lyricist and composer:Dennis Linde
publisher:Combine Music Corp.
Dennis Linde Legacy
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Callin' Baton RougecoverBillie Jo Spears2:21
Callin' Baton RougecoverGarth Brooks0:32
Callin' Baton Rougecover and instrumentalPickin’ On Project2:12
Callin' Baton RougeThe Oak Ridge Boys2:38
Callin' Baton RougecoverNew Grass Revival2:40
Callin' Baton Rouge (live)cover and liveGarth Brooks3:05
Callin' Baton Rouge (live)cover and liveGarth Brooks2:55
Callin' Baton Rougecover and liveGarth Brooks2:55
Callin' Baton RougeGarth Brooks3:09
Callin' Baton RougecoverBillie Jo Spears?:??
Callin’ Baton RougecoverGarth Brooks2:37
Callin’ Baton Rouge (live)cover and liveGarth Brooks2:58
Callin’ Baton RougecoverGarth Brooks2:48
Callin’ Baton RougecoverGarth Brooks?:??
Callin’ Baton RougecoverGarth Brooks?:??
Calling Baton RougecoverDoug Kershaw2:40