Cocaine Blues (additional lyrics by Bob Dylan)

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additional lyricist:Bob Dylan
writer:[traditional] (special purpose artist)
arranger:Reverend Gary Davis
Wikidata:Q2981218 [info]
later translated versions:Kokain-Blues
version of:Cocaine Blues (Rev. Gary Davis arrangement)


1962-10Cocainecover and liveBob Dylan2:58
1967-02-04CocaineliveDavey Graham2:14
1979-01 – 1979-02Cocaine BluesWolfgang Ambros2:43
1997-08-24Cocaine Blues (live)cover and liveBob Dylan4:41
1997-10-01Cocainecover and liveBob Dylan4:40
1997-12-09Cocaine Blues (1997-12-09: Avalon, Boston, MA, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
1997-12-13Cocaine Blues (acoustic) (1997-12-13: Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
1997-12-16Cocaine BluesliveBob Dylan5:41
1997-12-20Cocaine Blues (acoustic) (1997-12-20: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
1997-12Cocaine Blues (live)cover and liveBob Dylan5:43
1999-06-07Cocaine Blues (live, 1999-06-07: McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado, United States)cover and liveBob Dylan5:01
CocaineBob Dylan2:20
CocaineliveBob Dylan?:??
Cocaine (1961-12-22: [hotel room], Minneapolis, MN, USA)Bob Dylan?:??
CocainecoverUrban Dogs2:24
Cocaine (acoustic)coverUrban Dogs2:19
CocainecoverUK Subs1:55
CocainecoverBob Dylan?:??
Cocainecover and liveBob Dylan2:58
Cocainecover and liveBob Dylan3:00
Cocainecover and liveBob Dylan2:59
Cocaine (1982 demo: New York, USA)coverUK Subs1:54
Cocainecover and liveBrad Roberts4:14
Cocaine (instrumental)cover and instrumentalBob Dylan0:55
Cocaine BluescoverBob Dylan2:17
Cocaine Blues (live)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Cocaine Bluescover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Cocaine BluescoverBob Dylan2:14
Cocaine BluescoverNick Drake2:05
Cocaine BluescoverNick Drake2:05
Cocaine Bluescover and liveBob Dylan4:57
Cocaine BluesNick Drake2:59
Cocaine BluescoverNick Drake?:??
Cocaine BluescoverBob Dylan5:43
Cocaine BluescoverBob Dylan2:00
Cocaine Blues (acoustic) (1998-02-14: Public Hall, Cleveland, OH, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Cocaine Blues (live)cover and liveBob Dylan5:30