writer:Lady Gaga
publisher:GloJoe Music Inc.
House of Gaga Publishing Inc.
Sony/ATV Songs LLC
Wikipedia:en: You and I (Lady Gaga song) [info]
Wikidata:Q189369 [info]


You and IcoverUniversity of Virginia Belles4:19
You and IcoverAhmir3:54
You and ILady Gaga5:01
You and IcoverAdam Stanton feat. Jenny Lane4:19
You and ILady Gaga3:14
You and I (live)cover and live李圣杰5:23
You and IcoverDorothy Descalsota5:02
Yoü and I (live)liveLady Gaga3:58
Yoü and IcoverBen Platt4:43
Yoü and ILady Gaga5:07
Yoü and I (live from "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving")liveLady Gaga3:34
Yoü and I (live at Madison Square Garden)liveLady Gaga?:??
Yoü and IcoverThe Cocktails5:19
Yoü and I (10 Kings remix)Lady Gaga4:29
You and I (10 Kings remix) (radio edit)Lady GaGa3:44
Yoü and I (ATB remix)Lady Gaga8:08
Yoü and I (Danny Verde dub remix)Lady Gaga7:48
Yoü and I (Danny Verde remix)Lady Gaga8:07
Yoü and I (Hector Fonseca remix)Lady Gaga8:03
Yoü and I (Mark Taylor remix radio edit)Lady Gaga3:56
Yoü and I (Mark Taylor remix)Lady Gaga5:03
Yoü and I (Metronomy remix)Lady Gaga4:21
Yoü and I (radio edit)Lady Gaga4:07
Yoü and I (Wild Beasts remix)Lady Gaga3:51
You and I / You and Icover and medleyGlee Cast3:15