Maple Leaf Rag (piano rag)

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The original 1899 piano rag arrangement. Was later published in 1903 as a song.

Full title: “Maple Leaf Rag”
Published: 1899 by John Stark & Son, Sedalia, Missouri

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composer:Scott Joplin (composer and pianist) (in 1899)
download score for free:imslp: Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin, Scott) [info]
Wikidata:Q277463 [info]
later versions:Maple Leaf Rag (song)
arrangements:Maple Leaf Rag (catch-all for arrangements)


1906-10-15Maple Leaf Rag“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band2:34
1916-04Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:12
1932-09-15Maple Leaf RagNew Orleans Feetwarmers2:56
1944-03-18Maple Leaf RagArt Hodes's Chicagoans2:46
1944-03-18Maple Leaf Rag (alternate take)Art Hodes's Chicagoans2:45
1971-09-15The Maple Leaf RagcoverTurk Murphy's Jazz Band3:09
1973-02-12 – 1973-02-13Maple Leaf RagThe New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble, Gunther Schuller3:11
1975Maple Leaf RagDick Hyman2:30
1976-08-01 – 1976-08-02Maple Leaf RagcoverAnthony Braxton with Muhal Richard Abrams3:37
1976-08-01 – 1976-08-02Maple Leaf RagAnthony Braxton and Muhal Richard Abrams3:37
1977Maple Leaf RagliveDick Wellstood3:08
1982-09Maple Leaf RagKatia & Marielle Labèque2:42
1994-02-11 – 1994-02-12The Maple Leaf RagcoverMyra Melford & Han Bennink3:01
1997-10-23 – 1997-10-24Maple Leaf RagButch Thompson2:58
1998Maple Leaf RagAndré-Daniel Meylan2:10
2005-08Maple Leaf RagcoverStefano Bollani2:37
2008Maple Leaf Ragcover and instrumentalZachary Brewster-Geisz2:34
2018-02-23 – 2018-02-24Maple Leaf RagliveLong Ashton Pantomime0:26
Four Piano Rags: Maple Leaf RagElizabeth Hayes2:32
Maple leaf ragAntonio Ballista2:55
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin4:13
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin?:??
Maple Leaf RagMorten Gunnar Larsen3:32
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:07
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin4:58
Maple Leaf RagPaul Schoenfield2:58
Maple Leaf RagNew Orleans Rhythm Kings2:32
Maple Leaf RagE. Power Biggs Plays Scott Joplin3:18
Maple Leaf RagLang Lang3:28
Maple Leaf RagJohn Arpin3:14
Maple Leaf RagDick Hyman2:29
Maple Leaf RagWilliam Bolcom3:06
Maple Leaf RagWilliam Bolcom3:04
Maple Leaf RagBob Wilber2:17
Maple Leaf RagNew Orleans Feetwarmers2:56
Maple Leaf RagJelly Roll Morton0:41
Maple Leaf RagJelly Roll Morton2:40
Maple Leaf RagJelly Roll Morton1:22
Maple Leaf RagliveDick Wellstood2:42
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:05
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:16
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:10
Maple Leaf RagMax Morath2:59
Maple Leaf RagWm. Neil Roberts3:35
Maple Leaf RagRoger Shields3:07
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin?:??
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin?:??
Maple Leaf RagNew England Ragtime Ensemble3:12
Maple Leaf RagAlex Welsh3:07
Maple Leaf RagDaniel Blumenthal2:47
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:16
Maple Leaf RagWagners Salonquartett1:53
Maple Leaf RagMichel Legrand3:08
Maple Leaf RagAldo Romano2:38
Maple Leaf RagRichard Dowling2:56
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:16
Maple Leaf RagcoverBit Shifter2:28
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:00
Maple Leaf RagMichael Krücker2:28
Maple Leaf RagEvelyn Glennie, National Philharmonic Orchestra, Ray Russell2:18
Maple Leaf RagDaniel Blumenthal2:52
Maple Leaf RagJoshua Rifkin3:05
Maple Leaf RagKemp English3:29
Maple Leaf RaginstrumentalTom Hazleton3:27
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:21
Maple Leaf RagArka2:49
Maple Leaf RagMimi Blais3:56
Maple Leaf RagJohn Roache2:46
Maple Leaf RagGuido Nielsen2:48
Maple Leaf RagJoshua Rifkin3:13
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:16
Maple Leaf RagWilliam Conley3:14
Maple Leaf RagWilliam Albright3:07
Maple Leaf RagRoy Eaton3:00
Maple Leaf RagRichard Glazier2:59
Maple Leaf RagAlexander Peskanov3:10
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin2:36
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin2:39
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:05
Maple Leaf Rag (Audio transcription of piano roll played by Scott Joplin)Scott Joplin3:16
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:17
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin3:02
Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin2:35
Maple Leaf Rag (Piano Roll), Part 1partial[unknown]0:43
Maple Leaf Rag (Piano Roll), Part 2partial[unknown]1:03
Maple Leaf Rag (Piano Roll), Part 3partial[unknown]0:42
Maple Leaf Rag (Piano Roll), Part 4partial[unknown]0:47
Maple Leaf Rag [Main Street Pianist]coverScott Joplin0:53
Maple Leaf Rag, Part 1partial[unknown]0:34
Maple Leaf Rag, Part 2partial[unknown]0:43
Maple Leaf Rag, Part 3partial[unknown]0:42
Maple Leaf Rag, Part 4partial[unknown]0:47
Maple Leaf. RagLouise Bessette, Lise Daoust3:13
The Jazz Man Speaks (Maple Leaf Rag)coverJon Batiste and Stay Human1:20
The Maple Leaf RagGiovanni De Chiaro3:12
The Maple Leaf RagcoverVernian Process2:57