writer:Tom Chaplin
Richard Hughes (Keane member)
Tim Rice‐Oxley
James Sanger
publisher:BMG Music Publishing Ltd.
Chrysalis Music Ltd. (music publisher)


2001-10-26This Is the Last Time (demo 2001)Keane4:59
2003-03-31This Is the Last Time (demo 2003)Keane3:30
2003-10-31This Is the Last Time (live, 2003-10-31: Later... with Jools Holland)liveKeane3:29
2004-06-26This Is the Last Time (live, 2004-06-26: Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK)liveKeane?:??
2004-07-07This Is the Last Time (live, 2004-07-07: BNN That's Live, Boyd's Bar, Hilversum, Netherlands)liveKeane3:27
2004-07-16This Is the Last Time (live, 2004-07-16: Arvikafestivalen, Arvika, Sweden)liveKeane4:27
2004-08-29This Is the Last Time (live, 2004-08-29: HMV Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland)liveKeane3:24
2004-09-08This Is the Last Time (live, 2004-09-08: Berbati's Pan, Portland, OR, USA)liveKeane4:53
2004-09-20This Is the Last Time (acoustic) (live, 2004-09-20: Mill Street Brewery, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveKeane3:28
2004-09-24This Is the Last Time (live, 2004-09-24: Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, USA)liveKeane3:53
2004-11-24This Is the Last Time (live, 2004-11-24: Jo Whiley Live Lounge)liveKeane3:37
2005-03-18This Is the Last Time (live, 2005-03-18: Gasometer, Vienna, Austria)liveKeane3:35
2005-04-30This Is The Last Time (live, 2005-04-30: Coachella Festival, Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA, USA)liveKeane4:01
2006-05-16This Is the Last Time (live, 2006-05-16: Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany)liveKeane4:56
2006-05-16This Is the Last Time (live, 2006-05-16: Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany)liveKeane3:49
2006-12-12This Is the Last Time (live, 2006-12-12: Apple Store Regent Street, London, UK)liveKeane5:22
2009-01-31This Is the Last Time (live, 2009-01-31: Manchester, UK)liveKeane3:33
2010-07-11This Is the Last Time (live, 2010-07-11: The Roundhouse, Camden Town, London, UK)liveKeane3:44
This Is the Last TimeKeane3:29
This Is the Last TimeKeane3:29
This Is the Last Time (live, WFUV Studio A, New York City, NY, USA)liveKeane3:17
This Is the Last Timecover and instrumentalThe Creaking Tree String Quartet3:23
This Is the Last Time (5.1 mix)Keane3:29
This Is the Last Time (demo)Keane4:08