composer: David Gilmour
lyricist: Roger Waters
publisher: Artemis Muziekuitgeverij B V
Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.
Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd.
TRO-Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd.
Warner–Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
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Wikidata: Q2511731 [info]
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1972-02 – 1972-03 Wot’s… Uh the Deal (original studio master) Pink Floyd 5:08
Floydian Memories cover and medley Shadow Gallery 24:39
Wots… Uh the Deal cover Sky Cries Mary 7:07
Wots... Uh the Deal? cover Sky Cries Mary 6:52
Wots...Uh the Deal cover Sky Cries Mary 6:45
Wots...Uh the Deal cover Sky Cries Mary 6:00