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2004-03-24Real Good Looking Boy (live, 2004-03-24: London, UK)liveThe Who7:17
2004-03-29Real Good Looking Boy (live, 2004-03-29: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveThe Who7:35
2004-06-07Real Good Looking Boy (live, 2004-06-07: National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, UK)liveThe Who5:26
2004-06-12Real Good Looking Boy (live, 2004-06-12: Isle of Wight Festival, Seaclose Park, Newport, UK)liveThe Who6:42
2004-07-28Real Good Looking Boy (live, 2004-07-28: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia)liveThe Who6:06
2007-06-01Real Good Looking Boy (live, 2007-06-01: Liberty Stadium, Swansea, UK)liveThe Who?:??
2007-06-23Real Good Looking Boy (live, 2007-06-23: Knowsley Hall, Knowsley, UK)liveThe Who5:50
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who?:??
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who5:59
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who5:44
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who6:52
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who5:43
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who6:34
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who5:44
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who7:07
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who5:41
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who7:42
Real Good Looking BoyThe Who7:00
Real Good Looking BoyliveThe Who6:29
Real Good Looking BoyliveThe Who6:17
Real Good Looking Boy (radio edit)The Who3:53
Real Good‐Looking Boy (radio edit)The Who3:53