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composer:Steven Greenberg
lyricist:Steven Greenberg
publisher:Red Sea Songs
Rick S. Music
Steven Greenberg Music
lyrics page:,_Inc.:Funkytown [info]
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Wikidata:Q1474712 [info]
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1983Funky Towncover and instrumentalStar Inc.1:40
Def.Con.Onecover, instrumental and partialPop Will Eat Itself4:00
Funky TownLipps, Inc.3:04
Funky Town (part of a “Grandmix: The Millennium Edition” DJ‐mix)Lipps, Inc.1:34
Funky TowncoverTreponem Pal5:08
Funky TowncoverPseudo Echo?:??
Funky TowncoverGlobal Kryner3:28
Funky TownLipps, Inc.?:??
Funky TowncoverLove Emotion4:26
Funky TownLipps, Inc.4:07
Funky TowncoverPseudo Echo4:54
Funky TowncoverMonkey Tennis3:13
Funky Town (part of “Ben Liebrand: Grandmix, The Disco Edition” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.1:34
Funky TownLipps, Inc.7:40
Funky TownLipps, Inc.3:19
Funky Town (part of a “The Ministry of Sound: Funk the Disco” DJ‐mix)Lipps Inc.3:17
Funky Towncover[unknown]4:28
Funky TowncoverPseudo Echo4:36
Funky TowncoverPseudo Echo3:38
Funky TowncoverPseudo Echo3:58
Funky TownLipps, Inc.6:26
Funky TowncoverPseudo Echo3:44
Funky TowncoverNylon 66'ers3:24
Funky Town (Chris Decay remix) (part of a “Summer Dance Mania 2008” DJ‐mix)coverFunky Chicos2:29
Funky Town (dance mix)coverPseudo Echo6:37
Funky Town (dance remix)coverPseudo Echo5:40
Funky Town (extended version)coverPseudo Echo6:36
Funky Town (extended)coverPseudo Echo6:34
Funky Town (John Acquaviva remix) (part of “Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 46” DJ‐mix)coverFunkytown3:23
Funky Town (Mr Quik remix)coverPseudo Echo5:38
Funky Town (Quench remix)coverPseudo Echo7:39
Funky Town (single edit)coverFunkytown3:12
Funky Town (Sly Funky Lounge mix)coverPseudo Echo4:43
Funky Town (Smash 'n' Grab Indulgent dub)coverPseudo Echo6:02
Funky Town (Smash 'n' Grab Trip to Jupiter) (extended club mix)coverPseudo Echo7:51
Funky Town (Smash 'n' Grab Trip to Jupiter) (radio edit)coverPseudo Echo3:54
FunkytowncoverPseudo Echo9:09
FunkytownLipps, Inc.3:26
Funkytown (part of “BamS Oldie‐Party Disco‐Hitmix” DJ‐mix)Lipps, Inc.3:47
FunkytownLipps, Inc.3:56
FunkytownLipps, Inc.4:03
Funkytown (part of “The Last Party” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.4:03
FunkytownLipps, Inc.3:57
Funkytown (part of “Golden Beats Vol. 2 - Best of 70s & 80s” dj-mix)Lipps, Inc.3:50
FunkytownLipps, Inc.?:??
FunkytownLipps, Inc.6:05
FunkytowncoverWorld Domination Enterprises2:37
FunkytownLipps, Inc.7:49
FunkytownLipps, Inc.7:53
Funkytown (part of “Rewinds: It’s A Disco World” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.3:53
FunkytowncoverCeux qui marchent debout5:13
FunkytowncoverThe Chipmunks3:30
FunkytowncoverAlvin and The Chipmunks3:31
Funkytown (part of “Non-Stop Disco Workout” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.3:40
Funkytown (part of “D.J. Disco Mix, 2” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.5:10
Funkytown (part of “DJ Maria: Disco Hit-Mix” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.3:39
FunkytownLipps, Inc.2:30
Funkytown (part of “Dance Party 2000” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.3:47
FunkytownLipps, Inc.5:01
FunkytownLipps Inc.7:50
FunkytownLipps, Inc.4:04
Funkytown (part of “Disco Freakout” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.2:59
FunkytownLipps, Inc.4:07
Funkytown (part of “FetenMix, Vol. 3: 80 Party–Klassiker im Megamix” DJ‐mix)Lipps, Inc.0:43
FunkytownLipps, Inc.3:26
FunkytownLipps, Inc.5:04
FunkytownLipps, Inc.6:06
FunkytownLipps, Inc.4:09
Funkytown (part of “DJ Avery: Millennium Dance Party” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.3:37
Funkytown (part of “Disco Mix 96” DJ-mix)Lipps, Inc.3:39
FunkytowncoverPseudo Echo3:27
FunkytownLipps, Inc.4:07
Funkytowncover and instrumental[unknown]3:38
FUNKYTOWNcover木村カエラxxx 石野卓球4:44
Funkytown (12″ version)Lipps, Inc.7:49
Funkytown (dance mix)coverPseudo Echo6:32
Funkytown (Full version)coverPseudo Echo6:38
Funkytown (original 12" dancemix)coverPseudo Echo6:32
Funkytown (remix by Sly)coverPseudo Echo4:43
Funkytown (single version)Lipps, Inc.3:55
Funkytown (White Devil mix)Marching Dynamics vs. Lipps, Inc.4:51
Funkytown / I Feel Goodcover, instrumental and medleyLucky Chops5:56
Funkytown 89Lipps, Inc.7:27
Funkytown PeoplecoverThe 0124:12
Medley: Hands Up / Celebration / One Way Ticket / Let’s All Chant / Le Freak / We Are Family / Hot Shot / Bad Girls / Disco Nights (Rock Freak) / Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) / Funkytown / Supernature / Strut Your Funky Stuff / Shine Up / Go Johnny Go / Working My Way Back to You / Lady Bump / D.I.S.C.O.cover, medley and partialThe Vision Mastermixers21:28