Big Muff

~ Song


composer:Martin L. Gore


1980-10-30Big Muff (live, 1980-10-30: The Bridge House, Canning Town, UK)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1980-11-14Big Muff (live, 1980-11-14: Technical College, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK)liveDepeche Mode4:08
1981-06-11Big Muff (live, 1981-06-11: BBC studio session)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1981-09-26Big Muff (live, 1981-06-29: Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveDepeche Mode4:16
1981-09-29Big Muff (live, 1981-09-29: Les Bains douches, Paris, France)liveDepeche Mode4:11
1981-11-03Big Muff (live, 1981-11-03: Manchester Fagins, Manchester, UK)liveDepeche Mode4:08
1982-02-21Big Muff (live, 1982-02-21: Tiffany’s, Glasgow, UK)liveDepeche Mode4:01
1983-02-07Big Muff (live, 1983-02-07: Messehalle, Frankfurt, Germany)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1984-03-06Big Muff (live, 1984-03-06: Orfeo Music Hall, Milan, Italy)liveDepeche Mode3:58
1984-03-06Big Muff (live, 1984-03-06: Orfeo Music Hall, Milan, Italy, different recording from "On the Crest of a Wave")liveDepeche Mode3:55
Big Muff (5.1 mix)Depeche Mode4:25
Big MuffcoverLouis Guidone4:01
Big MuffcoverModel14:25
Big MuffDepeche Mode4:25
Big Muff (Turn Sound mix)Depeche Mode4:31