writer: Darren Henson
Keith Pelzer
Jill Scott


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
It's Love (DJ‐mix from “Bump 10”) partial Goldtrix 3:14
It's Love (Trippin') Goldtrix feat. Andrea Brown 3:33
It's Love (Trippin') (Beaches & Cream remix) Goldtrix 6:22
It's Love (Trippin') (Deep mix) Matrix vs. Goldtrix 6:02
It's Love (Trippin') (Different Gear vocal mix) Goldtrix 9:19
It's Love (Trippin') (Different Gear Vocal Mix) Goldtrix 5:06
It's Love (Trippin') (original EPTN mix) Goldtrix 6:30
It's Love (Trippin') (Tillmann Uhrmacher Mix) Goldtrix 7:59
It’s Love (Trippin’) (part of a “MoS: Dance Nation Anthems” DJ‐mix) partial Goldtrix 3:30
It’s Love (Trippin’) (Different Gear mix) (part of a “Rush Hour 2” DJ‐mix) partial Goldtrix feat. Andrea Brown 4:32
Trippin' (Café del Mar mix) (part of Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Annual 2002 DJ mix) partial Goldtrix feat. Andrea Brown 5:53