox with The Vern Williams Band5:00
1981-05Amazing GraceThe Ambrosian Singers, Jessye Norman, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Alexander Gibson3:22
1982-05-03Amazing GraceJames Horner1:28
1985-01-25Amazing Grace (live, 1985-01-25: Ice Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden)liveU21:36
1985-07-13Amazing Grace (live, 1985-07-13: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)coverJoan Baez1:16
1986-01-07Amazing GraceinstrumentalChet Baker3:42
1986-01-29Gospel Favourites (Medley): Amazing Grace / I'll Fly Away / Will the Circle Be Unbroken / I Saw the Light (live, 1986-01-29: Church Street Station, Orlando, Florida)live and medleyTammy Wynette4:33
1991-04-09Amazing Gracecover and liveYes1:23
1991-11-03Amazing Gracecover and liveGrateful Dead5:06
1991Whitefish / Amazing Gracecover, live and medleyYes9:58
1992-01-18Amazing GraceCyrus Chestnut Trio6:21
1992-03Amazing GraceFats Domino3:28
1992-12-23Amazing GraceliveDiana Ross, Wiener Symphoniker, Vjekoslav Šutej5:46
1993-02-04 – 1993-02-05Amazing GraceJerry Garcia, David Grisman & Tony Rice5:18
1993-02-04 – 1993-02-05Amazing Grace (run through)Jerry Garcia, David Grisman & Tony Rice5:11
1993-02-19Amazing Gracecover and livePhish3:21
1993-05-03Amazing Gracecover and livePhish1:54
1993-05-08Amazing Grace (live, 1993-05-08: UNH Fieldhouse, Durham, NH, USA)cover and livePhish1:43
1993-05-08Amazing Grace Jam (live, 1993-05-08: UNH Fieldhouse, Durham, NH, USA)cover and livePhish5:19
1993-08-13Amazing Grace (live; 1993-08-13: Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, USA)cover and livePhish3:14
1993-08-16Amazing Gracecover and livePhish2:29
1993-09Amazing GraceinstrumentalCarl Allen4:23
1993Amazing GracecoverMaureen McGovern5:48
1994-05-07Amazing Gracecover and livePhish2:03
1994-07Amazing GraceinstrumentalJ.J. Johnson4:52
1994-10-31Amazing Gracecover and livePhish2:14
1994-11-30Amazing Grace (live; 1994-11-30: Campus Recreation Center, Olympia, WA, USA)cover and livePhish2:04
1995-06-14Amazing Gracecover and livePhish?:??
1995-06-20Amazing Gracecover and livePhish2:19
1995-09 – 1996-11Amazing Grace (live, 1995/1996: Buffalo, NY, USA)liveAni DiFranco6:18
1995-11-30Amazing Gracecover and livePhish3:24
1995-12-07Amazing Grace (bootleg live, 1995-12-07: Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY, USA)cover and livePhish1:31
1995-12-07Amazing Grace (live, 1995-12-07: Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY, USA)cover and livePhish2:56
1996-02Amazing GraceinstrumentalMarcus Printup2:38
1996-08-16Amazing Gracecover and livePhish?:??
1996-11-30Amazing Grace (1996-11-30)cover and livePhish6:07
1996-11-30Amazing Grace > Amazing Grace Instrumentalcover and livePhish6:07
1996-12Amazing GraceGene Harris4:13
1997Amazing GracecoverCeltic Aire?:??
1999-12-23Amazing GraceliveThe Three Tenors3:37
2000-03-03Amazing Gracecover, instrumental and liveDream Theater4:34
2000-06Amazing GraceChœur O Musica2:38
2002-02Amazing Gracecover and instrumentalCharles Lloyd4:47
2003-11-22Every New Day / Amazing Grace / Silent Night (live 2003-11-22, The Final Show)cover and liveFive Iron Frenzy13:31
2004Amazing GracePaulini feat. Darlene Zschech3:24
2007-03Amazing GracecoverThe Postcard Brass Band2:56
2009-10-01Amazing Grace (snippet) (live, 2009-10-01: Scott Stadium, Charlottesville, VA, USA)cover, live and partialU20:57
2009-10-12One / Amazing Grace (snippet) (live, 2009-10-12: New Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX, USA)cover, live, medley and partialU2?:??
2009-10-14One / Amazing Grace (live, 2009-10-14: Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX, USA)cover, live and medleyU2?:??
2009-10-23Amazing Grace (live, 2009-10-23: Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveU2?:??
2009-10-25Amazing Grace (live, 2009-10-25: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, USA)liveU2?:??
2010Amazing GraceMusicar4:57
2011-05-11 – 2011-05-13アメイジング・グレイスinstrumental山洞智, 千住真理子3:27
2011-07-02Amazing Grace (live, 2011-07-02: Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, TN, USA)liveU21:01
2011-09-15Amazing GraceliveAndrea Bocelli4:23
2013-03-06Amazing Gracecover and liveThe Allman Brothers Band, The Blind Boys of Alabama, & Peter Levin6:33
2013-04-11Amazing Grace (Live in church ver.)cover and liveAimer2:14
2013-12-31Amazing Grace (live, 2013-12-31: Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Takanawa, Minato, Tokyo, Japan)live松田聖子?:??
2016-07-05Amazing GraceliveNed Rothenberg & Hamid Drake6:18
2016-07 – 2016-08Amazing Gracecover and instrumentalRick Wakeman3:56
2016-09-16Amazing GraceliveMusica Nuda3:33
2017-06New Britain ('Amazing Grace')Skylark1:51
2017-08-04Amazing Grace (live, 2017-08-04)liveCeltica - Pipes Rock!5:16
Amazin’ GraceThe Shepherds Bush Comets?:??
Amazin’ GraceinstrumentalSaor Patrol4:56
Amazing graceSarah Kelly4:55
Amazing graceNana Mouskouri4:27
Amazing graceNana Mouskouri4:27
Amazing Gracecover and instrumental[unknown]2:27
Amazing GraceElvis Presley3:34
Amazing GracecoverBrian Fallon4:56
Amazing GracecoverMichigan State University Children’s Choir2:55
Amazing GracecoverAnn Phillips2:59
Amazing GraceJudy Collins4:07
Amazing GraceliveDropkick Murphys2:28
Amazing GraceLadysmith Black Mambazo with Paul Simon3:06
Amazing GraceDropkick Murphys2:39
Amazing GraceliveDropkick Murphys2:24
Amazing GraceSiân Pottok2:32
Amazing GraceMorriston Orpheus Choir3:41
Amazing GraceinstrumentalAlexander Zoltan2:39
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