lyricist and composer:Lou Reed
publisher:Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd.
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1972-01-29Rock 'n' Roll (live, 1972-01-29: Le Bataclan, Paris, France)liveLou Reed, John Cale & Nico0:55
1972-12-26Rock ’n’ Roll (live, 1972-12-26: Hempstead Theatre, Hempstead, NY, USA)liveLou Reed5:14
1972-12-26Rock and Roll (live, 1972-12-26: Ultra-Sonic Recording Studios, Hempstead, NY, USA)liveLou Reed and The Tots5:31
1973-12-21Rock 'n' Roll (live, 1973-12-21: Howard Stein's Academy of Music, New York, NY, USA)liveLou Reed9:55
1973-12-21Rock 'n' Roll (live, 1973-12-21: Howard Stein's Academy of Music, New York, NY, USA)Lou Reed9:55
1973-12-21Rock ’n’ Roll (live, 1973-12-21: Howard Stein's Academy of Music, New York, NY, USA)liveLou Reed10:09
1974-05-22Rock n’ Roll (live, 1974-05-22: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium)liveLou Reed?:??
1998-10-31Rock & Rollcover and livePhish13:46
2000-07-08Rock and Rollcover and livePhish7:08
2003-01-04Rock and Rollcover and livePhish12:00
2003-02-20Rock and Rollcover and livePhish10:17
2003-03-01Rock and Rollcover and livePhish12:03
2003-07-19Rock and Rollcover and livePhish6:09
2003-08-02Rock and Rollcover and livePhish18:05
2003-12-02Rock and Rollcover and livePhish18:31
2003-12-29Rock and Rollcover and livePhish10:09
2004-04-16Rock and Rollcover and livePhish12:01
2004-06-24Rock and Rollcover and livePhish9:26
2004-08-12Rock and Rollcover and livePhish7:56
2009-03-07Rock and Rollcover and livePhish12:42
2009-06-04Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:22
2009-06-14Rock & Rollcover and livePhish5:02
2009-08-01Rock & Rollcover and livePhish4:54
2009-08-08Rock & Rollcover and livePhish23:12
2009-08-16Rock & Rollcover and livePhish4:17
2009-11-21Rock & Rollcover and livePhish4:59
2009-11-29Rock & Rollcover and livePhish4:23
2009-12-04Rock & Rollcover and livePhish5:45
2009-12-31Rock & Rollcover and livePhish4:59
2010-06-12Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:12
2010-06-19Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:31
2010-06-26Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:50
2010-07-03Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:10
2010-08-06Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:54
2010-08-17Rock & Rollcover and livePhish11:40
2010-10-08Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:02
2010-10-22Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:19
2010-12-31Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:15
2011-05-31Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:41
2011-06-07Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:49
2011-06-11Rock & Rollcover and livePhish5:06
2011-06-17Rock & Rollcover and livePhish5:56
2011-08-05Rock & Rollcover and livePhish19:54
2011-08-12Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:59
2011-09-04Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:18
2011-09-14Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:35
2011-12-28Rock & Rollcover and livePhish12:17
2012-06-10Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:54
2012-06-20Rock & Rollcover and livePhish11:22
2012-06-30Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:43
2012-07-04Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:29
2012-08-15Rock & Rollcover and livePhish25:27
2012-08-24Rock & Rollcover and livePhish16:28
2012-08-29Rock and Rollcover and livePhish8:42
2012-12-29Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:52
2013-07-03Rock & Rollcover and livePhish9:45
2013-07-12Rock & Rollcover and livePhish19:43
2013-07-16Rock & Rollcover and livePhish11:53
2013-08-03Rock & Rollcover and livePhish16:38
2013-10-23Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:06
2013-10-27Rock & Rollcover and livePhish11:38
2014-07-12Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:06
2014-10-25Rock & Rollcover and livePhish5:41
2015-01-01Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:18
2015-08-01Rock & Roll (live, 2015-08-01: Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA, USA)cover and livePhish7:59
2015-08-11Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:41
2015-08-21Rock & Rollcover and livePhish10:13
2015-09-05Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:52
2016-01-15Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:51
2016-06-26Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:21
2016-07-03Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:59
2016-07-22Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:42
2016-09-03Rock & Rollcover and livePhish8:46
2016-10-24Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:05
2016-12-30Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:50
2017-07-28Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:51
2017-07-28Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:56
2018-07-20Rock and Rollcover and livePhish9:09
2018-10-27Rock & Rollcover and livePhish7:05
2018-12-31Rock and Rollcover and livePhish7:04
2019-12-30Rock and Rollcover and livePhish7:19
Rock 'n' RollThe Velvet Underground5:08
Rock 'n' RollcoverMitch Ryder feat. Engerling5:36
Rock 'n' RollLou Reed6:32
Rock 'n' Roll (live, 1973-01-27: Alice Tully Hall, New York City, NY, USA)Lou Reed5:39
Rock 'n' RollliveThe Velvet Underground6:08
Rock 'n' RollcoverRodolphe Burger4:59
Rock ’n’ Roll (live, 1987-01-26: Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveJane’s Addiction4:04
Rock ’n’ RollliveLou Reed5:14
Rock ’n’ RollliveThe Velvet Underground6:13
Rock ’n’ RollThe Velvet Underground4:42
Rock ’n’ RollThe Velvet Underground4:41
Rock ’n’ RollcoverDetroit4:16
Rock ’n’ RollliveThe Velvet Underground5:06
Rock ’n’ Roll (live)liveLou Reed5:25
Rock & RollThe Velvet Underground4:43
Rock & RollcoverHollis Brown5:05
Rock & Roll (alternate mix)The Velvet Underground4:44
Rock & Roll (demo)The Velvet Underground4:45
Rock & Roll (live)liveThe Velvet Underground6:05
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