Andantino in E-flat minor, JS 42 (for voice and piano)

~ Song


Text is missing but work is most likely a preliminary version of op. 36 no. 4.

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composer: Jean Sibelius (1899 – 1900)
lyricist: Gustaf Fröding
part of: Sibelius-Werkverzeichnis (number: JS 42)
has revision: Säv, säv, susa, op. 36 no. 4 (for voice and piano)


Date Title Artist Length
2005-07-28 – 2005-08-14 Säv, säv, susa Hannu Jurmu, Jouni Somero 2:08
2008 Andantino in E flat minor, JS 42 Helena Juntunen, Folke Gräsbeck 2:16