They All Laughed (from “Shall We Dance”)

~ Song


composer:George Gershwin (composer) (1937)
lyricist:Ira Gershwin (1937)
publisher:Gershwin Publishing Corp (1937)
Wikidata:Q17031970 [info]
part of:Shall We Dance (1937 film soundtrack)


1937-03-18They All LaughedFred Astaire2:46
1937They All LaughedGinger Rogers5:59
1952-12They All LaughedFred Astaire2:59
1952-12They All Laughed (The Astaire Story, 1953, with Oscar Peterson)Fred Astaire2:58
1954-10-08They All LaughedCarmen McRae2:13
1956-06-12They All LaughedcoverBing Crosby, Buddy Bregman2:42
1956They All LaughedBing Crosby2:58
1957-08-23They All LaughedElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong3:49
1957-12-09They All LaughedcoverChet Baker2:11
1958-02They All LaughedDakota Staton2:09
1959-03-26They All LaughedElla Fitzgerald3:05
1959-07-14 – 1959-08-09They All LaughedinstrumentalOscar Peterson2:32
1959They All LaughedcoverElla Fitzgerald3:06
1960-06-28They All LaughedinstrumentalKen McIntyre & Eric Dolphy5:11
1960-06-28They All LaughedinstrumentalKen McIntyre with Eric Dolphy5:11
1979-09-18They All LaughedcoverFrank Sinatra2:52
1986-10They All LaughedCarol Sloane3:50
1988-02-02 – 1988-02-03Blues for Fred / They All Laughedinstrumental and partialJoe Pass6:16
1988-11-20They All LaughedliveMaureen McGovern0:50
2006-09 – 2006-10They All Laughed (Shall We Dance)coverThomas Quasthoff2:15
2011-09 – 2011-11They All LaughedcoverLyambiko4:24
2014-06-30They All LaughedinstrumentalHouston Person4:39
2019-02-24 – 2019-02-27They All LaughedLucienne Renaudin Vary, BBC Concert Orchestra, Bill Elliott3:07
Iedereen moest lachenRobert Long2:40
Shall We Dance: They All LaughedPatti Austin, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, John Mauceri3:09
The All LaughedFred Astaire2:50
They All LaughedTony Bennett2:12
They All LaughedcoverTini Kainrath - Willi Resetarits - StringFizz3:02
They All LaughedRed Nichols & His Orchestra2:45
They All LaughedHilary James3:08
They All LaughedcoverWillie Nelson2:44
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:46
They All LaughedTommy Dorsey & His Orchestra2:55
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:49
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:58
They All LaughedFred Astaire0:33
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:48
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:44
They All LaughedFred Astaire3:00
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:45
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:48
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:30
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:57
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:59
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:50
They All LaughedGinger Rogers6:03
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:49
They All LaughedGLAD3:00
They All LaughedRosemary Clooney4:05
They All LaughedJulie Wilson2:37
They All LaughedDavid Allyn2:22
They All LaughedJoyce Carr2:42
They All LaughedChris Connor2:19
They All LaughedDavid Allyn2:23
They All LaughedCarmen McRae2:14
They All LaughedinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio2:32
They All LaughedGinger Rogers4:20
They All LaughedSarah Vaughan2:26
They All LaughedGeorge Chakiris2:31
They All LaughedinstrumentalJack Jezzro3:22
They All LaughedinstrumentalEaken Piano Trio2:27
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:47
They All LaughedBing Crosby2:43
They All LaughedGeorge Shearing2:34
They All LaughedBing Crosby2:42
They All LaughedSusannah McCorkle5:00
They All LaughedCarmen McRae2:13
They All LaughedKaye Ballard2:40
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:44
They All LaughedinstrumentalPercy Faith and His Orchestra2:18
They All LaughedcoverGary Williams2:45
They All LaughedcoverTony Bennett & Lady Gaga1:48
They All LaughedSarah Vaughan2:27
They All LaughedDick Van Dyke feat. The Ray Charles Singers & Enoch Light and his Orchestra2:10
They All LaughedTony Bennett2:13
They All LaughedFrank Sinatra2:54
They All LaughedcoverBobby Darin2:15
They All LaughedStacey Kent4:30
They All LaughedFred Astaire2:51
They All LaughedStacey Kent3:58
They All LaughedinstrumentalManny Albam & His Jazz Greats3:53
They All LaughedBing Crosby, Buddy Bregman2:42
They All LaughedAbraxas String Quartet featuring Lucy Diamond2:26
They All LaughedinstrumentalYehudi Menuhin & Stéphane Grappelli3:01
They All LaughedBing Crosby2:42
They All LaughedBing Crosby2:41
They All LaughedBing Crosby2:42
They All LaughedBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:42
They All LaughedcoverTony Bennett2:16
They All LaughedcoverTony Bennett2:43
They All LaughedinstrumentalGunhild Carling and Her Swing Band3:36
They All LaughedliveTony Bennett & Lady Gaga2:08
They All LaughedRay Gelato & Kai Hoffman3:18
They All LaughedChris Connor2:19
They All LaughedElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong?:??
They All LaughedElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong3:51
They All LaughedGeorge Gershwin & Walter Donaldson2:34
They All Laughedcover and livePeggy King2:11
They All LaughedFred Astaire & Ginger Rogers4:22
They All LaughedStacey Kent4:30
They All LaughedStacey Kent4:01
They All LaughedStacey Kent4:27
They All LaughedFred Astaire?:??
They All LaughedCarmen McRae2:10
They All LaughedChris Connor2:18