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later parody versions:Wa-Elegy (Waluigi's Assist Trophy Song)
later translated versions:Aleluya (version in Spanish)
Alleluia (Hallelujah)
Decembernatt (Halleluja)
Halleluja (Hungarian)
Halleluja (Danish translation of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah)
Halleluja (Finnish)
Halleluja (Swedish)
Halleluja (Dutch)
Hallelujah (German)
Hallelujah (Frisian, Western)
Hallelujah (Spanish)
Hallelujah (Dutch)
L’ange Djibril
is the basis for:Another Hallelujah


1984HallelujahLeonard Cohen4:39
1985-03-09Hallelujah (live, 1985-03-09: Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, München, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
1985-07-09Hallelujah (live, 1985-07-09: Montreux Casino, Montreux, CH)liveLeonard Cohen4:59
1988-04-05Hallelujah (live, 1988-04-05: Rheingoldhalle, Mainz, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
1988-10-31Hallelujah (live, 1988-10-31: Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas, USA)liveLeonard Cohen6:56
1992-11-26Hallelujah (live, 1992-11-26: Later… with Jools Holland)cover and liveJohn Cale4:47
1993-05-21Hallelujah (live, 1993-05-21: Kongresshaus Zürich, CH)liveLeonard Cohen7:59
1995-02-11Hallelujah (live, 1995-02-11: Bataclan, Paris, France)cover and liveJeff Buckley9:25
1995-02-11Hallelujahcover and liveJeff Buckley9:25
1995-07Hallelujahcover and liveJeff Buckley9:35
1996-02-28Hallelujah (live)cover and liveJeff Buckley8:43
1997Hallelujacover and liveUlf Lundell6:46
1998-12Hallelujahcover and liveVince Jones7:27
2003-08-10Hallelujahcover and liveKathryn Williams5:10
2004-04Hallelujah (live, 2004-04: Like a Version: Studio 262, ABC Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia)cover and liveClare Bowditch4:10
2004-11-12Hallelujah (live, 2004-11-12: Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Television Centre, White City, London, UK)cover and livek.d. lang5:18
2005-04-14Running to Stand Still (live, 2005‐04‐14: Glendale Arena, Glendale, AZ, USA)cover, live and partialU26:22
2005-05-26Hallelujah (live, 2005-05-26: The Roxy, West Hollywood, CA, USA)cover and liveAri Hest7:58
2007-03-02Hallelujahcover and livePain of Salvation9:04
2007-04Halleluyahcover and liveMonsieur Camembert6:50
2007-05-01Hallelujah (Clear Channel Stripped; live, 2007-05-01: Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveBon Jovi?:??
2007-11-26Hallelujah (live, 2007-11-26: Studio 105, Maison de Radio France, Paris, FR)cover and liveBeirut4:20
2007-11-26Hallelujah (live, 2007-11-26: Studio 105, Maison de Radio France, Paris, FR)cover and liveBeirut4:08
2007-11-26Hallelujahcover and liveBeirut4:45
2008-01HallelujahcoverMark Chase3:57
2008-02-11Hallelujah (live, 2008-02-11: Oberhausen, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-05-23Hallelujah (live, 2008-05-23: Capitol Theatre, Moncton, NB, CA)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-06-07Hallelujah (live, 2008-06-07: SONY Center, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-06-18Hallelujah (live, 2008-06-18: Opera House, Manchester, UK)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-06-23Hallelujah (live, 2008-06-23: Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier Place des Arts, Montreal, QC, Canada)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-06-25Hallelujah (live, 2008-06-25: Place des Arts Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Montreal, QC, Canada)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-07-06Hallelujah (live, 2008-07-06: Rådhus Parken, Århus, Denmark)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-07-16Hallelujah (live, 2008-07-16: The Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, UK)liveLeonard Cohen7:33
2008-07-17Hallelujah (live, 2008-07-17: The O₂ Arena, London, England, UK)liveLeonard Cohen7:20
2008-08-12Hallelujahcover, live and partialParamore4:57
2008-10-01Hallelujah (live, 2008-10-01: Torwar, Warszawa, Poland)liveLeonard Cohen7:29
2008-10-03Hallelujah (live, 2008-03-10: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveDamien Rice4:15
2008-10-25Hallelujah (live, 2008-10-25: Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-10-29Hallelujah (live, 2008-10-29: Festhalle, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-14Hallelujah (live, 2008-11-14: The O2, London, England, UK)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-24Hallelujah (live, 2008-11-24: Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-26Hallelujah (live, 2008-11-26: L'Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen7:56
2009-01-28Hallelujah (live, 2009-01-28: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia)liveLeonard Cohen7:34
2009-04-13Hallelujah (live, 2009-04-13: Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA, USA)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2009-04-17Hallelujah (live, 2009-04-17: Coachella Music Festival, Indio, CA, USA)liveLeonard Cohen7:32
2009-04-17Hallelujah (live, 2009-04-17: Coachella Music Festival, Indio, CA, USA)liveLeonard Cohen8:37
2009HallelujahcoverLisa Lois3:47
2009Hallelujah (acoustic)coverLisa Lois3:36
2009Hallelujah (instrumental with backingvocals)cover and instrumentalLisa Lois3:48
2010-01-22Hallelujahcover and liveJustin Timberlake & Matt Morris feat. Charlie Sexton4:15
2011-06-27 – 2011-06-29Hallelujahcover and instrumentalTobias Preisig5:42
2011-11-15Hallelujahcover and liveOver the Rhine6:11
2012-04Hallelujah (live)cover and liveElisabeth Lohninger Quartet6:34
2012-06-01Hallelujahcover and liveConspiracy of Beards?:??
2012-09-20Hallelujah (live, 2012-09-20: 013, Tilburg, NL)cover and liveFlying Colors5:18
2012-11-13Hallelujah (live, 2012-11-13: o2 world, Hamburg, Germany)cover and liveHelene Fischer2:52
2012-12-12Hallelujah (Sandy Relief version) (live, 2012-12-12: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveAdam Sandler & Paul Shaffer4:53
2012HallelujahcoverValerio Scanu?:??
2013-04-14Hallelujah (live, 2013-04-14: Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong)cover and liveG.E.M.?:??
2013-06-21Hallelujah (live, 2013-06-21: The O₂ Arena, London, England, UK)liveLeonard Cohen7:27
2013-06HallelujahcoverVincenzo Capezzuto, Christina Pluhar, L’Arpeggiata6:04
2013-09-12Hallelujah (live, 2013-09-12: Dublin, Ireland)liveLeonard Cohen7:25
2013-09-12Hallelujah (live, 2013-09-12: Dublin, Ireland)liveLeonard Cohen7:25
2016-11-11HallelujahcoverTheory of a Deadman4:44
2017-01Hallelujahcover and instrumentalSheku Kanneh-Mason, Didier Osindero, Alinka Rowe, Yong Jun Lee3:26
2020-02-16Hallelujah (live, 2020-02-16: ANZ Stadium, Sydney, NSW, Australia)cover and livek.d. lang6:00
AuditionscoverSing Cast2:47
Halleluiahcover and liveBob Dylan?:??
HallelujacoverLucky Jim4:37
HallelujacoverEugenio Finardi6:13
HallelujacoverLucky Jim4:37
Hallelujacover and instrumentalMartin Ermen4:49
HallelujacoverSimon & Jan mit Vielharmonie4:09
Hallelujacover and liveSimon & Jan6:04
HallelujahcoverJeff Buckley6:53
Hallelujah (live JUNO Awards performance)cover and livek.d. lang5:31
Hallelujah (radio edit)coverJeff Buckley4:15
Hallelujahcover and livek.d. lang with the BBC Concert Orchestra8:14
HallelujahJackie Evancho feat. Peter Hollens4:02
HallelujahcoverThe Child4:00
HallelujahcoverAled Jones3:22
HallelujahcoverJarrod Spector5:17
Hallelujahcover and livek.d. lang & The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra?:??
HallelujahcoverThe Ten Tenors4:41
HallelujahcoverTori Kelly3:28
Hallelujahcover and liveAllison Crowe4:54
HallelujahAndrea Bocelli4:34
HallelujahcoverRufus Wainwright4:11
HallelujahcoverRufus Wainwright4:11
HallelujahcoverKatherine Jenkins, The London Session Orchestra, Nicholas Dodd, Simon Franglen & Crouch End Festival Chorus4:47
HallelujahcoverRufus Wainwright?:??
Hallelujah (live)coverRufus Wainwright4:26
Hallelujahcover and liveNick Schilder3:58
HallelujahcoverAllison Crowe4:32
HallelujahcoverJohn Boutté7:07
HallelujahcoverKatherine Jenkins4:47
HallelujahLeonard Cohen6:57
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