The main ISWC entry for this work does not include Frank Eyton, the only Englishman among the authors. Is there perhaps a difference in US and UK lyrics (UK lyrics being original) that needs to be observed?

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lyricist:Frank Eyton (in 1930)
Edward Heyman (in 1930)
Robert Sour (in 1930)
composer:Johnny Green (composer and conductor, often credited as John Green) (in 1930)
publisher:Bug Music, Inc.
Chappell & Co Ltd.
Druropetal Music
Quartet Music Inc.
Range Road Music Inc.
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!)
WB Music Corp. (1929-2019)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q890080 [info]
later translated versions:Cuerpo y Alma
Hut und Haar


1930-10-07Body and SoulAnnette Hanshaw3:09
1930-10-09Body and Soul (studio, 1930-10-06; matrix W 404411-D)Louis Armstrong & His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra3:17
1930-10Body and SoulLibby Holman3:20
1935-04-29Body and SoulHenry “Red” Allen and His Orchestra3:11
1935-07-13Body and SoulThe Benny Goodman Trio3:32
1935-07-13Body and SoulinstrumentalThe Benny Goodman Trio3:27
1935-07-13Body and SoulinstrumentalThe Benny Goodman Trio3:32
1937-02-26Body and SoulinstrumentalArt Tatum & His Swingsters3:08
1937-04-22Body and Soul (1937-04-22)Quintette du Hot Club de France3:27
1938-01-16Body and SoulliveBenny Goodman3:15
1938-01-16Body and SoulliveBenny Goodman3:10
1938-05-31Body and Soul (1938-05-31)Larry Adler avec acc. d’orchestre “swing”3:06
1938-08Body and Soulinstrumental and liveArt Tatum2:34
1938-11-10Body and SoulinstrumentalChu Berry and His “Little Jazz” Ensemble3:50
1938-11-11Body and SoulinstrumentalChu Berry and His “Little Jazz” Ensemble3:55
1939-07-01Body and SoulColeman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:04
1939-08-10Body and SoulTeddy Wilson and His Big Band2:53
1939-09-17Body and SoulMartha Raye2:59
1939-10-11Body and SoulColeman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:03
1939-10-11Body and SoulinstrumentalColeman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:01
1939-10-11Body and SoulinstrumentalColeman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:00
1939-10-11Body and SoulinstrumentalColeman Hawkins and His Orchestra3:03
1940-02-26Body and SoulinstrumentalEarl Hines2:52
1940-02-26Body and SoulEarl Hines and His Orchestra2:53
1940-02-29Body and SoulBillie Holiday and Her Orchestra2:59
1940-02-29Body and SoulBillie Holiday and Her Orchestra3:02
1940-02-29Body and SoulBillie Holiday2:59
1940-07-11Body and SoulinstrumentalArt Tatum3:45
1940-10-01Body and Soul (take 1)Duke Ellington3:04
1940-10-01Body and Soul (take 1)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:05
1940-10-01Body and Soul (take 2)Duke Ellington3:04
1940-10-01Body and Soul (take 2)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:07
1940-10-01Body and Soul (take 3)Duke Ellington3:10
1940-10-01Body and Soul (take 3)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:11
1940-11-30Body and SoulinstrumentalJay McShann & His Orchestra2:55
1940-11-30Body and SoulinstrumentalCharlie Parker with Jay McShann & His Orchestra2:51
1941-04-09Body and SoulStéphane Grappelly and his quartet3:22
1941-04-11Body and SoulinstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:16
1941-04-11Body and Soul (alt tk)instrumentalTeddy Wilson2:50
1941-04-11Body and Soul (master)instrumentalTeddy Wilson2:50
1941-05Body and Soul (live, 1941-05: Minton's Playhouse, NY)cover, instrumental and liveThelonious Monk8:46
1941-07-26Body and SoulArt Tatum3:36
1941-09Body and SoulinstrumentalKansas City Band3:45
1941Body and Soulinstrumental and liveDon Byas7:34
1941Body and SoulRoy Eldridge8:49
1942-07-15Body and SoulinstrumentalKing Cole Lester Young Red Callender Trio5:10
1942-09Body and Soulcover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:43
1943-08-27Body and SoulinstrumentalHazel Scott4:09
1944-01-17Body and SoulKing Cole Trio3:21
1944-01-17Body and Soul (1944-01-17 recording)cover and instrumentalNat King Cole3:20
1944-05-01Body and SoulinstrumentalArt Tatum Trio4:30
1944-05-01Body and SoulinstrumentalArt Tatum Trio4:37
1944-06-26Body and SoulRoy Eldridge and His Orchestra3:20
1944-07-02Body and SoulinstrumentalIllinois Jacquet10:28
1944-07-02Body and Soulcover and liveNat King Cole10:37
1944Body and Soul (live From Jazz at the Philharmonic 1944)liveLes Paul10:39
1945-02-04Body and SoulThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:24
1945-02-04Body and Soul (Sextet version)instrumentalThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:23
1945-02-04Body and Soul (Trio version)instrumentalThe Benny Goodman Trio2:56
1945-03-08Body and SoulGene Krupa Trio3:25
1945-03-08Body and SoulGene Krupa Big Band3:29
1945-06-09Body and SoulinstrumentalGene Krupa Trio5:20
1945-10-26Body and Soulinstrumental and liveArt Tatum3:34
1945-10-26Body and SoulinstrumentalArt Tatum3:34
1945-11-17Body and SoulStan Kenton and His Orchestras?:??
1945-11-27Body and SoulStan Kenton3:16
1945Body and SoulinstrumentalTeddy Wilson All-Star Sextet2:51
1946-01-21Body and SoulinstrumentalArt Tatum3:36
1946-01-23Body and SoulinstrumentalJohnny Guarnieri2:39
1946-04-18Body and SoulinstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio3:48
1946-07-18Body and SoulSarah Vaughan with George Treadwell Orchestra2:56
1946Body and SoulinstrumentalBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:12
1946Body and Soulinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker2:35
1947-01-06Body and SoulinstrumentalDon Byas Quartet2:57
1947-06Body And SoulinstrumentalHoward McGhee3:58
1947-07-06Body and Soulinstrumental and liveDexter Gordon1:50
1947-08-22Medley: Body and Soul / Sweet Lorraineinstrumental, live and medleyLennie Tristano Allstars4:02
1947-11-08Body and SoulliveSarah Vaughan & Lester Young4:06
1947-11-09Body and SoulFrank Sinatra & His Orchestra3:22
1947-11-09Body and SoulFrank Sinatra3:21
1947-11-09Body and SoulFrank Sinatra & Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra3:22
1947-11-09Body and Soul (1947 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:15
1947-11-30Body and Soul (live, 1947-11-30: Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USA)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars6:00
1947-11Body and SoulliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars6:15
1947-12Body and SoulThe Nat Pierce Orchestra3:46
1947Body and SoulFrank Sinatra3:20
1948-06Body and SoulliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:42
1949-01-17Body and SoulinstrumentalMiles Davis5:25
1949-03Body and Soul (radio transcription, 1949-03)instrumentalLouis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden4:48
1949-10-12Body and SoulinstrumentalJames Moody?:??
1949-10-12Body and SoulinstrumentalJames Moody and His Swedish Crowns3:17
1949-10-12Body and SoulinstrumentalJames Moody and His Swedish Crowns3:01
1949-12-22Body and SoulRex Stewart with Graeme Bell and his Australian Jazz Band3:52
1949-12Body and SoulRex Stewart and His Jazzart-ists2:24
1949Body and SoulliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:49
1949Body and SoulinstrumentalErroll Garner3:06
1950-01-23Body and SoulinstrumentalColeman Hawkins5:20
1950-02Body and SoulinstrumentalBud Powell3:22
1950-04-16Body and SoulinstrumentalArt Tatum3:45
1950-11-24Body and SoulCharlie Parker5:03
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