Margie (aka “My Little Margie”)

~ Song


lyricist:Benny Davis (vaudeville performer) (in 1920)
composer:Con Conrad (in 1920)
J. Russel Robinson (in 1920)
Wikidata:Q6760369 [info]
referred to in medleys:Brunswick Brevities: Margie / After You’ve Gone / Black & Blue / Ain’t Misbehavin’ / I’m Nobody’s Sweetheart Now / Harvey / Royal Garden Blues (order: 1)
Bugle Call Rag Medley (order: 13)


1928-09-21MargieinstrumentalBix Beiderbecke and His Gang2:54
1928-09-21MargieBix Beiderbecke2:56
1932-04-18MargieThe Rhythmakers2:52
1934-01-23MargieCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:09
1934-05-03MargieClaude Hopkins and His Orchestra3:12
1937-01-06MargieJimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra3:00
1938-01-06Margie (1938-01-06)Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra3:00
1938-01-06MargieJimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra?:??
1938-06-13MargieEddie Brunner et son orchestre2:43
1938-12-06MargieDon Redman and His Orchestra2:22
1939-10-12MargieinstrumentalMary Lou Williams2:28
1940-02-22Margie (1940-02-22 or 1940-03-22)instrumentalAndré Ekyan2:14
1940-10-22MargieinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:22
1945-05-18MargieBunk's Dance Band3:53
1946MargieinstrumentalJohnny Mercer1:59
1947MargieinstrumentalOscar Peterson Trio2:43
1949-11-03Margiecover and instrumentalSidney Bechet and His Feetwarmers2:28
1950-05-12MargiecoverErroll Garner?:??
1951-10-24MargieinstrumentalJames Moody?:??
1953-12-31MargieliveLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars3:55
1954-03-19MargieLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars2:18
1955-01-21Margie (live, 1955-01-21: Crescendo Club, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars3:50
1956-06-01MargieliveLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars3:20
1957-11-20MargieinstrumentalJimmy Smith5:53
1958-09-23Margie (version 1)coverFats Domino2:19
1958-10-20MargieinstrumentalGene Krupa3:16
1958-10-30Margie (version 2, take 10, stereo remix; with chord)coverFats Domino2:21
1958-10-30Margie (version 2, take 10, stereo)coverFats Domino2:17
1958-10-30Margie (version 2, take 10, stereo remix; false start of "The Sheik of Araby")coverFats Domino2:27
1958-10-30Margie (version 2, take 10, stereo remix; with chat)coverFats Domino2:29
1958-10-30Margie (version 2, take 10, stereo remix)coverFats Domino2:15
1958-10-30Margie (master)coverFats Domino2:13
1958-10-30Margie (master, electronically created stereo)coverFats Domino2:14
1958-10-30Margie (IM 1808-alt) (version 2, take 9 with chat)coverFats Domino2:25
1959-11-19MargieinstrumentalTed McNabb & Co.?:??
1960-08-23MargiecoverRay Charles2:44
1960MargiecoverThe Golden Gate Quartet2:15
1960MargiecoverThe Golden Gate Quartet2:48
1961MargiecoverRay Charles Orchestra2:52
1962-05-17Margie (live, 1962-05-17: Palais des Expositions, Nice, France)liveLouis Armstrong2:00
1989-06Margie (live, 1989-06: Galveston or Houston, TX, USA)cover and liveFats Domino2:04
1998-01-17 – 1998-01-18MargiecoverUni Jazzband Halle6:20
MargiecoverFats Domino2:17
MargiecoverFats Domino2:15
MargiecoverFats Domino?:??
MargiecoverFats Domino2:17
MargiecoverFats Domino2:16
MargiecoverFats Domino?:??
MargiecoverFats Domino2:04
MargiecoverRay Charles & Betty Carter2:47
Margiecover and liveRay Charles2:27
MargiecoverRay Charles2:44
Margiecover and liveRay Charles2:14
MargiecoverRay Charles2:33
MargiecoverRay Charles2:36
MargiecoverRay Charles2:18
MargieJim Reeves?:??
MargiecoverFats Domino2:15
Margie (live, 1989-06: Galveston or Houston, TX, USA)coverFats Domino2:04
MargiecoverFats Domino?:??
MargiecoverFats Domino2:05
MargieLouis Armstrong3:55
MargiecoverFats Domino2:13
MargiecoverFats Domino2:18
MargiecoverFats Domino2:07
MargiecoverFats Domino2:05
MargiecoverFats Domino2:18
MargiecoverFats Domino2:14
Margie (live)liveRay Charles2:31
MargieLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars?:??
MargieJimmie Lunceford3:01
MargiecoverJimmie Lunceford3:02
MargieinstrumentalRava / D'Andrea4:00
MargieGene Krupa and His Orchestra2:59
MargieinstrumentalAl Hirt With Orchestra Arranged and Conducted By Billy May2:34
MargieJoe “Fingers” Carr2:16
MargieJohnny Mercer1:57
MargieinstrumentalWarren Covington And His Orchestra2:30
Margiecover and instrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio2:45
MargiecoverRay Charles2:39
MargiecoverRay Charles2:47
MargieJim Reeves2:08
MargiecoverRay Charles2:30
MargiecoverVince Giordano and The Nighthawks2:26
MargiecoverFats Domino2:13
MargiecoverFats Domino2:16
Margie (live, 1966-10-22: Palais des sports, Paris, France)coverRay Charles2:34
MargiecoverFats Domino?:??
MargieJimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra3:07
MargieDon Redman and His Orchestra2:21
Margie (alternate version)instrumentalGene Krupa and His Orchestra2:59
Margie (introducing “Singing the Blues”) (studio, 1920-12-01, Victor, matrix 24581-5)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:10