writer:Nadir Khayat
Stefani Germanotta
publisher:GloJoe Music Inc.
House of Gaga Publishing Inc.
RedOne Productions LLC
Sony/ATV Songs LLC
ソニー・ミュージックパブリッシング A事業部
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Wikidata:Q153029 [info]
referred to in medleys:4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version)
Bad Romance (On the Rocks medley)
Polka Face (order: 2)
later parody versions:Brooklyn Rage
Leather Shoes
later translated parody versions:Paketti
Venerdì (Radiosboro)
later translated versions:Poker Face (German polka cover version)
is the basis for:Poker Face


2009-09-28Poker Face (live, 2009-09-28: BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge: London, UK)cover and liveMIKA3:08
2019-05-19 – 2019-05-23Poker FacecoverSimone Kermes, Amici Veneziani3:56
Anniversary Medley Part 3cover, live, medley and partialFORK6:30
Ein bisschen Gagacover, live and medleyUnicante3:45
Lady Gaga ‘Poker Face’coverWalt Ribeiro3:52
Lady Gaga MedleymedleyBOND3:54
Lady Gaga Medleycover and medleySam Tsui2:55
Medley "Étrange avion" : Poker Face / L’eté s’ra chaud / Y’a le printemps qui chante (Viens à la maison) / Rolling in the Deep / French Cancan / Party Rock Anthem (live, 2012-02: Halle Tony-Garnier, Lyon, France)live and medleyLes Enfoirés15:29
Medley: Poker Face / Paparazzi / Just Dancecover, live and medleyThe Backbeats2:39
Poker FacecoverMeg Pfeiffer3:46
Poker Face (V Festival Girls: England 2009)liveLady Gaga?:??
Poker FacecoverMolly Lewis3:49
Poker FacecoverShadYBlonde3:49
Poker Face (album version)Lady Gaga3:58
Poker FacecoverFoundry3:20
Poker Facecover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits4:02
Poker Face (live at Madison Square Garden)liveLady Gaga3:39
Poker FaceLady Gaga3:39
Poker FaceLady Gaga3:49
Poker FaceLady Gaga4:21
Poker Face (live, 2018-10-13: L’Olympia, Paris, France)cover and liveUltra Vomit2:07
Poker FacecoverWild Stylerz3:59
Poker Facecover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series3:12
Poker FacecoverBlowsight3:49
Poker FacecoverSunshine Boys3:01
Poker Face (live: Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Sessions)cover and liveBen's Brother3:34
Poker FacecoverLeo Moracchioli3:29
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:16
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:16
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:16
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:15
Poker FaceScott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Kelley Jakle3:01
Poker FacecoverThe Baseballs2:23
Poker Face (BBC Radio 1ʼs Live Lounge)liveLady Gaga4:04
Poker FacecoverGlee Cast feat. Idina Menzel3:40
Poker FacecoverWildpath4:26
Poker Face (Live Lounge version)cover and liveYou Me at Six3:06
Poker FacecoverThe ReBeatles Project2:28
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes1:49
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:14
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:15
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:26
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:30
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:10
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:56
Poker FacecoverThe Real Booty Babes3:15
Poker FacecoverLeftover Cuties3:10
Poker Facecover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet3:16
Poker Facecover and liveDehydrated Goat2:45
Poker FacecoverLazy Bonez3:20
Poker FacecoverOf Mice & Men?:??
Poker FacecoverSweet Little Band?:??
Poker FacecoverSabrina3:33
Poker FacecoverAimer4:15
Poker Face (A.R. remix)coverD’Mixmasters4:57
Poker Face (club mix) (part of “Bump 24” DJ‐mix)coverThe Real Booty Babes?:??
Poker Face (Club Mix)coverThe Real Booty Babes5:25
Poker Face (Dave Aude dub remix)Lady Gaga7:28
Poker Face (Dave Audé mix)Lady Gaga7:19
Poker Face (Dave Aude radio remix)Lady Gaga3:51
Poker Face (Dave Audé remix) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 43” DJ‐mix)Lady Gaga5:33
Poker Face (Dave Audé remix)Lady Gaga8:13
Poker Face (Dave Audé remix) (part of compilation "Ultra.2010")Lady Gaga6:34
Poker Face (DJ’s From Mars remix)Lady Gaga5:03
Poker Face (Elektrik Edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:36
Poker Face (Elektrik Mix)coverThe Real Booty Babes5:26
Poker Face (Glam as You club mix by Guéna LG)Lady Gaga7:52
Poker Face (Glam as You mix)Lady Gaga3:52
Poker Face (Glam as You radio mix)Lady Gaga3:48
Poker Face (instrumental)instrumentalLady Gaga3:55
Poker Face (Jody den Broeder club remix)Lady Gaga8:05
Poker Face (Jody den Broeder edit)Lady Gaga3:13
Poker Face (Jody den Broeder radio edit)Lady Gaga4:22
Poker Face (Jody den Broeder remix) (part of compilation "ThriveMix Presents Dance Nation")Lady Gaga4:56
Poker Face (Kindervater remix edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:04
Poker Face (Kindervater Remix Edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:04
Poker Face (Kindervater Remix)coverThe Real Booty Babes4:44
Poker Face (live at The Cherrytree House piano & voice version)liveLady Gaga3:39
Poker Face (LLG vs. GLG club mix)Lady Gaga6:31
Poker Face (LLG vs. GLG radio mix)Lady Gaga4:03
Poker Face (radio edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:16
Poker Face (radio edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:13
Poker Face (radio edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:15
Poker Face (Radio Edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:14
Poker Face (Space Cowboy remix)Lady Gaga4:55
Poker Face (Space Cowboys mix)Lady Gaga2:21
Poker Face (Tommy Sparks & The Fury remix)Lady Gaga3:59
Poker Face (Walker & Daniels Remix Edit)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:30
Poker Face (Walker & Daniels remix)coverThe Real Booty Babes5:25
Poker Face (Walker & Daniels remix) (part of “Tunnel Trance Force, Volume 49” DJ-mix)coverThe Real Booty Babes3:46
Poker Face (Walker & Daniels Remix)coverThe Real Booty Babes5:23
Poker Face [Lady Gaga]coverIgor Presnyakov3:12
PokerfacecoverMambo Kurt3:45
PokerfacecoverVoice Male3:11
PokerfacecoverSteve ’n’ Seagulls2:52
Pokerface (DJ Gigi Smart Special av8 blend)Lady Gaga3:25
Polka FacecoverThe Real Tuesday Weld4:18
Somebody's Watching My Poker FacecoverPromenade Cinéma4:17
Stand Up To My Pokerface (Blend Brothers mix)Lady Gaga6:19