Gypsy Davy (arr. Woody Guthrie)

~ Song


writer:[traditional] (special purpose artist)
arranger:Woody Guthrie (American singer-songwriter)
later versions:Blackjack Davey (arr. Bob Dylan et al.)
version of:The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (aka The Raggle Taggle Gypsies O / The Gypsy Laddie / Black Jack Davy / Seven Yellow Gypsies)


1941-01-04The Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:40
1944-04Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:52
1994-08-22Gypsy Davy (live, 1994-08-22: The Centrum, Worcester, MA, USA)cover and liveStone Temple Pilots1:23
1994-08-24Gypsy Davy (live, 1994-08-23: New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, USA)cover and liveStone Temple Pilots1:10
Gipsy DavyWoody Guthrie?:??
Gypsy DaveyWoody Guthrie2:51
Gypsy DaveycoverBob Dylan?:??
Gypsy Davey (1961-02-xx: [the home of Bob and Sid Gleason], East Orange, NJ, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Gypsy DaveyWoody Guthrie2:53
Gypsy DavyEmily Smith4:09
Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:54
Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:53
Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:53
Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:55
Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:49
Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie?:??
Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie2:53
Gypsy DavycoverVan Morrison4:18
Gypsy DavyArlo Guthrie3:44
Gypsy Davy (1944)Woody Guthrie2:54