writer:Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer)
Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist)
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player)
Michael Stipe
publisher:Night Garden Music
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referred to in medleys:Polka Your Eyes Out (order: 6)
later parody versions:Proving My Religion
later translated parody versions:Sufro a saco
later translated versions:REMCover


1991-03-12Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.?:??
1991-03-13Losing My Religion (live from Into the Night on BBC Radio 1 / 1991)liveR.E.M.4:45
1991-04-10Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.4:54
1991Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.6:10
1991Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.?:??
1992-11-19Losing My Religion (live, 1992-11-19: 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, USA)liveR.E.M.4:32
1992-11-19Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.?:??
1992-11-19Losing My Religion (live Athens 1992 applause faded)liveR.E.M.4:43
1995-07-30Losing My Religion (live from the National Bowl, Milton Keynes / 1995)R.E.M.4:54
1996Losing My Religion (live, 1996-02-04: New York City, USA)cover and liveTori Amos3:00
1998-10-25Losing My Religion (live from John Peel public session on BBC Radio 1 / 1998)R.E.M.4:44
1998-11-02Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.?:??
2001-01-13Losing My Religion (live, 2001-01-13: R.E.M. in Rio 2001: Rio Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)liveR.E.M.4:38
2001-01Losing My Religion (live, 2001-01: Rock in Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)liveR.E.M.4:30
2001-05-12Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.4:55
2001-05-21Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.4:43
2003-09-13Losing My Religion (live, 2003-09-13: KBCO Studio C, Boulder, CO, USA)liveR.E.M.4:24
2003-09-30Losing My Religion (live, 2003‐09‐30: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveR.E.M.?:??
2003-10-25Losing My Religion (live, 2003‐10‐25: Arrangementsfabrikken, Lodalen, Oslo, Norway)liveR.E.M.6:18
2004-09-15Losing My Religion (live from St. James’s Church, London / 2004)R.E.M.4:48
2005-07-16Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.4:32
2008-06-03Losing My Religion (live, 2008‐06‐03: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA)liveR.E.M.?:??
2009-03-06Losing My Religion (live, 2009-03-06: Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL, USA)cover and liveJoshua James4:40
2012-12-12Losing My Religion (live, 2012-12-12: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA)liveChris Martin feat. Michael Stipe3:58
Kathryn's Turn Medleycover, medley and partialLauren Zakrin, Constantine Rousouli5:26
Loosing My ReligioncoverAbigail4:36
Loosing My ReligionliveR.E.M.4:51
Losin' My ReligioncoverDave Stewart3:49
Losing by Religion (remix)R.E.M.?:??
Losing My Religioncover and instrumentalLaser Starsound Orchestra4:30
Losing My ReligioncoverJacqui Naylor5:07
Losing My ReligioncoverBoyce Avenue4:21
Losing My ReligioncoverSuzie McNeil4:06
Losing My ReligioncoverMolly Parden & Hollow Hum4:10
Losing My Religioncover[ cell 7 ]5:48
Losing My ReligioncoverTori Amos1:55
Losing My ReligioncoverThe Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica3:31
Losing My Religioncover and liveAnouk3:51
Losing My ReligioncoverSystem Syn4:24
Losing My ReligioncoverLeo Moracchioli4:44
Losing My ReligioncoverRollin’ in the Hay4:00
Losing My ReligioncoverPassenger4:44
Losing My ReligioncoverDanni Carlos4:15
Losing My ReligioncoverTori Amos6:53
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.4:45
Losing My ReligioncoverStudio 994:32
Losing My ReligioncoverTalisha Karrer4:27
Losing My ReligioncoverDanni Carlos4:21
Losing My ReligioncoverTesco Vee's Hate Police3:05
Losing My ReligioncoverPurple Fog Side?:??
Losing My ReligioncoverKevin James O'Brien4:09
Losing My ReligioncoverAbigail7:05
Losing My ReligioncoverMatt Tyler4:21
Losing My ReligioncoverJacqui Naylor5:11
Losing My ReligioncoverApplewood Road4:03
Losing My ReligioncoverDan Mangan4:06
Losing My Religion (live)liveR.E.M.4:27
Losing My Religioncover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series3:28
Losing My Religion (live in USA 2008)liveR.E.M.4:27
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.4:45
Losing My Religion (live in Italy 2008)liveR.E.M.4:33
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.5:00
Losing My ReligioncoverUnified Highway3:37
Losing My Religion (Road Movie version)liveR.E.M.4:48
Losing My ReligioncoverDia Frampton?:??
Losing My ReligioncoverLacuna Coil3:42
Losing My ReligioncoverLââm5:22
Losing My Religioncover and instrumentalPiano Dreamers4:05
Losing My Religioncover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:28
Losing My ReligioncoverMakroSoft5:05
Losing My ReligioncoverAbigail5:27
Losing My ReligioncoverIn Blackest Velvet4:35
Losing My ReligioncoverGraveworm4:24
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.?:??
Losing My ReligioncoverThe Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica2:33
Losing My ReligioncoverTori Amos5:03
Losing My ReligioncoverPol Rossignani4:10
Losing My ReligioncoverScary Kids Scaring Kids3:57
Losing My ReligioncoverRozalla4:31
Losing My ReligioncoverPreluders4:23
Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.4:46
Losing My ReligioncoverBrian Southall & Craig Cirinelli5:26
Losing My ReligioncoverEstelares4:19
Losing My ReligioncoverGregorian5:02
Losing My ReligioncoverGregorian5:47
Losing My ReligioncoverSecond Version4:29
Losing My ReligioncoverDan Mangan4:06
Losing My ReligioncoverAlan Pinches4:25
Losing My ReligioncoverSwandive4:58
Losing My ReligioncoverThe Bullocks2:21
Losing My ReligioncoverGregorian5:52
Losing My Religion (live, 1989-04-30: Orlando Arena, Orlando, FL, USA)liveR.E.M.4:30
Losing My ReligioncoverDolapdere Big Gang4:03
Losing My ReligioncoverMovements4:29
Losing My Religioncover and instrumentalAlessandro Deledda5:29
Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.4:35
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.5:22
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.4:25
Losing My ReligionliveR.E.M.?:??
Losing My ReligioncoverStarburkes & The Tea Leaf4:15
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