publisher:Hy Zaret
lyricist:Hy Zaret
composer:Alex North
publisher:Frank Music Corp. (ended)
HZUM Publishing
MPL Communication Ltd. (not for release label use! Paul McCartney-related, London-based company)
MPL Musik Verlags GmbH
North Melody Publishing
Unchained Melody Publishing, LLC
日音 Synch事業部
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later translated versions:Droom met mij
later versions:Les Enchaînés
arrangements:Les Enchaînés (translated)
Senza Catene (translated)


1955-10-28Unchained MelodyHarry Belafonte3:22
1963-03-11Unchained MelodyinstrumentalFreddie Roach4:55
1965-03Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
1970-03-18Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalRay Bryant4:45
1976-12 – 1977-02Unchained MelodyTony Fisher?:??
1977-12-03 – 1977-12-12Unchained MelodycoverWillie Nelson3:51
1980-09Unchained Melody (live) (live, 1980-09: McNichols Arena, Denver, CO, USA)liveHeart4:30
1980 – 1981Unchained Melody (live, 1980/81: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)cover and liveTom Jones3:58
1992-04-23Unchained MelodyliveU2?:??
1992-05-11Unchained MelodyliveU21:12
1992-05-21Unchained Melody (live, 1992-05-21: Forum di Assago, Milan, Italy)cover and liveU21:11
1992-06-04Unchained Melody (live, 1992-06-04: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)cover and liveU21:18
1992-06-11Unchained MelodyliveU21:11
1992-06-15One / Unchained Melody (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)live and medleyU25:42
1992-06-15Unchained Melody (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)liveU21:14
1992-06-19Unchained MelodyliveU21:14
1992-08-16Unchained Melody (live, 1992-08-16: Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC, USA)cover and liveU21:15
1993-06-04Unchained MelodyliveU21:21
1993-06-15Unchained Melody (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)liveU21:12
1993-06-23Unchained Melody (live, 1993-06-23: Stade de la Meinau, Strasbourg, France)liveU21:14
1993-06-30One / Unchained Melody (live, 1993-06-30: St. Jakob's Stadion, Basel, Switzerland)cover, live and medleyU26:01
1993-07-03Unchained MelodyliveU21:26
1993-07-17Unchained MelodyliveU21:12
1993-07-27Unchained MelodyliveU21:39
1993-08-03Unchained Melody (live, 1993-08-03: Goffert Park, Nijmegen, Netherlands)liveU21:24
1993-08-08Unchained Melody (live, 1993-08-08: Celtic Park, Glasgow, UK)liveU21:32
1993-08-11Unchained MelodyliveU21:28
1993-08-11Unchained MelodyliveU2?:??
1993-08-14Unchained MelodyliveU21:26
1993-08-20Unchained Melody (live, 1993-08-20: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)cover and liveU21:35
1993-08-20Unchained MelodyliveU2?:??
1993-08-21Unchained Melody (live, 1993-08-21: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)liveU21:31
1993-08-21Unchained MelodyliveU2?:??
1993-08-27Unchained MelodyliveU21:22
1993-11-12Unchained MelodyliveU21:14
1993-11-16Unchained Melody (live, 1993-11-16: Football Park, Adelaide, SA, Australia)liveU21:33
1993-11-26Unchained MelodyliveU21:18
1993-11-27Unchained MelodyliveU21:36
1993-11-27Unchained Melody (live, 1993-11-27, Sydney Football Stadium)cover and liveU21:24
1995-06Unchained Melody (live, 1995-06: Taipei, Taiwan)liveAir Supply3:48
1995-09Unchained MelodyinstrumentalHollywood Bowl Orchestra, John Mauceri3:30
1997-05-31Unchained Melodycover and livePatti Page4:46
1997-08-23Unchained MelodyliveU2?:??
1997-09-06Unchained Melody (live, 1997-09-06: Parc des Princes, Paris, France)cover and liveU21:39
1997-09-23Unchained Melody (live, 1997-09-23: Kosevo Stadium, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)cover and liveU22:54
1997-09-23Unchained MelodyliveU21:56
1999-06Unchained Melody (Ghost)cover and instrumentalKarumanta3:55
2001-03-26Unchained Melody (live, 2001-03-26: National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, FL, USA)cover and liveU2?:??
2001-10-25Unchained Melody (live, 2001-10-25: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveU21:19
2001-10-25Unchained MelodyliveU21:13
2003-11-29One / Unchained Melody (live, 2003-11-29: Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa)cover, live and medleyBono / The Edge6:55
2003-11-29Unchained Melody (live, 2003-11-29: Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa)cover and liveBono & The Edge2:00
2003Unchained MelodycoverCyndi Lauper4:27
2013 – 2017UnchainedcoverCardhouse?:??
Chinese Café / Unchained Melodycover and partialJoni Mitchell5:19
Chinese Café / Unchained Melody (Orchestral version 2002)cover and partialJoni Mitchell5:43
Ghost: Unchained MelodyinstrumentalCincinnati Pops Orchestra, Erich Kunzel5:12
Medley: I Believe / Unchained Melody / You’ll Never Walk Aloneinstrumental and medleyDelta Accordion Band4:57
One / Unchained Melodycover, live and partialU26:05
One / Unchained Melody (live)cover, live and medleyU26:28
Unchained MelodyAndy Williams3:14
Unchained MelodycoverLouis Delort4:13
Unchained MelodycoverAttila Fias3:38
Unchained MelodycoverLeAnn Rimes3:52
Unchained Melodycover and liveElvis Presley2:32
Unchained MelodycoverRobson & Jerome3:21
Unchained MelodyHeart4:30
Unchained MelodycoverSarah McLachlan4:48
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained MelodycoverLauren Alaina3:49
Unchained Melodycover and instrumental2Play3:51
Unchained MelodyDeMatha Jazz Ensemble3:06
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:35
Unchained MelodycoverMarty Robbins2:21
Unchained MelodyRoy Orbison3:28
Unchained MelodyRoy Orbison3:39
Unchained MelodyRoy Orbison3:35
Unchained MelodyRoy Orbison3:38
Unchained Melody (live)liveElvis Presley2:31
Unchained MelodyElvis Presley2:35
Unchained Melody (live, 1976-12-31: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)Elvis Presley3:40
Unchained MelodyElvis Presley3:28
Unchained MelodyElvis Presley3:31
Unchained MelodyElvis Presley3:29
Unchained MelodyElvis Presley3:20
Unchained MelodyJerry Vale2:53
Unchained MelodycoverVan Morrison4:33
Unchained MelodycoverMarty Robbins2:21
Unchained MelodycoverLara Fabian3:20
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalSilver, Wood & Ivory5:20
Unchained MelodyLes Baxter and His Orchestra2:32
Unchained MelodycoverChristian Bautista3:26
Unchained MelodycoverLanda3:51
Unchained MelodycoverClay Aiken4:50
Unchained MelodyinstrumentalHollywood Bowl Orchestra, John Mauceri3:28
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:38
Unchained MelodycoverThe South African National Symphony Orchestra featuring Dennis East & Kate Normington3:44
Unchained Melodycover[unknown]4:22
Unchained MelodyEtta Jones4:21
Unchained Melodycover and instrumental[unknown]3:44
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalCarl Doy3:57
Unchained MelodycoverRichard & Adam3:50
Unchained MelodycoverEddie Lovette?:??
Unchained MelodyBert Kaempfert & His Orchestra2:46
Unchained MelodycoverMantovani and His Orchestra2:15
Unchained MelodyMatt Monro3:13
Unchained MelodyinstrumentalSil Austin2:40
Unchained MelodycoverAne Brun3:52
Unchained MelodycoverNorth Shore1:37
Unchained MelodycoverThe Countdown Singers3:57
Unchained MelodyLes Baxter2:33
Unchained Melodycover and instrumental[unknown]3:54
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:36
Unchained MelodycoverRobson Green & Jerome Flynn3:23
Unchained MelodycoverAl Hibbler2:56
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:39
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained Melodyinstrumental[unknown]3:18
Unchained Melodycover藤田恵美4:18
Unchained MelodyThe Supremes3:49
Unchained MelodyJohn Williams4:01
Unchained MelodyThe Supremes3:50
Unchained MelodyThe Supremes3:51
Unchained MelodyThe Supremes3:49
Unchained MelodyAir Supply3:39
Unchained MelodySusan Boyle3:49
Unchained MelodyLes Baxter?:??
Unchained MelodyThe Supremes3:49
Unchained MelodycoverCover Team3:51
Unchained MelodyThe Drifters3:37
Unchained MelodyAlex North3:42
Unchained MelodycoverElvis Presley3:26
Unchained MelodyinstrumentalGiovanni Marradi4:34
Unchained MelodyCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nic Raine3:41
Unchained MelodycoverGareth Gates3:53
Unchained MelodycoverGareth Gates3:52
Unchained MelodycoverGareth Gates3:54
Unchained MelodycoverGareth Gates3:52
Unchained MelodycoverGareth Gates1:45
Unchained MelodyJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra3:42
Unchained Melodycover and liveU22:24
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:32
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:16
Unchained Melody (live, 1993-07-12: Stadio Delle Alpi, Turin, Italy)cover and liveU21:26
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:26
Unchained MelodyliveU21:55
Unchained Melodycover and liveU22:39
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:16
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:12
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:20
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:09
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:31
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:45
Unchained MelodyU21:26
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:21
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:16
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:18
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:22
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:17
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:21
Unchained MelodyU24:46
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:13
Unchained MelodyU24:54
Unchained Melodycover and liveU22:12
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:16
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:23
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:28
Unchained Melodycover and liveU21:22
Unchained Melody (live, 1992-04-21: Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA, USA)cover and liveU21:20
Unchained Melody (live, 1992-06-17: Indoor Sports Arena, Sheffield, UK)cover and liveU21:12
Unchained Melodycover and liveU2?:??
Unchained MelodyliveU2?:??
Unchained MelodyKerem Görsev & Allan Harris3:08
Unchained MelodycoverThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained Melody (live)cover and liveShayne Ward2:08
Unchained MelodycoverCaroline Henderson3:03
Unchained MelodycoverLes & Kim3:46
Unchained MelodyinstrumentalRichard Clayderman3:06
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:07
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:04
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:04
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:06
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:06
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:09
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:07
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:08
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:05
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:07
Unchained MelodyRichard Clayderman3:06
Unchained MelodyRighteous Brothers?:??
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers?:??
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained MelodyPerry Como3:19
Unchained MelodycoverRoy Orbison3:39
Unchained MelodycoverAcoustix2:32
Unchained MelodycoverNeil Diamond3:50
Unchained MelodyliveNeil Diamond4:11
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained MelodycoverSam Cooke3:30
Unchained MelodyThe Platters4:58
Unchained MelodycoverAl Green5:36
Unchained MelodycoverMatt Monro3:28
Unchained Melodyinstrumental[unknown]3:44
Unchained Melodycover and liveTom Jones3:16
Unchained MelodycoverGerry & the Pacemakers3:40
Unchained MelodycoverConway Twitty?:??
Unchained MelodycoverBill Hurley?:??
Unchained MelodycoverBryn Yemm & Ann Yemm?:??
Unchained MelodycoverPat Boone2:46
Unchained MelodyAndy Williams3:16
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:15
Unchained MelodycoverThe Lettermen2:45
Unchained MelodycoverRoger Whittaker2:55
Unchained MelodycoverJan Keizer3:41
Unchained MelodycoverAl Martino2:52
Unchained MelodyRobson & Jerome3:20
Unchained MelodycoverGeorge Benson6:36
Unchained MelodycoverAndy Williams3:16
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:37
Unchained MelodycoverGareth Gates?:??
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:36
Unchained MelodycoverThe Film Score Orchestra3:35
Unchained MelodycoverStorm Large feat. Holcombe Waller3:48
Unchained MelodyPeter Sellers2:49
Unchained MelodycoverNorah Jones2:53
Unchained MelodyinstrumentalTed Heath & His Music3:25
Unchained MelodycoverLee Towers?:??
Unchained MelodycoverKylie Austin3:56
Unchained MelodycoverJoe Dolan?:??
Unchained MelodycoverThe Drifters3:39
Unchained MelodycoverWaylon Jennings3:17
Unchained MelodyRoy Orbison?:??
Unchained Melody (2007 remix)cover藤田恵美4:27
Unchained MelodycoverTom Jones2:59
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:36
Unchained Melodycover and liveJonathan Jackson + Enation3:56
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:38
Unchained MelodycoverThe Righteous Brothers3:39
Unchained MelodyElvis Presley2:51
Unchained Melody (Bachata remix by OG Bachata)OG Bachata3:39
Unchained MelodyBarry Manilow3:45
Unchained MelodycoverRicky Nelson2:21
Unchained MelodycoverRicky Nelson2:19
Unchained MelodycoverRicky Nelson2:23
Unchained MelodycoverRicky Nelson2:16
Unchained MelodycoverAaron Sutcliffe3:03
Unchained MelodyinstrumentalThe Sergio Rafael Orchestra?:??
Unchained MelodyFloyd Cramer3:12
Unchained MelodyAir Supply3:43
Unchained MelodyWaylon Jennings3:14
Unchained MelodycoverMelanie3:40
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalRussell B.3:40
Unchained MelodycoverVigon Bamy Jay3:43
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalAndy Findon3:35
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalGheorghe Zamfir3:41
Unchained MelodyBellas Melodias3:40
Unchained MelodyLes Baxter2:33
Unchained Melodycover and instrumental[unknown]2:49
Unchained MelodycoverBarry Manilow3:43
Unchained MelodyliveU21:19
Unchained MelodyThe Platters5:06
Unchained MelodycoverNatalie Powers2:47
Unchained MelodycoverGiovanni Marradi4:31
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalDiógenes L. Oliveira3:33
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalElian Bittencourt2:17
Unchained MelodycoverShe & Him feat. The Chapin Sisters3:51
Unchained MelodyinstrumentalGeorge Greeley?:??
Unchained MelodycoverSmokey3:42
Unchained MelodyGregorian4:25
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers3:35
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalTerry Lester4:38
Unchained MelodycoverThe Countdown Singers3:36
Unchained MelodycoverDoug Parkinson3:40
Unchained MelodyAl Hibbler2:53
Unchained Melodycover and instrumentalLes Baxter, His Chorus and Orchestra2:30
Unchained MelodycoverThe Fron Male Voice Choir4:19
Unchained Melody (04-24 Ann Arbor)liveElvis Presley2:51
Unchained Melody (a cappella version)The Fleetwoods2:46
Unchained Melody (Chinese Cafe)Richard Clayderman3:07
Unchained Melody (From "Unchained")cover and instrumentalRay Conniff, His Orchestra & Chorus2:37
Unchained Melody (from Ghost)Alex North3:42
Unchained Melody (from Ghost)coverThe Hollywood Studio Orchestra & Singers3:40
Unchained Melody (from Ghost)instrumentalMichel Chevalier3:37
Unchained Melody (From Ghost)[unknown]3:41
Unchained Melody (Ghost – Nachricht von Sam)cover and instrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra3:51
Unchained Melody (Ghost)coverThe Countdown Singers3:37
Unchained Melody (live)cover and liveHeart4:32
Unchained Melody (live)cover and liveWeeping Willows?:??
Unchained melody (Zaret / Mitchell / North)Richard Clayderman1:20
Unchained Melody [Mono]coverRicky Nelson2:18
Unchained Melody, from “Ghost” (North/Zarel)cover and instrumental[unknown]3:52
Unchained: Unchained MelodyElaine Paige3:43
アンチェインド・メロディcoverThe Righteous Brothers3:39
歲月流聲cover, live and medley林憶蓮13:35