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  • First copyright date: 1978-03-14
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writer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
arranger:Bob Dylan
publisher:Sony/ATV Music Publishing France
Special Rider Music


The Water Is Wide (live, 1975-11-11: The Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT, USA)liveBob Dylan4:56
The Water Is Wide (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
The Water Is Widecover and liveJoan Baez3:05
The Water Is WidecoverJoan Baez3:09
The Water Is WidecoverJoan Baez2:51
The Water Is WidecoverJoan Baez3:08
The Water Is WidecoverJoan Baez2:50
The Water Is WidecoverJoan Baez with Indigo Girls4:12
The Water Is Wide (live, 1975-11-21 (evening): Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan with Joan Baez5:16
The Water Is Wide (1975-11-26: The Civic Center, Augusta, ME, USA)liveJoan Baez & Bob Dylan?:??
The Water Is WideliveBob Dylan & Joan Baez?:??
The Water Is WideliveBob Dylan feat. Joan Baez4:54
The Water Is Wide (live)liveBob Dylan feat. Joan Baez5:31
The Water Is WideliveBob Dylan4:53
The Water Is Wide (1976-03-30: Shangri-La Recording Studio, Malibu, CA, USA)Bob Dylan3:38
The Water Is WideliveBob Dylan5:30
The Water Is WideliveBob Dylan?:??