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1965-10-16Day Tripper (1966 stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:50
1966-06-30Day Tripper (Tokyo, 30th June 1966)liveThe Beatles?:??
1966-06Day Trippercover and instrumentalRamsey Lewis3:11
1966-07-01Day Tripper (live, 1966-07-01: Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Beatles3:16
1966-07-02Day Tripper (live, 1966-07-02: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Beatles3:11
1966Day Tripper (live at Tokio 1966)liveThe Beatles3:08
1967-03-21Day Tripper (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)cover and liveOtis Redding3:06
1967-06-04Day Trippercover and liveOtis Redding3:30
1967-09-01Day TrippercoverLulu2:57
1967-12-15Day Tripper (live, 1967-12-15: BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, UK)cover and liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:17
1967-12-15Day Trippercover and liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:25
1968-01-23DAY TRIPPERcover and instrumental八城一夫トリオ?:??
1968-03-18Day Trippercover and liveCharles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band0:36
1974-05-12Daytripper (live, 1974-05-12: Long Beach Auditorium, Long Beach, CA, USA)cover and liveElectric Light Orchestra6:40
1975-11-23Duet with Cher: Can you hear me? / Young Americans Medley (live, 1975-11-23: “Cher”)cover, live and medleyDavid Bowie?:??
1978Day TrippercoverWhitesnake3:47
1979-10-24Day Trippercover and liveYellow Magic Orchestra2:44
1979-11-06Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:49
1979-11-06Day Trippercover and liveYellow Magic Orchestra2:47
1979Day Tripper (live, US Tour, 1979)cover and liveCheap Trick3:41
1985-06-25Day Trippercover and liveGrateful Dead3:32
1989-05Day TripperThe Swingle Singers2:22
1993-10-19 – 1993-10-21Day Trippercover, instrumental and liveTommy Körberg & Tolvan Big Band5:04
1996-05-09Day Tripper (live)cover and liveOcean Colour Scene4:22
1999-08-22Day Tripper (live, 1999-08-22: 13th Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany)cover and liveType O Negative4:18
1999Day Tripper (live, 1999: Bizarre Festival, Germany)cover and liveType O Negative2:20
2002Day TrippercoverThe Swingle Singers2:32
2003-03-12La Bamba / Day Tripper / Sunshine of Your Love (live, 2003-03-12: Nippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan)cover, live and medleyKISS3:26
2009-07Day Tripper (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney3:10
2009-07Day Tripper (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2014-12-07Day Trippercover and instrumentalOrquestra Ouro Preto2:41
»Finale« Consisting of Main Themes From »Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band« / »Day Tripper« / »Good Day Sunshine« / »Norwegian Wood« (medley)cover and medleyR.A.M. Pietsch7:06
Beatles Medleycover, instrumental and partialFlorida State University Marching Chiefs3:46
Beatles Medley > Classical Gascover, instrumental, live, medley and partialTommy Emmanuel7:51
Day tripperThe Beatles3:00
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:46
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:42
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:43
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:40
Day Trippercover and instrumentalScenario?:??
Day TrippercoverArts2:56
Day TrippercoverTahta Menezes4:15
Day TripperMusica nuda feat. Jean-Jacques Milteau & Manu Galvin4:38
Day TripperinstrumentalPiero Gallo3:54
Day TripperThe Beatles?:??
Day TrippercoverJimi Hendrix3:25
Day TrippercoverBombskare2:59
Day TrippercoverElaine Caswell4:16
Day TrippercoverMonaLisa Twins3:08
Day Trippercover and instrumentalThe Hollyridge Strings2:50
Day Trippercover and instrumentalRamsey Lewis?:??
Day TrippercoverAsfalto?:??
Day TrippercoverCharly García?:??
Day TrippercoverGiacomo Bondi4:14
Day Trippercover and instrumentalImperial Grand Orchestra3:14
Day TrippercoverDork2:42
Day TrippercoverHanging Dong4:20
Day TrippercoverLet hit be2:46
Day TrippercoverThe Hit Nation2:52
Day TrippercoverApple Pies4:17
Day Trippercover and instrumentalChantal2:46
Day TrippercoverTahta Menezes4:16
Day TrippercoverSebastian Sturm3:46
Day TripperWhitesnake3:50
Day TrippercoverBad Brains5:17
Day TripperThe Beatles2:50
Day TripperThe Beatles2:54
Day TripperThe Beatles0:38
Day Trippercover and liveCheap Trick?:??
Day TrippercoverCheap Trick3:42
Day Trippercover and liveCheap Trick feat. Art Alexakis4:29
Day TrippercoverCheap Trick3:33
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra?:??
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra?:??
Day Trippercover and liveYellow Magic Orchestra?:??
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:55
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:55
Day Trippercover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet2:51
Day TrippercoverAnne Murray2:55
Day Trippercover and liveThe Steve Gibbons Band3:22
Day TrippercoverJames Taylor4:25
Day TrippercoverShockabilly3:42
Day TrippercoverMongo Santamaría5:26
Day Trippercover and liveBad Brains4:43
Day TrippercoverFlamin’ Groovies3:22
Day TrippercoverHotel X3:34
Day TrippercoverTrio Rococo4:47
Day TrippercoverNHØP & Trio Rococo4:07
Day TrippercoverGene Wooten2:39
Day TrippercoverGöran Söllscher1:52
Day TrippercoverBooker T. & The MG’s2:50
Day TrippercoverJon Simon4:13
Day TrippercoverOcean Colour Scene4:24
Day TrippercoverJoe Goldmark3:08
Day TrippercoverDomain4:29
Day TrippercoverEmmanuel Santarromana3:14
Day TrippercoverJack Blades, Tommy Shaw, Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza & Virgil Donati3:45
Day TrippercoverShack4:17
Day TrippercoverJazzystics & Deborah Dixon3:12
Day TrippercoverLee Moses2:02
Day TrippercoverDomingo Quiñones4:18
Day TrippercoverMae West2:39
Day TrippercoverYellow Magic Orchestra2:41
Day TrippercoverDaniel Ash3:13
Day TrippercoverTok Tok Tok3:48
Day TrippercoverPeter Lipa4:40
Day TrippercoverThe Wall2:59
Day TrippercoverCapitol Gain3:29
Day Trippercover and liveThe Inmates3:23
Day TrippercoverSoulive3:06
Day Trippercover and liveSham 693:33
Day Tripper (live, US Tour, 1979)coverCheap Trick3:41
Day TrippercoverThe Wall?:??
Day TripperThe Beatles2:49
Day TrippercoverSandy Nelson2:44
Day TrippercoverOtis Redding2:35
Day TrippercoverRene y Rene3:16
Day TrippercoverJosé Feliciano4:40
Day TrippercoverRandy California3:00
Day TrippercoverHerbie Mann feat. Tamiko Jones2:34
Day Trippercover and instrumentalEl Club de Tobi3:48
Day TrippercoverNato feat. Natty Adams2:34
Day TrippercoverGöran Söllscher1:51
Day Trippercover and liveOtis Redding3:33
Day Trippercover and liveOtis Redding3:34
Day Trippercover and liveOtis Redding3:29
Day TrippercoverOtis Redding2:43
Day Tripper (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)coverOtis Redding3:12
Day TrippercoverOtis Redding3:31
Day TrippercoverOtis Redding3:04
Day TrippercoverOtis Redding3:06
Day TrippercoverOtis Redding2:48
Day TrippercoverSumo2:58
Day Tripper (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:51
Day Tripper (Hey, Jude bootleg version)The Beatles?:??
Day TrippercoverTok Tok Tok?:??
Day TrippercoverType O Negative4:19
Day TrippercoverNancy Sinatra3:04
Day TrippercoverMammytone3:34
Day TrippercoverStarlights3:11
Day TrippercoverOmega2:48
Day TrippercoverStudio 992:37
Day Trippercover and liveBilly Preston2:08
Day TrippercoverDomain4:31
Day Trippercover and instrumentalHenrique Cazes2:45
Day Trippercover and instrumental[unknown]4:00
Day Tripper (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:50
Day Trippercover and instrumentalThe Ramsey Lewis Trio2:55
Day Trippercover and liveBilly Preston2:08
Day Tripper (2015 remix)The Beatles2:49
Day TripperThe Beatles?:??
Day TrippercoverSonny Knight & The Lakers2:30
Day Trippercover and liveThe Inmates3:01
Day TripperThe Beatles2:11
Day TripperThe Beatles3:02
Day TripperThe Beatles2:53
Day TripperThe Beatles?:??
Day TripperThe Beatles2:48
Day TripperThe Beatles3:03
Day TripperThe Beatles2:46
Day TripperThe Beatles3:08
Day TripperThe Beatles3:02
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:10
Day TripperliveThe Beatles?:??
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:06
Day TripperThe Beatles2:51
Day TripperThe Beatles2:50
Day TripperThe Beatles2:50
Day TripperThe Beatles3:05
Day TripperThe Beatles2:52
Day TripperThe Beatles3:11
Day TripperThe Beatles0:30
Day TripperThe Beatles2:49
Day TripperThe Beatles2:49
Day TripperThe Beatles6:33
Day TripperThe Beatles2:48
Day TripperThe Beatles2:51
Day TripperThe Beatles2:49
Day TripperThe Beatles?:??
Day TripperThe Beatles3:36
Day TripperThe Beatles2:55
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:27
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:04
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:23
Day TripperThe Beatles1:56
Day TripperThe Beatles3:39
Day TripperThe Beatles3:02
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:10
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:06
Day TripperliveThe Beatles3:14
Day TripperThe Beatles2:50
Day TripperliveOasis3:21
Day Tripper (1987 remix)The Beatles2:50
Day TrippercoverMay West2:41
Day Trippercover and instrumentalSound Choice Karaoke3:10
Day Tripper (5.1 mix)coverJames Taylor4:26
Day Tripper (7″ mono mix)The Beatles2:51
Day Tripper (1966-06-30)The Beatles3:33
Day Tripper (8347605219 Gettin' Loopy remix)The Beatles4:14
Day Tripper (alternate take)coverOtis Redding3:14
Day Tripper (alternate version 1)The Beatles2:49
Day Tripper (alternate version 2)The Beatles2:49
Day Tripper (Anthology DVD remix)The Beatles2:55
Day Tripper (backing track 1)The Beatles1:57
Day Tripper (backing track)cover and instrumentalMartin Shellard2:53
Day Tripper (Beatles cover) (live, 2001-10-16: United Center, Chicago, IL, USA)cover and liveGarbage?:??
Day Tripper (full version)cover and instrumentalMartin Shellard2:53
Day Tripper (I)The Beatles0:25
Day Tripper (II)The Beatles3:04
Day Tripper (KGO mix)coverTahta2:31
Day Tripper (live, EP version)cover and liveCheap Trick3:39
Day Tripper (live: 1979-11-06: The Bottom Line, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveYellow Magic Orchestra2:45
Day Tripper (live)cover and liveCheap Trick3:40
Day Tripper (live)cover and liveOtis Redding3:09
Day Tripper (live)cover and liveCheap Trick3:38
Day Tripper (medley)cover and medleyType O Negative7:02
Day Tripper (Oasis Sing the Beatles)cover and liveOasis3:25
Day Tripper (RM1)The Beatles2:52
Day Tripper (RM3 Take 3)The Beatles2:54
Day Tripper (RS1)The Beatles2:50
Day Tripper (RS2 Take 3)The Beatles2:49
Day Tripper (stereo)The Beatles2:47
Day Tripper (stereo)The Beatles2:52
Day Tripper (Take 1 - Breakdown)The Beatles?:??
Day Tripper (take 1, 2 and 3)The Beatles6:25
Day Tripper (take 1, RS '82)The Beatles2:10
Day Tripper (take 1: 1965-10-16)The Beatles0:31
Day Tripper (take 1)The Beatles2:08
Day Tripper (take 1)The Beatles2:07
Day Tripper (take 1)The Beatles2:10
Day Tripper (take 1)The Beatles2:11
Day Tripper (Take 2 - False Start)The Beatles?:??
Day Tripper (take 2, RS '82)The Beatles1:08
Day Tripper (take 2: 1965-10-16)The Beatles3:10
Day Tripper (take 2)The Beatles0:21
Day Tripper (Take 3 - Complete)The Beatles?:??
Day Tripper (take 3, RM2)The Beatles2:57
Day Tripper (take 3, RS '82)The Beatles3:16
Day Tripper (take 3, RS1)The Beatles2:56
Day Tripper (take 3)The Beatles3:50
Day Tripper (Take 3)The Beatles3:11
Day Tripper (Take 3)The Beatles?:??
Day Tripper (takes 2, 3)The Beatles4:18
Day Tripper (takes 2/3)The Beatles4:16
Day Tripper / Lady Madonnacover, instrumental and medleyTommy Emmanuel3:31
Day Tripper / She's a Rainbowcover, live, medley and partialBad Brains4:52
Day Tripper / We Can Work It Outcover and medleyFever Tree3:33
Day Tripper: Riff 1cover, instrumental and partialMartin Shellard0:18
Day Tripper: Riff 2cover, instrumental and partialMartin Shellard0:25
Day Tripper: Riff 3cover, instrumental and partialMartin Shellard0:25
Day Tripper: Riff 4cover, instrumental and partialMartin Shellard0:18
Day Tripper: Riff 5cover, instrumental and partialMartin Shellard0:22
DaytrippercoverRicky Martin2:59
Daytripper (mono)coverSérgio Mendes & Brasil ’663:06
DaytrippercoverOtis Redding2:44
DaytrippercoverCheap Trick4:18
DaytrippercoverThe Punkles2:07
Daytripper (stereo)coverSérgio Mendes & Brasil ’663:07
DaytrippercoverOtis Redding3:15
DaytrippercoverPaul Vincent4:27
Daytripper (Unedited Live version)coverCheap Trick4:17
Good Day Sunshine / Day Trippercover and medleyJohn Bayless3:29
Got a Good Reason (intro) (live, 2008: Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY, USA)partialVic Ruggiero1:26
Help Me: Help! / Ticket to Ride / Day Tripper / Paperback Writer / Got to Get You Into My Lifecover and medleyDr. Fink and the Mystery Band7:34
Medleycover, live and medleyTelevision Personalities14:51
Reppirt Yadcover and instrumentalThe Budos Band2:57
The Last Time / Day Trippercover and medleyRudy Rotta4:50
Watermelon man / Day TrippercoverOut of the Blue4:02