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lyricist and composer:Rod Temperton
publisher:Almo Music Corporation
Chrysalis Music Ltd. (music publisher)
Rondor Music (London) Ltd.
Universal Music Publishing France (not for release label use!)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
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later parody versions:Schiller
later translated versions:Espeluznante
is the basis for:Doin’ It in a Haunted House
Thriller (Cookin’ Soul remix)


1987-09-12Thriller (live, 1987-09-12: Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan)liveMichael Jackson4:29
1987-09Thriller (live, 1987-09: Japan)liveMichael Jackson4:25
1988-03-05Thriller (live, 1988-03-05: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveMichael Jackson14:18
1988-07-16Thriller (live, 1988-07-16: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)liveMichael Jackson4:28
1988-07-16Thriller (live, 1988-07-16: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)liveMichael Jackson?:??
1988Thriller (live, 1988: Rotterdam)liveMichael Jackson5:11
1992-10-01Thriller (live, 1992-10-01: Bucharest National Stadium, Bucharest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson6:02
1992-10-01Thriller (live, 1992-10-01: Bucharest National Stadium, Bucharest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson5:26
1992-10Thriller (live, 1992-10: Bukarest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson4:40
1992Thriller (live, 1992: Bukarest, Romania)liveMichael Jackson6:05
1992Thriller (live, 1992)liveMichael Jackson6:06
2009-10-24Thriller (live: Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Sessions)cover and liveImogen Heap4:26
2011-05 – 2011-11Thrillerinstrumental and liveEnrico Rava6:18
2014-10ThrillercoverTen Second Songs4:46
2017-02-20 – 2017-02-22ThrillerinstrumentalThierry Escaich, Romain Leleu5:08
Anniversary Medley Part 3cover, live, medley and partialFORK6:30
Ich geb' Gas im Schnitzelwagencover and medleyUnicante5:43
Michael Jackson DMC Megamixmedley and partialMichael Jackson11:17
Michael Jackson Medleycover and medleySam Tsui3:41
Michael Jackson Medleycover and medleyTigeroar3:37
MJ MegamixmedleyMichael Jackson4:58
MJ MegaremixmedleyMichael Jackson10:34
Thrill Me (Danny Howells re-edit)Michael Jackson9:00
ThrillercoverPostmodern Jukebox feat. Wayne Brady3:56
ThrillercoverBenjamin Gibbard4:16
ThrillercoverRichard Grey3:14
ThrillercoverRichard Grey4:01
ThrillercoverThe Orobians5:46
ThrillercoverStudio 995:34
ThrillercoverRockabye Baby!3:38
Thrillercover and instrumentalLuca Stricagnoli3:39
ThrillerMichael Jackson6:01
Thrillercover and instrumentalJoey DeFrancesco7:47
ThrillercoverThe Animal in Me?:??
ThrillercoverBader Nanaa4:29
ThrillerliveMichael Jackson5:21
ThrillerliveMichael Jackson4:18
ThrillerMichael Jackson?:??
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:19
ThrillerMichael Jackson?:??
ThrillerMichael Jackson13:41
ThrillerMichael Jackson?:??
ThrillerMichael Jackson6:01
ThrillerMichael Jackson13:43
ThrillercoverBloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space5:04
Thriller (single version)Michael Jackson5:12
ThrillercoverTen Masked Men3:56
Thrillercover and liveBenjamin Gibbard?:??
Thrillercover, instrumental and liveUniversity of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band?:??
Thriller (album version)Michael Jackson5:58
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:57
Thrillercover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits4:02
ThrillercoverLeo Moracchioli feat. CJ Pierce5:16
ThrillercoverLondon Symphony Orchestra4:30
ThrillerliveMichael Jackson5:20
ThrillercoverTony Succar & Kevin Ceballo4:35
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:45
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:06
ThrillerMichael Jackson3:05
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:15
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:59
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:58
ThrillerMichael Jackson3:25
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:57
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:12
ThrillerliveMichael Jackson4:18
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:44
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:14
ThrillerliveMichael Jackson4:12
Thrillercover and instrumentalRacine4:52
Thriller (live, 2005-10-29: Orleans Ballroom, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveThe String Cheese Incident18:31
ThrillercoverIan Brown3:26
ThrillercoverKidz Bop6:06
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:02
ThrillerMichael Jackson?:??
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:19
ThrillerMichael Jackson4:09
ThrillerMichael Jackson2:08
ThrillerMichael Jackson4:38
ThrillercoverLulu Joppert3:48
ThrillerMichael Jackson13:42
ThrillerMichael Jackson5:21
ThrillercoverThe Jackson Revival4:26
ThrillercoverImogen Heap4:26
ThrillerMichael Jackson4:14
Thrillercover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet3:14
Thriller (part of “Sun Factory 10” DJ‐mix)coverRichard Grey3:56
Thriller (part of a “Big City Beats 8” DJ‐mix)coverSTFU2:36
Thriller (part of a “Mega Dance Top 50” DJ‐mix)coverSTFU?:??
ThrillercoverFilipowicz Quintet11:24
ThrillercoverIgor Presnyakov4:30
ThrillercoverEasy Star All‐Stars7:34
Thrillercover and instrumentalajiponn4:38
ThrillercoverSweet Little Band?:??
Thrillercover and instrumentalLondon Synphonic Orchestra4:09
ThrillercoverChuck Billy5:13
Thriller (live)cover and liveJoe Dolce3:04
ThrillercoverJameson Sutton & Ron Kinard6:03
ThrillercoverKidz Bop3:57
ThrillercoverMind Driller3:43
Thrillercover and instrumentalQueenz of Piano3:28
ThrillerliveMichael Jackson6:08
Thrillercover and instrumentalPaul Mauriat4:22
Thrillercover and instrumentalAdam Rafferty4:28
Thriller (instrumental)instrumentalMichael Jackson5:58
ThrillerMichael Jackson?:??
Thriller (12″ mix)Michael Jackson5:57
Thriller (Aqua Diva mix)coverAqua Diva & David Jones6:20
Thriller (Bb Law radio edit)coverRilod3:27
Thriller (clean version)Michael Jackson5:58
Thriller (David Jones mix)coverAqua Diva & David Jones7:00
Thriller (David Jones mix)coverAqua Diva & David Jones1:26
Thriller (DBC Screamin’ remix)Michael Jackson6:22
Thriller (Def remix)Michael Jackson7:22
Thriller (DJ Isaac remix)Michael Jackson7:10
Thriller (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix) (part of a “He’s the King, I’m the DJ” DJ‐mix)Michael Jackson2:37
Thriller (edit)Michael Jackson4:39
Thriller (extended version)coverGothminister6:53
Thriller (Immortal version)Michael Jackson3:32
Thriller (Immortal version)Michael Jackson3:38
Thriller (instrumental pre-master version)cover and instrumentalMind Driller3:45
Thriller (Mouth 2 Mouth edit)coverSTFU3:19
Thriller (Mouth 2 Mouth edit) (part of “Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 46” DJ‐mix)coverSTFU3:05
Thriller (Mouth 2 Mouth mix)coverSTFU?:??
Thriller (Mouth 2 Mouth remix)coverSTFU2:31
Thriller (Mouth 2 Mouth remix)coverSTFU5:37
Thriller (Mouth 2 Mouth remix)coverSTFU2:48
Thriller (Mouth 2 Mouth Remix)coverSTFU5:35
Thriller (OOFT! Phazed edit)Michael Jackson8:49
Thriller (Pacha dub mix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual Summer 2012” DJ‐mix, Germany)coverRichard Grey3:45
Thriller (remix)Michael Jackson4:01
Thriller (remixed short version)Michael Jackson4:12
Thriller (remixed short version)Michael Jackson4:05
Thriller (Richard Grey remix radio mix)coverRichard Grey3:14
Thriller (sessions with Vincent Price)Michael Jackson2:41
Thriller (Side a White Label remix)Michael Jackson vs. Prince1:46
Thriller (Side a White Label remix)Michael Jackson vs. Prince1:40
Thriller (single version)Michael Jackson5:13
Thriller (special edit)Michael Jackson4:37
Thriller (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour remix)Michael Jackson5:01
Thriller (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix) (Radio Edit)Michael Jackson5:01
Thriller (STFU edit)coverSTFU3:11
Thriller (STFU mix) (part of “Nightwax 04” DJ-mix)coverSTFU2:08
Thriller (STFU mix) (part of “Club Hits, Vol. 24” DJ‐mix)coverSTFU?:??
Thriller (STFU mix)coverSTFU2:48
Thriller (STFU mix) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 39” DJ‐mix)coverSTFU3:26
Thriller (STFU Mix)coverSTFU6:37
Thriller (Tony Arzandon remix)Michael Jackson7:00
Thriller (VRC6 Cover)cover and instrumentalvirt4:24
Thriller (with SFX)coverErich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra3:59
Thriller (X Factor performance)cover and liveAiden Grimshaw2:29
Thriller / Heads Will RollcoverGlee Cast3:37
Thriller Vs. The Way It IsJacko vs. Prodigy?:??